Sunday, July 28, 2019


Big Bear Bald Eaglet Simba finally makes his first flight:

Big Bear Bald Eagles father, Shadow, (with a few black head feathers) arrives with a fish.  Seven minutes into the video Simba finally flies in from lower branches on the nest tree where he has been perched overnight to be able to claim his share.  

Mother, Jackie, (with all white head feathers) with son Simba sharing special moments as night descends.

Today I observed Shadow bringing a fish to the nest, but before Simba returned, to disappointingly find the meal has been eaten.  Simba spend the rest of the afternoon alone.  Just as dusk was arriving, he began to engage in chirping communication with Jackie as she finally flew in but brought no fish.  Simba exhibited subjective cloying behavior with touching exchanges between him and his mother but there was no food. 

Withholding food seemed to stimulate him to finally fly this past week.  I wonder if Simba's parents message to him now is to begin obtaining his own food, possibly bringing a fish or whatever else he might catch back to their nest for sharing?

These eagle parents appear to use a positive reinforcement system using food as a reward when he acts as they desire, such as making his first flight.  Even using tough love seemed to come into play when food was withheld until Simba made that first flight.

Teaching basic survival skills are shared by parental creatures of all types.   Perhaps there's much some humans might learn from the birds.

When I've viewed some of the interactions between Simba and both parents, but especially his mother, I have wondered if there are more emotional connections, feelings,  than what we may think.  Scientists have learned this is true in some other creatures, so why not birds?  What do you think?

This Audubon article reveals some interesting observations about the question of whether or not birds grieve.

Live Feed 24/7 Video Cam:

Shirley Bassey -- a uniquely talented world famous Welsh vocalist sings "Feelings" recorded in 1976. Dame Shirley who also sang in three James Bond movies is in her eighth decade now.


I may take a break from blogging here for the coming weeks.  I’ll probably return after the end of summer.    Everyone have a wonderful rest of the summer.   

Sunday, July 21, 2019


I brought up the topic of courage in my previous post which prompted some interesting reader comments.   The topic evolved into some other thoughts for me as I consider what’s happening with bald eaglet Simba becoming fly-worthy, also daily life issues we each encounter plus the challenges presented in our nation and the world today.

Rain who writes at Rainy Day Thoughts observed discerning between what might be considered a courageous act and, in fact, is actually foolish can be a challenge.  I suppose if the action is judged successful we consider it courageous, but failure might be viewed as our having been foolish to ever having undertaken it in the first place. 

Terra who writes at Terra Garden contrasts overcoming the fear some experience of even leaving their house versus those we view as courageously circling the earth in a space shuttle.     
Jean at Misadventures of Widowhood writes of the courage we exhibit whenever we act outside our comfort zone.

Raman’s Musings from India included his report of the courage he needed to leave a long-established career in his late forties to start a new career.

Goldendaze Ginnie reports living in the midst of a geographical area where we could surmise it might take courage to express less than popular views from those of the predominant group's religious beliefs.  She cites the Serenity Prayer’s sentiments as guidance which I concur can be pertinent in life.

Courage and fear seem to be intrinsically linked as Arkansas Patti who writes at  TheNew Sixty notes – the latter stimulating or needing to be overcome for action we often describe as being courageous. 

Nick in Northern Ireland who writes at Nick Here and Now introduced being “...impressed by the courage of Labour Party whistle-blowers who've spoken up about virulent antisemitism in the party and incurred the wrath of the party leadership.”  
Perhaps we could use a few more such courageous types in our President’s political party.
Seems to me we’re seeing some interesting displays of fear, courage, or lack thereof.....

..... as I also wonder what eaglet Simba is experiencing? 

Perhaps there are skills Simba needs yet to acquire before he initiates flight.    Maybe he is not afraid to fly, is not lacking in courage.  Maybe his parents, Shadow and Jackie,  know this and have been directing he must develop these skills or acquire more strength and stamina before launching into the air.  

All we know is Simba is well into the timeline when eaglets begin making their beginning flights and we humans are impatient for him to do so.  We’re still waiting for his maiden flight as I write this Saturday night, July 20th. 

Earlier today when I did a more lengthy check on Simba than the occasional brief visits I make during the week, I observed his continued activities were limited to hopping about the nest, short flights from a branch into the nest, picking up and moving small branches in the nest, positioning himself on various larger branches from which he could launch into the air, lots of wings extension with flapping, lengthy time periods perching quietly with eagle-eye surveying of his surroundings. 

Before dusk there was considerable bird talk with a larger variety of communication soumds than I’ve heard before,  presumably with his parents.   Then, his father, Shadow, flew into the nest with a fish Simba ate.  Simba produced lots of whining sounds, seemed agitated with his father in one instance, was finally fed a few bites before Shadow ultimately left the nest.   

