Sunday, March 28, 2021


BIG BEAR BALD EAGLES UPDATE from Friends of Big Bear report the remaining egg has passed the expected time frame during which a hatching would usually occur.   The first egg did begin to hatch but then circumstances resulted in the eaglet not surviving.   So, another unsuccessful season has passed with no new eaglets.  This is the live cam link on the nest where the eagles continue incubating this last egg though it seems unlikely it will hatch.

Coincidentally, while periodically checking on the bald eagles activities I happened on to a live video of a hummingbird nest in Thousand Oaks, a community west of where I live.  I thought it was an interesting contrast comparing the eagles size, their eggs, and that of this Allen's Hummingbird named Emerald.  This iridescent green hummingbird's two eggs are expected to hatch around the first of April for any who might be interested and can be viewed at this link:

This is Emerald's second clutch this year having successfully had Ruby and Sapphire fledging in early March.  Unlike the bald eagles she does all the incubating herself and the male parent has no further involvement with the brood.  Reportedly Emerald constructed this nest on a string of Christmas lights and has raised several other clutches in previous years as reported by YouTube's Hummingbird Spot. (No infringement on copyright intended per Creative Commons.)

The soft rock group Seals and Croft from the '70s recorded their tune "Hummingbird".

I am reminded of the hummingbird nest constructed on some lines strung across our patio years ago.  We could easily observe the nest through our patio door and found observing the 2 eggs that later hatched fascinating.  One day when we were all away the little birds apparently fledged.  They likely had to swoop down from the nest to get out from under the patio roof which proved to be to their detriment.  We had, coincidentally, a bird dog in the yard that we had rescued from the pound who must have concluded it was her job to catch these little ones.  We found them long-deceased laying on our patio when we returned which was heart-breaking.


Aging issues present themselves in a variety of ways.  I feel quite alarmed at news reports of older people being attacked and harmed for no known reason other than they were old and presumed to be less able to repel their attacker.  Some attackers have discovered the hard way the error of their presumption and found themselves detained, even injured, also jailed for their crime.  Other elders have not been so lucky. This enters my thoughts since security issues have come to my attention recently,  resulting in my instituting some additional precautionary safety measures.

Additionally, I've been especially appalled by news reports of how many assault crimes are being reported against Asians of all ages, including older people.   Racism against Asians is much more prevalent than I knew -- less common in some parts of our country than other areas I once thought.  

I do recall the adopted Asian daughter of a friend reporting her first encounter with discrimination after her family moved to Colorado twenty years ago from our SoCal area when she was high school age.   I never imagined she would encounter racist attitudes there.   She was physically attractive, personable, intelligent.  I thought it incredible any others could disregard her kind, good-nature, delightful sense of humor, loving manner.   My heart ached she and any others could encounter that sort of discriminatory  attitude.  

Years later another friend, a young adopted person of Mexican heritage with golden brown colored skin was subjected to much more frequent law enforcement stops than his caucasian brother their parents noted.    My black professional colleague told me of being stopped much too frequently when he jogged.  All of this dispels any idea my state is immune to discrimination though I'd like to believe we have fewer bigots than some other areas of our country.   

Racisms's overt expressions increasingly surfaced the past four years, seeming to have been validated as acceptable attitudes prompting unacceptable behaviors encouraged by the language of our previous President.   We cannot discount the possibility that several groups engaged in discriminatory acts are dedicated to fomenting violence in our country, trying to incite a race war.   Fomenting these behaviors serves to undermine our democracy inciting seditious acts in the effort to convert our government to an autocracy.  

I wonder if the day will come when racism, discrimination cease to exist, or will there always be people who are racist and discriminate against others?   Perhaps that must be a rhetorical question given human nature and the most we can hope is to reduce the numbers with such beliefs to insignificant levels.   


Sunday, March 21, 2021



VAC TIME -- Received my 2nd Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination -- I had only a slightly sore arm at the injection site for just a few days.   Neither of my shots caused any objectionable reactions and pain. 

TRESPASSER -- I unexpectedly discovered a discarded blanket on my back patio which I reported to local authorities.  This is a second, possibly third trespassing occurrence of which I have become aware and described here in the previous post.  Police will accelerate their activities in our community I was told.   I'm considering that some additional security may be warranted.


Big Bear Bald Eagle 1st egg produced with peeps heard this past week, but the eaglet was unable to complete the hatching process, dying in the shell.

The 2nd egg is now being monitored for pip (first eggshell break), any day now.

Consider that scientist experts report only about 50% of these raptor baby birds usually survive in the wild as we are seeing with these Bald Eagles since I started viewing them in 2019.

Friends of Big Bear Valley (FOBBV) report:                                                                                                    "Due to the extremely high volume, chat will be closed until further notice.  We will post updated recaps of the daily events throughout the day right here".


