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 REPUBLIC -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy]

      Accountability for Jan. 6 insurrection.

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings

QUESTION:  What action will occur now since the 45th President, DJT, has not appeared or provided documents as subpoenaed to testify under oath telling the truth before the U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings?

HALLOWEEN will come and go this week, then preparations will begin for the holidays yet to come.  There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for resuming these and other celebrations in  groups, many composed of lots of family and friends.  This is quite a change from recent years when Covid kept everyone apart.  Of course, in terms of becoming ill, we seem to be far from out of the woods since Covid hasn't left us.  Also, a couple of other viruses have returned to possibly disrupt our lives more than usual.  All of us are urged to get our vaccinations up to date.

Reportedly our annual flu is a bit more virulent this year with the highest number of cases in more than a decade, presently mostly in the south though medical professionals caution it's early in the season.   Obtaining the annual flu shot now is highly recommended. 

Then, there is the common RSV -- respiratory syncytial virus that infects the lungs and breathing passages which has become of particular concern -- presently a very high incidence in our young children in some areas of our country.    

A review of various medical reports about RSV in older people summarized in a Google search reports increasing hospitalizations and death possible:  "Older adults are at greater risk than young adults for serious complications from RSV because our immune systems weaken when we are older".  

Wearing masks or not for all these viruses is each individual's decision based on their judgement about different situations.  Masks are required to be worn in some settings by various businesses of their employees and customers.  I'll soon receive my flu shot with my next doctor's appointment, then the final Covid vaccine as I continue to mask and will afterward.  

I certainly hope this year's holidays do not become virus spreading occasions for many ruining their holidays to say the least.  

Halloween has changed considerably since my youth when it was celebrated mostly by just young children.  Older teens perceived they had outgrown this activity.  We youngsters went door-to-door on what was called Beggar's Night.  No more did some older children go out to "trick" the households the next night who hadn't given a treat on Beggar's Night.   The holiday had seemed to evolve to a one night event that has since become known as Trick or Treat Night.  

Older children and even adults in subsequent years have increasingly begun to celebrate Halloween with group parties and wearing costumes.   Costumes when I was young were mostly of the home-made variety.   A simple mask just covering the eyes was typically worn with or without any other costume.  Some few ready-made costumes were beginning to become available for purchase at our five-and-dime stores like Woolworth's and Kresge's in my town, but this was an expense most families like mine didn't incur.  Part of the fun of Halloween was concocting our own costume -- simple and basic like a sheet to be a ghost progressing to more elaborate creations for others.  

Decades later when my children were young there were numerous other youngsters in our neighborhood, too.  They all soon reached an age when they went out in a group without their parents.  The marketing of ready-made Halloween costumes was increasingly becoming big business and has continued to be so.   Many children with their parents came to our door for treats with the littlest ones coming early, usually just at dusk, to show off their costumes.

After dark when the older school-age children started arriving they encountered more than treats at our house.  I had recorded eerie Halloween music and sounds such as wolves howling, chains rattling, squeaky doors, squealing creature sounds, owls hooting, high-pitched and low growling, grumbling human sounds emitted from behind our darkened garage door as the children walked cautiously and slowly up the driveway to our front door.  Some children exhibited more bravado than others.

A couple years, a father on another street dressed in a lifelike gorilla costume, roamed the streets later in the evening when only the older kids were out and about to give them some unexpected thrills.  He would suddenly appear out of the shadows to startle, even momentarily frighten these unsuspecting Halloweeners.  

We never experienced any vandalism except one year, later in the evening, when some older kids driven from other communities were dropped off on our street we think.  One of the pumpkins our children had carved that we had placed near our front door, bore evidence of a destructive busting kick we discovered the following morning.

One year I extracted the pulp from a pumpkin which I processed to use for baking my usual pumpkin pies.  I determined the pumpkin wasn't any better as I had thought it might be than the canned pumpkin I usually used.   Preparing the fresh pumpkin didn't seem worth the time and effort to me for my pies in future years.   

