Monday, December 25, 2023



                 M  E  R  R  Y     H O  L  I  D  A   Y  S      


       H  A  P  P   Y     N   E   W    Y  E  A  R     2 0 2 4   

         Tony Bennett sings "I'll Be Home For Christmas" 

 90th birthday video of live appearance on NBC- TV Today                                          (promotes a special later that night but not this year)


All is well as can be with me.    I keep moving closer to that ninth decade with very few of my long time friends left on this planet to accompany me while I'm here.  I continue my "rightsizing" activities at a snails pace which contributes to why I haven't resumed writing here.  

Perhaps in the significant year to come I will be unable to resist returning here to write espousing my views on whatever topics capture my attention.   

Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy my family and indulging  myself in the ordinary necessities and self-entertaining activities of daily living which give our lives meaning.  

Wishing for peace everywhere with good health, prosperity, a life filled with happiness and  only the best for each of you in this momentous year to come!  

The Secret of Christmas 

       by George Perris, multi-lingual Greek singer

It's A Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    by George Perris, International Singer

Sunday, January 01, 2023


 H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !      2  0  2  3

    W I S H I N G   Y O U .....

          P E A C E,

             J O Y, 

                G O O D   H E A L T H,

                       P R O S P E R I T Y.

ABBA sings Happy New Year

THE TENORS -- Auld Lang Syne  from "Christmas Together" album "... shot on location in Newfoundland and Labrador with generous support of Parks Canada".

Sunday, December 25, 2022


                     2  0  2  2

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S !

     H A P P Y    H A N U K K A H !

        J O Y   A L L   S E A S O N A L   H O L I D A Y S !

The Christmas Song 

Sung by pitch perfect Mel Torme'  -- a song co-written with Robert Wells on a hot Southern California afternoon. 

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

    Sung by Diana Krall superb jazz vocalist.

Sunday, December 18, 2022


 REPUBLIC -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy]

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings


      Dept. of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith



Business Meeting 12/19/2022 -- Monday 

1 P.M. ET -- 10 A.M. PT

390 Cannon House Office Building,  Washington DC 20515

Televised live on the Committee's site, PBS and other channels as mentioned in this L.A. Times newspaper article along with discussion about what to expect, what has occurred and other political commentary HERE 

The final Committee report release expected soon may be discussed.

Past Committee Business Meetings 

Reports Recommending House of Representatives Cite Select Named Individuals for Criminal Contempt of Congress

QUESTION:  Will the Committee's final report rightfully include findings about ALL involved in the January 6th seditious activities?

My continuing "catch-up" break from blogging continues. 

Sunday, December 04, 2022


 REPUBLIC -- "If you can keep it."   [Democracy]

U. S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings

    Latest Committee News -- Accountability

Dept. of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith Statement

QUESTION:  Will the Committee's final report rightfully include findings about ALL involved in the January 6th seditious activities -- including any that may have involved former President Donald J. Trump, any Congresspersons, U.S. Government law enforcement departments including FBI, Secret Service, other organizations, any religious entities, corporate and private financial backers, foreign governments? 


Hope all is going well for each of you.  Expect you may be busy with life including any preparations for the coming holidays.  I'm continuing to focus on my need to catch-up on some matters here, so am not writing on any topics interesting me this week and for the next several weeks.   

See you later!

Sunday, November 27, 2022


REPUBLIC -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy]

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings

Committee Media Center's Latest News

The Committee's subpoena to Donald Trump to testify resulted in the 45th President failing to comply and suing the Committee.

Former integrity chief Jack Smith, has been appointed by the Attorney General as a special counsel to "oversee the Justice Department's criminal investigations involving Donald Trump" as NPR describes HERE

QUESTION:   Will the Committee's final report rightfully include findings about all involved in the January 6th seditious activities in addition to those of former President Donald J. Trump -- the Congresspersons, Government law enforcement departments including FBI, Secret Service, other organizations, any religious entities, possibly any corporate and private financial backers?

UP WHERE WE BELONG  sung by Buffy Sainte-Marie

This is the composer's version of the song which is best known from the movie, "An Officer and a Gentleman" sung by Joe Cocker.  "Buffy won an Oscar for this song with Jack Nitzsche and Will Jennings."  


