Thursday, August 14, 2014


Just a reminder that there's still an opportunity to express your views on the most current status of FCC Network Neutrality rule-making -- see my previous post.    We are all impacted by FCC rules.  

If you haven't yet formed an opinion on this issue or haven't found time to research the topic, though I rarely link to dot com websites, here's a source you might consider:

SingleHop's Stephanie Crets has written a concise short summation of the pro and con issues here:
 "A Neutral Guide to Net Neutrality."  

"Until September 10, 2014 ... members of the public can comment by visiting or emailing" she reports.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The possibility exists that the governing body of our airwaves, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is selling out the American people with "pay to play" -- allowing faster Internet transmissions for some corporations which may be proposed for adoption.

Thursday, May 15th -- tomorrow -- the actual FCC proposal will be released. 

Do your homework.  Do a net search and read this proposal for yourself.  Read responsible sites with knowledgeable writers offering the pros and cons of this proposal.  

Be prepared to take action by expressing an opinion to the FCC on this vital issue --

...... if you care

...... if you agree on the important significance of maintaining net neutrality!

(There have been so many matters, happenings and activities important to me, and some to everyone, since last I wrote here, but net neutrality has lured me back to posting on this topic to bring to the attention of any readers who still come here.)