Later when Simba perched on a launching branch there was lots more parental bird talk conversation, wing strengthening flapping but without his talons releasing their grip on the branch to actually fly.  Darkness came and Simba appears to be spending the night alone, perched on the launching branch as his mother, Jackie, never flew in with a fish as she often has in the past. 

Political view alert....
On a human note I’ve long been concerned that so few leaders in our government have had the courage to contradict or denounce our President’s words, actions that are counter to what I’ve believed represent the basic values of our nation.  This has become increasingly true ever since the current leadership has been in power driving and bullying our country toward becoming an autocracy with efforts to subvert the other branches of government and attempts to nullify the Fourth Estate, the press.  

Government departments have been weakened with ineffectual or unqualified leadership, often with only acting department heads.  Criteria for appointments is blind absolute loyalty to a President whose actions suggest a disloyalty to the very nation's values he serves.  

Setting an example that fosters violence, then offering meaningless disclaimers are hallmarks of this leader’s techniques that breed dissension, not unification.   One could conclude deliberate tactics are being utilized to create unrest or worse throughout our country.  Token actions are occasionally taken to garner press attention, then ballyhooed as demonstrating the magnanimous nature of this individual. 

Even citizens supporting our President seem to have set aside their professed values as they make some of the most bizarre interpretations excusing his worse-than-offensive words and deeds.   Fear seems to be a factor for many of those in our government who give him cover with such defensive distorted views as do those who remain silent, a betrayal to the electorate.   Might this be a demonstration of lack of courage? 

We are long past a time when individuals, especially those in our Congress, need to stand up for our nation’s values, even if it means challenging and contradicting their political party’s leader.  This is not a time for political partisanship.  This is a time for dedication to preservation of our constitutional democratic republic and values with the individual freedoms we so cherish. 

I expect readers have been exposed multiple times to the most recent as well as past profound pronouncements from our nation’s leader which prompts my commentary here.  I choose to not repeat any of them which would only further the distraction they were likely intended to be when uttered. 

I wonder if less attention was assigned to the asinine outrageous verbiage our President so often espouses would be better?  What if such deliberate attention-seeking words of his were just ignored?  
What is the best way to deal with such a public figure?  

Should other public figures as part of their professional obligations to their constituents courageously speak out against such language and/or actions they find offensive?  If they remain silent should we assume they agree or merely that they’re cowards -- which should be of note to voters come next election?   

Oh, and what is the likelihood Bald Eaglet Simba will fly this week?  

Sunday, July 14, 2019


Big Bear Bald Eaglet Simba appears to be honing his skills to become independent with episodes of wing flapping while perched on his tree nest's launch branch, but he has not yet taken that first flight as best I can tell.   

Some observations I made with visits via the 24/7 live video camera Friday and Saturday suggest parents Jackie and Shadow may be introducing some tough love measures to encourage son Simba to accelerate his activities to become independent.   He exhibited instances of agitation toward his parents, pecking at his mother, as they did not always respond to his whining calls, leaving him alone for longer time periods, with fewer food offerings and more struggle to feed himself.  

I wonder if Simba must develop courage to make that first leap into the air?  Does he feel apprehension about trying to capture food?  Looking out at Big Bear Lake I’ve wondered what happens to an eaglet who accidentally ends up in the water learning to swoop down to catch a fish?  

I was surprised to learn bald eagles frequently swim.  How do they learn to swim?  The birds sometimes catch fish too large to fly with so must release the fish or swim to shore with them gripped in their talons.  

The bald eagles use an avian style butterfly stroke as demonstrated by this New Hampshire bird:

This bald eagle swam clear across the entire Mississippi River:

I wonder if Simba's parents are, in fact, using what we humans refer to as tough love measures to prompt his continued development of self-reliance skills?   

Surely Simba will have the courage to be making his first flight any day now.  Hope he can make it back to the nest after his first few short flying ventures before leaving the nest permanently.

Live Feed 24/7 Video Cam:

Courage is a quality not only our earth's cohabiting creatures exhibit but so do we humans to best  survive.   I think there are different types of courage though we often think of it in relation to military behavior on the battlefield.   Anytime we undertake anything new we're tapping into a certain degree of courage to do so -- risking making a mistake or being unsuccessful.  Courage is required in our personal and professional lives.   What requires courage for one person might not for another.

We exhibit different types of courage at different stages or ages in our lives.   For example, there can be some courage required early in our older years deciding if or when we should retire.  Or, maybe, retirement is involuntary and courage is needed to focus on how to best continue our life. 

Even if our lives proceed relatively smoothly there can still be issues of uncertainty for some, such as where best to live requiring some decision-making courage.    Some of us demonstrate courage in everyday living in how we cope with medical issues.  

What each of us determine to be courageous for ourselves, while often the same, can also be quite different from one another.  Taking an unpopular stance on issues can be courageous.  What do you think of as courageous behavior or acts you or others have taken?