How we view life's experiences is all a matter of perspective.  Buffy Sainte-Marie, now 81 years old,  recalled in her youth being taught in school that in 1492 Columbus discovered America, but as an indigenous native Canadian American Cree Indian she knew that wasn't true.  She said, in 1492 we Indians in America discovered Columbus.

Buffy expressed a variety of thoughts in her music's lyrics through the years including some about current events as others like Bob Dylan did.   Elvis Presley and other singers performed and recorded her songs.  Her career progressed until unbeknown to her the U.S. government began black-listing her, suppressed her music recordings she discovered years later in her FBI files.  Not realizing her activism had become of concern, she thought her popularity has just waned.  

Other credits Buffy has acquired included repeated appearances on Sesame Street introducing that young community to indigenous people.  The story-line with her husband continued through her pregnancy, subsequent natural breast-feeding of her new-born baby.  

Thanksgiving's celebration fostered my remembrances of what I was taught about the holiday in school.  We focused on the Pilgrims and the Indians forging a friendship by sharing a meal.  

Were some of you in later generations taught more facts about the Pilgrims and Indians relationship?

I have long since learned there is much more to the story of the Native American Indians, the indigenous people of our nation, from whom the Pilgrims began taking their land with and without their agreement.  

The American Indian perspective on the Thanksgiving myth can be viewed on HERE

"Wampanoag historian Linda Coombs and Narragansett Knowledge Keeper Cassius Spears speak with filmmaker Yvonne Russo about the experiences of Native populations at the time of European settlers'  arrival in New England 400 years ago, and what is actually known about the first Thanksgiving."

The arriving pilgrims encountered the aftermath of a plague thought to have been brought to them a short time earlier by fishermen.  Thousands of Indians died in this fast moving disease that decimated their villages of their health care providers and even those who bury the dead.  Seeing this devastation a pilgrim leader reported God had cleared the land for them revealing an insensitive, even heinous view -- lacking in compassion for other human beings to say the least by this Christian likely intolerant of others different spiritual views.  

Centuries later I recall attending the reading of a new book by author Dee Brown when we lived in Arizona.  "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" proved to be a novel describing how the American west was won.  Heart-breaking descriptions reveal the "...systematic destruction of American Indian tribes in the late nineteenth century" as Good Reads reviews HERE

Native American Cultural Heritage Month is currently being celebrated on PBS.  A number of programs are being aired about life on the reservations today you may find of interest.  

Indian reservation life can still leave much to be desired for many residents lacking basic utilities taken for granted elsewhere.   Agreements between the Indians and the U.S. Government also can continue to present challenges resolving.  

Now may be a reckoning time as our nation's people need to relinquish the colorful notions and stories told about our history.  The reality of our indigenous people, also of those held in slavery often has been romanticized and is long overdue for truthful descriptions. 

We might also want to take special care to tolerate, especially in leadership positions and news disseminators, only those committed to speaking, writing truth.

Sunday, November 20, 2022


 Republic -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy]

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings

The Committee's subpoena to Donald Trump to testify resulted in the 45th President failing to comply, then suing the Committee.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, DOJ, has appointed former integrity chief, Jack Smith, as a special counsel to "oversee the Justice Department's criminal investigations involving Donald Trump" as NPR describes HERE.

QUESTION:  Will we see justice, know the results of the Committee's Hearings and the DOJ's criminal investigations involving Donald Trump before the November 2024 Presidential election?

"The time has come", the Walrus said, "To talk of many things:  Of shoes - and ships - and sealing wax - Of  cabbages - and kings - And why the sea is boiling hot - And whether pigs have wings."        The Walrus and the Carpenter  by Lewis Carroll

One interpretation at interesting literature HERE"The story ... is, in one sense, the story of encroachment and entitlement: the sun upon the moon's territory or time, the walrus and the carpenters upon the oysters, which they presume to eat -- because they can."

DROUGHT -- We wait in the midst of our rainy season for more of the wet stuff, but no moisture here since last week.  None projected for this week.  Maybe next week, next month.

Typically, this is our fire season in which dangerous flames every year have been very destructive, often of people's homes, lives, pets, livestock, in addition to surrounding forests, also dislocating, even injuring or killing some wildlife there.  We've been spared fires so far this season said to be due to the absence of diablo (devil) winds.  These winds "catapult embers and fan flames" spreading the fire far and wide.

