Monday, October 17, 2011


Blogging has not been forgotten at "Along The Way," but I have been a bit pre-occupied with family -- all in a most pleasant way I hasten to add. During this time I've taken a month or so away from my part time work, but have agreed to assume some extra assignments when I resume work as a courtesy to those seeing my patients while I'm taking this break. I'll confess that I haven't been visiting any other blogs during this time so will be doing some catch up later. I'll soon return to expounding on a variety of topics I've been intending to write about including a mix of music and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I have had a serious unexpected accident tonight for which I have had heavy guilt feelings the past couple of hours. First, I must give you some background. Present in my household are two personable lively cats with whom I've been discussing their forming Felines Anonymous -- an organization for those cats who jealously guard their privacy but need the support of others to aid in weight loss. We are having a bit of spirited disagreement determining exactly how many steps will be in this program, whether or not we want to insist on weigh-ins and I've insisted small outdoor creatures are not acceptable dues payment.

Morgan is more disciplined, likes to eat small amounts, returning many times to his twice daily meal he parcels independently throughout the day. However, his food must now be provided in a location that Randall cannot access. Randall's problem is that regardless of how little or how much food is presented to him, he will eat it all at one sitting, along with any food Morgan may have foolishly trusted he could leave for later snacking. Furthermore, later in the day, Randall will use his wiles to con more food as many times as is possible.

I guess it's a philosophical difference -- sort of like the petrified politics of the U.S. Congress.

Randall obviously is a 'fat cat' but he wants to greedily take in even more -- no concern for those with whom he should rightfully share. Morgan, more trim but not without excess fat cells, is actually the dominant 'top cat.' He will generously share, but chooses a more equitable distribution of food stuffs. If word gets around about Randall, I wouldn't be surprised at all to awaken one morning to a peaceful gathering of protestors against him -- much like the Occupy Wall Street movement mushrooming across the U. S. and the world.

Both cats spend most daylight hours outdoors enjoying watching winged adventurers in the surrounding woodsy environs that house numerous even more intriguing creeping, crawling and climbing creatures. I suspect Morgan and Randall are mostly observers of the life around them though they often disappear from my sight, but haven't gone far since they respond fairly quickly to calls. They do spend the hours from dusk to dawn indoors which pleases me. Years past I've been awakened too many times to neighbors cats courting under my bedroom window -- making sounds like a baby squalling. Such cat behavior in recent years has ceased. Unfortunately small pets of all kinds -- even those in fenced backyards -- have become victims of a few coyote packs who've moved into our city since our infringement into their wilderness territory.

About the accident, I mentioned -- I was walking down a darkened hallway and suddenly heard a squall that triggered shivers down my spine and sent me leaping -- pretty good jumping for this gal. Rushing into the lighted room was furry black Randall who I had unwittingly stepped on. I felt sick in the pit of my stomach wondering which of his body parts or how seriously he had been harmed. Randall made a hasty retreat to the top carpeted tree perch from which he looks down on all of us. His master quickly moved to comfort him as I soon followed, cautiously, slowly, extending my open hand. Randall's piercing dark eyes looked into mine as I offered soft soothing apologies. I was allowed to slightly caress a leg but faint signs of hair rising on his back admonished me to not persist.

The next two hours Randall let me ponder over the error of my ways and to soak in my guilt. Absent his forgiveness I thought I might absolve myself by writing this. During my writing, I think he may have been reading over my shoulder, because amazingly to me, Randall suddenly deliberately left his perch, resolutely crossed the room, jumped up on the footstool at my feet, stretched out facing me and fixed his gaze on mine. I slowly reached out my hand wondering if I would receive a claw-extended paw in return, or maybe a quick head lunge forward with teeth biting enough to hurt but probably not break the skin. Instead I was allowed to gradually stroke Randall's body, as he eventually purred his forgiveness.

All is right with the world. I can sleep peacefully tonight. We can all hope tomorrow will be a better day.