My recent need to contact local authorities prompted my recollection of an instance when my life might have been changed had my timing been different.

I was in the process of helping my mother to continue living independently in her residence.  She had been legally blind for a number of years.  She had been using large size checks so was able to continue to mostly manage her own finances.  In more recent years her vision had been slightly decreasing so I was gradually assuming more responsibility.  Even then I talked through with her everything I was doing, consulting her for decisions.  Feeling we have control over our lives as much as possible when we get older is very important, I believe, so keeping her involved mattered for reinforcing her positive attitude, confidence and bolstering her morale.   

One particular day there were some business matters to transact so rather than just handling them myself I had arranged that she go with me to the bank.  I drove to her residence, sat down on her sofa and we chatted a bit.  There was no hurry since neither of us had plans until much later in the day.  The longer I sat the more comfortable I became and I just couldn't seem to get started.  For reasons I can't further explain I persisted in just sitting there despite her beginning to become impatient with my delay, first questioning, then much more strongly urging that we get on with our bank business.

Finally, I arose, and we drove to the bank which was only five to ten minutes away.  On entering,  I noticed there were an unusual number of men in dark suits busily moving about in addition to the normally few tellers in this never-very-busy bank branch.  I thought maybe they were having an audit of some sort from my years earlier experience working in a bank elsewhere.  We were the only customers.  We were quite surprised to learn there had been a hold-up not long before and these were FBI agents.  Bank employees said they were relieved there were no customers in the bank at the time and no one was hurt.

After conducting our business, then leaving, Mother and I both marveled that had we gone to the bank earlier instead of my just vegetating on her sofa we would have been customers in the bank, or might even have walked in on the robbery in progress.  Who knows what might have transpired, but even if nothing, I'm very glad we did not have the experience of finding out.

I've reflected on other instances in my life when serendipitous timing might have altered my life's experience or path in other ways -- for better or worse.  

Do you recall any instances when unexpected timing could have made a difference in your life?

Sunday, March 14, 2021


I trust you remembered to move your clock time forward one hour effective Sunday 3/14.  I reset my manual-needing clocks the previous Saturday evening lest I forget as I did one year.  The rest of my clocks automatically reset the time.  Then, we have to turn our clocks back an hour in the fall.  I'm so tired of doing this.

There's hope we can once and for all eliminate even having to think about clock resetting one of these years.  Beginning the necessary process once again, the Sunshine Protection Act has been reintroduced by a bipartisan group of Senators to make daylight savings time permanent as announced in a press release from Florida Senator Mark Rubio.  Never thought I'd be supporting some political action of Sen. Rubio's, but bipartisan legislation is possible as the current presidential administration desires.  

"The bill reflects the Florida legislature's 2018 enactment of year-round DST; however, for Florida's change to apply, a change in the federal statute is required [Congress must first amend the Uniform Time Act] fifteen other states -- Arkansas, Alabama, California, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming -- have passed similar laws, resolutions or voter initiatives, and dozens more are looking."

This bill simply means if passed that we can finally eliminate having to yearly reset our clocks twice a year.  Arizona and Hawaii have long since had one time year 'round.  What is your opinion about adopting DST year 'round?


My second Pfizer vaccination is scheduled the first of this week.  I'm not expecting any adverse reactions, but like those of us who live alone generally try to prepare for the unexpected, think I'm ready, just in case.


We had quite a storm move through our area bringing some much-needed rain below the foothills where I live in northeast Los Angeles County California.  We're still way below our needed rain levels for the year.   Even the mountains above me are covered in snow.  Unfortunately, mud slides occurred in other fire-ravaged areas of Southern California.  Higher mountain elevations east of where I live brought the snow you see in the video below, courtesy of the Friends of Big Bear.  A live camera on the nest 24/7 can be accessed with a click on that link.  

Cali Condor, one of their web site monitors, shares interesting information on this video's web site including "Snow is one of the most amazing insulation materials in nature.  It limits heat exchange.  It stabilizes temperature.  It even muffles sound".  No need to worry about Jackie being cold with her usual 106 F degree body temperature, also.

We see Jackie's partner, Shadow, fly in to share parenting incubating duties while she takes a break, possibly for breakfast and to stretch her wings.  

Though not in this video, but in others a few sunny days earlier, Shadow brought her a large rainbow trout, still alive, for mealtime.  Later that night when she needed to relieve herself a direct PS (poop shot) that hit the camera hood was filmed.  Despite subsequent snow, sleet, the live camera still reveals the slowly diminishing but still obvious remains on the screen.  This is the first time I've known of this to be a potential visual-limiting problem, but am glad it hasn't been an issue before. 

The unwelcome sneaky visitor, Fiona the flying squirrel, periodically continues to attempt to sneak up on the nest, often in the wee hours of the night or morning arousing Jackie's ire, eliciting a few lightning-fast wing slaps.