KIWIS and BAMBOO FABRIC INNOCENT -- (see my previous post. ).  I have since  consulted with my Dermatologist, then referral to an Allergist has me finally getting some meaningful treatment gradually affecting all that itching, hives/rash, watery eyes, runny nose, other symptoms, and energy, alertness level depletions alleviating some sleep complications.  

Seems I did what many people do with my symptoms -- think food or some other item is the potential cause, so we try the process of elimination.  The reality, I was told, is that most often the cause has to do with pollens, airborne matters also affecting the respiratory system.  This may be more prevalent in some areas such as where I live than in others, I think.

So, I can eat those kiwis, wear those bamboo fabric P.J.s I was told (but I may wait 'til this is over).  Given some of the relief I'm experiencing indicates we're on the right track though there is still a toll as each day wears on.  Meanwhile, a thorough examination with blood work and other will be occurring.

My fatigue level, endurance have all been affected for much longer than a month now, resulting in my getting even more behind on so many things.  The annual holidays are coming, too, so, I will continue with limited time spent blogging, probably writing only here, among other things.  Thanks for your understanding.  

MUSIC MEMORIES -- An early 20th century variety of jazz and swing, before my day, continues to be popular with many of all ages -- young and old.  Dixieland is one such style that has had a popular group of musicians in our town.  Jazz evolved into later 20th century styles I especially enjoy more and shared with my husband.  Performing jazz with his groups, including a vocal one, and backing some name artists was my husband's professional avocation for many years which I've previously written about here.   

I welcome promoting jazz so was pleased to recently learn of this 43-year-old Thanksgiving festival.  Check your community for music festivals year 'round featuring the music you favor and support them.  Area Philharmonic Orchestras can be especially enjoyable, too., as are any local area symphonies that sometimes hold outdoor concerts.

2022 San Diego Jazz Fest & Swing Extravaganza.         

Celebrating 43 Years!       Thanksgiving Weekend     

"The San Diego Jazz Fest is one of the longest running annual music festivals dedicated to celebrating jazz music of the early 20th Century.  Since 1980, this event has been held during Thanksgiving weekend in San Diego, California, and features a variety of musical artists performing traditional jazz, swing, blues, ragtime, boogie woogie, gospel, and rhythm and blues."

MY FIRST THANKSGIVING I recall when I was quite young was spent on a Great Aunt's midwest Ohio farm with other of my family members on what became an extended long weekend due to unexpected snow creating safe driving concerns.  Having had our Thanksgiving dinner, we now needed more food due to our sudden necessary delayed departure in those times before home freezers with an emergency supply of food were prevalent.   

The next day the men, including my older brother, went out hunting for rabbits.  Tracking the rabbits footprints in the snow aided in the task.  They allowed me to traipse along to observe the whole process which culminated in the men dressing the rabbits for the women who later prepared them for dinner.  

I was quite appalled with the demise of the rabbits, refusing to eat any of the meat.  Finally, I reluctantly agreed to taste a bite which led to a second, then more.  Surprisingly to me, the meat was quite tasty, overcoming my focus on what had happened to the rabbits and I continued to finish my serving.  The next morning, I even ate some of the meat cold.  I've never eaten rabbit since, but then the occasion to do so has never presented itself.

THANKSGIVING celebrations will soon have many enjoying time and delicious food with family and/or friends.  Some may celebrate virtually.  Others will settle on relishing long ago memories of those times. 

May Thanksgiving be special for you!

Sunday, November 13, 2022


 Republic -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy]

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings

DJT, 45TH President, is suing the Committee in what appears to be his classic technique designed to avoid or delay having to respond to their subpoena compelling he testify, initially delayed to ll/14/22 at his request.  If 45's political party takes control of the House of Representatives as is presently expected, pundits expect the Committee will cease to function meaningfully and/or will be terminated since his party has previously declared the Committee to be nonpartisan.    

QUESTION:  Will the top U.S. government officials in the executive, legislative, judicial, other law enforcement individuals including Secret Service, FBI, Police Departments aligned with organizing and support of the January 6th Capitol coup/insurrection/assault ever be held accountable to the American people?

MIDTERM ELECTION RESULT projections as I write this restores my faith the majority of the U.S. voting public is determined to maintain our form of democracy with the current Administration retaining Senate control.  There is much more to be accomplished. 

May such voter numbers increase in all future elections.  This dedication to thoughtfully participate in all future elections must continue in order to preserve our democratic republic based on our current major political parties ideologies.  

So Cal where I live actually received about three inches of rain, more in other communities.  Snow fell in California mountains, including Northern California, earlier in the season than usual, leading us to hope there will be more rain and snow contributing toward ending our drought.

BIG BEAR BALD EAGLES FRIENDS site HERE  you may read the latest report about the eagle pair, Jackie and Shadow, recently observed to have returned to the area.    Likely these eagles may soon begin refurbishing the nest in readiness to hatch a new brood for 2023.  The Friends update (9/29/22) describes all the maintenance and enhancements provided for live 24/7 audio and video coverage of the eagles' nest with a spectacular background view of the surrounding area and lake.

LIFE'S DISRUPTIONS continue for me interfering with my having any semblance of routine.  Annoyingly, to say the least, I'm again periodically experiencing nights when I'm unable to sleep with or without itching.  Early in October I wrote HERE about what I took to be a simple allergic reaction I attributed to Kiwi fruit.  I've not eaten any Kiwis since but clearly my problem is far from over.  Surely there has been ample time for the Kiwis to leave my system.

A pattern has developed with increasing reactions including itchy feelings, inflammation with red rash splotches spreading these symptoms, finally over my whole body this past week.  I did get a high dose flu shot at the end of the previous week but don't think that would have been a causal factor.  Coping with these symptoms, erratically trying to get adequate sleep through varied daytime hours is my priority as I address this not-always-so-mild discomfort while I try to figure out what is the cause.  I think I best wait for my final Covid booster vaccine until this issue is resolved.

Most recently I have begun to wonder if some new bamboo fabric pajamas I began wearing weeks prior to my symptoms might be the cause, so I've ceased wearing them.  I never heard of bamboo fabric much less considered it could trigger such skin issues, but I don't yet know if this is the cause.    I continue taking an antihistamine.  I have consulted with my doctor who was unable to provide a curative medication, referring me to see a Dermatologist which I will do if there is no resolution soon.

The Night Watchman, 2021 Pulitzer Prize winning novel for fiction written by Louise Erdrich captured my attention to read on sleepless nights, selected from my stack of unread books.  Erdrich, a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, has authored many novels, as well as volumes of poetry, children's books, and a memoir of early motherhood, received numerous awards.  She lives in Minnesota with her daughters, owns a small independent bookstore, Birchbark Books.

Recent news stories about efforts to suppress the native American Indian vote reminded me of this historical fictional story based on the author's grandfather's life.  The story describes Indian life on their reservation, the challenges they face surviving attitudes and obstacles encountered from our government.  They deserve to retain decent productive soil on land where they can live and prosper, keep their culture, language.  All this with individuals lives created are embedded in a story of the true Americans on this land our immigrant forefathers forcefully took from them.  

The Brennan Center explains how voter suppression laws target Native Americans HERE.   These citizens often have to travel many miles to vote, may have few,  if any, ballot deposit boxes they can readily access to name a few deterrents.  Native American voting rights need to be protected by Congressional action with just such a bill defeated in the 2021 Senate.

A political party that actively attempts to thwart citizens ability to vote in our elections through sabotaging restrictions including gerrymandering undermines the basic foundation of our Constitution and form of government.  

FREEDOM -- Jon Batiste

An American singer, songwriter, musician, bandleader, television personality, and Grammy Award winner.

Sunday, November 06, 2022


REPUBLIC -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy] 

      Accountability for Jan. 6 insurrection.

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings

QUESTION:  Will the 45th President, DJT, respond by November 14th to the Committee's subpoena extension he was able to receive to give his deposition and to provide requested documents? 

DROUGHT UPDATE -- We actually received some rain showers last week where I live in SoCal.

Encouragingly we are being told to expect some hard rain, snow in the mountains for a couple days this week.  Promises!  Promises!  Hopefully the moisture arrives here with snow in Northern California mountains plus more to come in the weeks and months ahead, normally our wet months for decades in past years.  

VIRAL COMBAT -- I have my flu shot -- was given the high-dose version this year.  In two weeks I'll seek the latest and final Covid vaccine.  Continued wearing of the N95 mask when I'm in contact with most others will continue to be the order of the day for me.  