Unfortunately, West End Catalina Bald Eagles left their nest with three eggs unguarded just at their pip time and Ravens devoured them all this past week.  

Big Bear Ball Eagles Pip time watch begins Monday 3/15 for the two eggs to begin hatching Jackie and Shadow are incubating.   They may not begin to hatch until three days or so later with timing varying.

Sunday, March 07, 2021



Emergency assistance for public television and radio stations has been approved by the U. S. Senate for $175 million in the Covid-19 related bill passed in an all-night marathon session this past week.  Amendments to eliminate lifelines to these stations were prevented as Protect My Public Media reports ensuring the "highest quality remote learning services, local reporting and emergency communications."  Public broadcasting has always been highly valued by me but has assumed increased significance these later years of my life, especially during this pandemic.  

The Grand Canyon Protection Act to prevent uranium mining in the area has passed the U.S. Senate following previous passage by the House of Representatives.  This is "part of a package of legislation aimed at protecting wilderness and public lands.  Other provisions include protecting nearly 1.5 million acres of public lands as wilderness and designating more than 1,000 miles of rivers as part of the nation's Wild and Scenic Rivers" azcentral reports.

"A federal judge ... cleared the way for California to enforce its net neutrality law, denying a request by telecommunications providers to delay state rules meant to ensure equal access to internet content" The New York Times recently reported.

Florida voters over two years ago passed an amendment that took effect in 2021 outlawing greyhound dog races I was pleased to read.  This "...could amount to a national death sentence for the century-old U.S. sport", NBC News reported.  "With the state now out of the greyhound-running business, four tracks in three states -- West Virginia, Arkansas and Iowa -- are left still chasing rabbits."

I recall the summer after my high school graduation our multi-state senior trip in  a school bus made an unscheduled stop in Florida before moving on through the state.  Our adult chaperones encouraged us to go to the dog races which strictly speaking given the age of most of us we probably shouldn't have been able to attend.  Some of us objected on the grounds of rejecting this treatment of dogs.  We were able to remain on the bus with a chaperone, spared viewing what we considered to be an inhumane sport while the rest who chose to do so went to the races.   


Updating my vaccination experience following my first Pfizer inoculation ... this past week several days after my shot I became aware of experiencing an unusual degree of fatigue.  This tiredness continued a couple days which I think may be attributed to the vaccine as others I know receiving Moderna reported feeling this also though a younger person receiving Pfizer didn't experience fatigue.  Reactions are relatively nil and seem to be unique to the individual.    

As I previously reported I had minimal reactions initially: "The injection caused no immediate reaction just as occurs with my yearly flu shot.  The only difference was about twenty hours later I did begin to experience swelling, then aching with increasing intensity at the shot site.  This lasted for only a few hours, then abruptly ceased."


A bit of an unexpected event occurred here one noon time earlier this past week when I glimpsed through a backyard patio door window and was startled to see what appeared to be a pile of clothing with legs stride out of sight toward a side yard gate.    I went to a utility room window where I could see a small section of the yard and gate but observed no one.  Returning to my living room I called our local police non-emergency number since I perceived no immediate danger though I was encouraged to call 911 in such an instance in the future.  Before I even ended the call there was a knock on my door.

Opening my door I was surprised to see a policewoman there already.  She informed me other officers were driving around the area, but she wanted permission to explore my backyard which I willingly gave her.  Incidentally, when I open my regular door I can see out through the locked screen door but no one can see inside my house.

Soon the policewoman knocked on my living room patio door to ask if a sweatshirt and a few other possible trash-type items she described were mine.  They were not, so she wanted permission to retrieve them which, of course, I granted.  Whether or not they later found the owner I don't know.

I did learn from neighbors that a homeless person had sometimes been observed at a residence down the street on their porch some days examining packages that had been delivered but had left without further activity.  

Several years ago there was a recurring instance with an individual I observed on several occasions in a neighboring city who suddenly lunged toward my car one day causing me to narrowly miss hitting him.  Periodically he would appear in heavy traffic on old Route 66, a multi-lane boulevard, sometimes seeming to be trying to direct traffic,  other times pacing the sidewalk, waving his arms appearing to talk to himself.   He would be gone for days, weeks other times, then eventually reappear.  I think he may have been removed from circulation on those occasions, then finally I ceased to see him any more.  

The homeless people  I've seen have been male except for one female for a short time several years ago.  These individuals have generally presented with mental health issues, various drug issues including alcoholism as described in our local newspaper and police blotter reports.  Some dangerous behaviors have occurred.  There have been increasing homeless people in our city and other adjoining cities in recent years.    Reportedly assistance offered them is sometimes rejected but efforts have continued to be made by our city government, religious groups and other organizations to provide help for the few homeless individuals in our community.