I could still contract a virus but the severity of my illness would likely be minimal, might not even require hospitalization much less result in my death.   I like those odds -- better than my winning the lottery.

MIDTERM ELECTION VOTING -- I chose to submit my ballot in a local drop box again this year.  I will receive an email confirmation my ballot has been received and votes counted within the next few days.  

What a tragedy with the suppressing effort to thwart this means as an an individual voter's right in some other states.  There are those who promote proven deliberate lies discounting the trustworthiness of our election system.  

DEMOCRACY PRESERVATION -- I continue to believe our democracy's preservation is the primary issue that needs to guide voters in their candidate selections.  Candidates who are deniers of the legitimacy of the 2020 election results and conspiracy believers unable to discern fact from fiction pose a danger to our democratic constitutional republic's freedoms, true justice with genuine law and order.


Barbra Streisand -- Everything Must Change & I Didn't Know What Time It Was                   Performed at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York on Saturday 6 May 2017

Barbra was 75 (!) when she sang these songs with a voice showing minimal age-related effects.

Barbra's dedications were tributes following recent deaths then of Sandy Gallin who was a talent manager adored and respected by many stars you can read about HERE

Virginia Kelley, is a nurse anesthetist and mother of former President Bill Clinton who came to be warmly regarded by many you can read about HERE.   Coincidentally, a friend of mine described her baby's birth as being "midwifed" by Virginia.

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME and OUR HEALTH -- Did you remember to "fall back" one hour effective Sunday, Nov.6th at 2 a.m.?

Once again in the U.S. we all must change our clocks for daylight savings time adjustment except for Arizona and Hawaii who did not adopt this DST change system years ago.  I won't go into the whys and wherefores for all this but maybe this will be the last year we will be required to make this time change on our clocks.

You can read the DST history (not simply to accommodate farmers) in this succinct informative PBS News Hour transcript along with what has been learned about the effect of all this time manipulation on our health HERE    

Seems research studies have shown these time changes may be having a more serious impact on our health than we ever knew beyond our own experiences considered merely anecdotal in official scientific 'worldom'.

Our U.S. Senate did finally act based on legislation passed in several states to end this change by establishing daylight savings time year 'round.  That bill has stalled in the House of Representatives since some states, including my own California, desire returning to regular time, which I prefer, too.   This difference must be resolved between both branches of government before officially being signed into law.

Meanwhile, I'm coping with my clock-radio purchased many years ago to automatically "spring forward" and "fall back".  I was delighted to never have to bother with manually changing this clock twice each year -- just my wristwatch and other clocks in my house.  At least one clock would have the correct time to begin the day if I hadn't noticed the time change was occurring. 

Then, a few years ago officials altered the days DST would be in effect so my clock-radio's date for time change has been out of synchronicity ever since.   For example, this past week my clock "fell back" an hour several days before official time changed.  What an annoyance!
I'll patiently await our Congress to finally act to establish the time system we will use, quite willing to accept whichever one they decide to use -- standard time or daylight savings time.  Then I will determine what to do about my clock-radio.  Maybe I can turn off the automatic date/time change feature as I like the device's size for my bedside table and the other functions.   Otherwise, to dispense with adjusting my clock twice a year, I'll be shopping for a new clock-radio.  

What do you think?  

Do you want to continue the system we have, "springing forward" an hour in early March and "falling back" an hour in early November?   

Would you prefer to adopt standard time or daylight savings time year 'round?  

Your response will have no known influence on how this government policy is decided but perhaps you'll feel better having expressed your point of view.  We can see at least how our legislator's actions reflect our point of view on this one matter -- if and when they act and we live long enough to see the results.       


Sunday, October 30, 2022


 REPUBLIC -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy]

      Accountability for Jan. 6 insurrection.

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings

QUESTION:  What action will occur now since the 45th President, DJT, has not appeared or provided documents as subpoenaed to testify under oath telling the truth before the U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings?

HALLOWEEN will come and go this week, then preparations will begin for the holidays yet to come.  There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for resuming these and other celebrations in  groups, many composed of lots of family and friends.  This is quite a change from recent years when Covid kept everyone apart.  Of course, in terms of becoming ill, we seem to be far from out of the woods since Covid hasn't left us.  Also, a couple of other viruses have returned to possibly disrupt our lives more than usual.  All of us are urged to get our vaccinations up to date.

Reportedly our annual flu is a bit more virulent this year with the highest number of cases in more than a decade, presently mostly in the south though medical professionals caution it's early in the season.   Obtaining the annual flu shot now is highly recommended. 

Then, there is the common RSV -- respiratory syncytial virus that infects the lungs and breathing passages which has become of particular concern -- presently a very high incidence in our young children in some areas of our country.    

A review of various medical reports about RSV in older people summarized in a Google search reports increasing hospitalizations and death possible:  "Older adults are at greater risk than young adults for serious complications from RSV because our immune systems weaken when we are older".  

Wearing masks or not for all these viruses is each individual's decision based on their judgement about different situations.  Masks are required to be worn in some settings by various businesses of their employees and customers.  I'll soon receive my flu shot with my next doctor's appointment, then the final Covid vaccine as I continue to mask and will afterward.  

I certainly hope this year's holidays do not become virus spreading occasions for many ruining their holidays to say the least.  

Halloween has changed considerably since my youth when it was celebrated mostly by just young children.  Older teens perceived they had outgrown this activity.  We youngsters went door-to-door on what was called Beggar's Night.  No more did some older children go out to "trick" the households the next night who hadn't given a treat on Beggar's Night.   The holiday had seemed to evolve to a one night event that has since become known as Trick or Treat Night.  

Older children and even adults in subsequent years have increasingly begun to celebrate Halloween with group parties and wearing costumes.   Costumes when I was young were mostly of the home-made variety.   A simple mask just covering the eyes was typically worn with or without any other costume.  Some few ready-made costumes were beginning to become available for purchase at our five-and-dime stores like Woolworth's and Kresge's in my town, but this was an expense most families like mine didn't incur.  Part of the fun of Halloween was concocting our own costume -- simple and basic like a sheet to be a ghost progressing to more elaborate creations for others.  

Decades later when my children were young there were numerous other youngsters in our neighborhood, too.  They all soon reached an age when they went out in a group without their parents.  The marketing of ready-made Halloween costumes was increasingly becoming big business and has continued to be so.   Many children with their parents came to our door for treats with the littlest ones coming early, usually just at dusk, to show off their costumes.

After dark when the older school-age children started arriving they encountered more than treats at our house.  I had recorded eerie Halloween music and sounds such as wolves howling, chains rattling, squeaky doors, squealing creature sounds, owls hooting, high-pitched and low growling, grumbling human sounds emitted from behind our darkened garage door as the children walked cautiously and slowly up the driveway to our front door.  Some children exhibited more bravado than others.

A couple years, a father on another street dressed in a lifelike gorilla costume, roamed the streets later in the evening when only the older kids were out and about to give them some unexpected thrills.  He would suddenly appear out of the shadows to startle, even momentarily frighten these unsuspecting Halloweeners.  

We never experienced any vandalism except one year, later in the evening, when some older kids driven from other communities were dropped off on our street we think.  One of the pumpkins our children had carved that we had placed near our front door, bore evidence of a destructive busting kick we discovered the following morning.

One year I extracted the pulp from a pumpkin which I processed to use for baking my usual pumpkin pies.  I determined the pumpkin wasn't any better as I had thought it might be than the canned pumpkin I usually used.   Preparing the fresh pumpkin didn't seem worth the time and effort to me for my pies in future years.   

After our children were grown, fewer and fewer children were visiting our neighborhood on halloween.   A family with young children finally moved here but their parents had them celebrate Halloween with friends in private parties at each other's home.   They were partially prompted to discontinue allowing their children to go door-to-door by news accounts of instances in some cities where children received unacceptable, even dangerous treats of various kinds.  

In time, my husband no longer was able to keep getting up and down to answer the door  to enjoy seeing those costumed treat-seekers lessening in number.  I kept up the activity for several years though the number of children coming to our door kept dwindling even more.  Eventually, we ceased purchasing treats to distribute at Halloween after being stuck with so many goodies -- too many tempting sweets we liked but didn't need to eat.   Trick or Treaters haven't been on my street for many years.   I no longer prepare for the event so leave my porch light off.   I do have pleasant memories of the fun from all those years ago.

I Put A Spell On You  -- Nina Simone