After our children were grown, fewer and fewer children were visiting our neighborhood on halloween.   A family with young children finally moved here but their parents had them celebrate Halloween with friends in private parties at each other's home.   They were partially prompted to discontinue allowing their children to go door-to-door by news accounts of instances in some cities where children received unacceptable, even dangerous treats of various kinds.  

In time, my husband no longer was able to keep getting up and down to answer the door  to enjoy seeing those costumed treat-seekers lessening in number.  I kept up the activity for several years though the number of children coming to our door kept dwindling even more.  Eventually, we ceased purchasing treats to distribute at Halloween after being stuck with so many goodies -- too many tempting sweets we liked but didn't need to eat.   Trick or Treaters haven't been on my street for many years.   I no longer prepare for the event so leave my porch light off.   I do have pleasant memories of the fun from all those years ago.

I Put A Spell On You  -- Nina Simone

Sunday, October 23, 2022


 Republic -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy]

      Accountability for Jan. 6 insurrection.

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan 6th Hearings

 Subpoena issued to Donald John Trump to testify.

QUESTION:  Will DJT follow law and order in which he says he believes to tell the truth under oath to the U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings?

FWIW I've been blogging on other sites less frequently recently, if you've noticed.  This is due to personal issues but I want you to know I still care about each of you.


A nation of freedom-loving people we have plenty about which to be concerned though in my eighty-plus years this is one of the most dangerous ones.   I feel compelled to continue expressing my thoughts since critical U.S. midterm elections are still in process, so be forewarned.   Should you prefer to avoid reading more about these issues, you may prefer to skip directly to AGING PERCEPTIONS below.

Democracy preservation for the United States is of the utmost priority when selecting candidates for whom to vote in this midterm election IMHO.  Given the gravity of the situation I cannot avoid continuing to focus some attention on what is at stake for the survival of our nation as the constitutional republic and democracy with the freedoms our forefathers gave to us, "if you can keep it."

I wanted this blog to be politically nonpartisan when I began in 2006, but am dedicated to upholding our constitutional republic's democracy I have observed being under attack since 2016.  I cannot remain silent since a once respectable political party became subverted into undermining our government by any means possible with lies regarding the results of our election process, even inciting violence in an effort to establish an autocratic system with a one-man ruler. 

Obviously, by the actions of those aligned with the violent instigating political party and even the words of the leader they claim to follow, law and order is not observed or respected and won't be in the future for anyone whose views differ from theirs.

Individual rights and freedoms are being seriously threatened by that party.  Unfortunately, many citizens have and still do take our rights and freedoms for granted, assuming we'll always have them or can easily regain them if taken from us no matter what we do or don't do.  Nothing could be further from the truth as they can be whittled away little by little by various politicized government branches by far too many of that party's candidates such as those recent women's rights were taken away.  

Government office appointments in the future and Congressional action by that party will jeopardize many citizen rights including healthcare, Medicare and Social Security in our richest of all nations -- our U.S. nation that already falls well below the offerings reported in the rankings of other nations in the democratic western world.  

Federal, state, local elections, judges and appointees matter and we the people with our votes can determine what kind of country in which we and future generations live.

I know some of my words resonate with many in the U.S. and some others elsewhere in the world.   I don't presume to know what if any meaningful impact occurs on any U.S. voter with what I write, but I must make the effort on my limited platform.   


We're fortunate whatever our older age to have individuals who have enriched our lives.   The reality is that the older we become the fewer remain who are still living.   That's certainly been true in my life as I've previously shared here.  Celebrating my recent birthday many memories cross my mind.

I recall with loving thoughts the year my young teen son asked me to stay in the other room because he was going to undertake his first solo baking effort without supervision.  He baked me a birthday cake from scratch which was quite successful when all was said and done -- probably the best cake, commercial or otherwise, I ever had made for me!

There have certainly been other significant family birthday occasions and some with co-workers as well as personal friends.  Often lovely flowers my husband brought with memorable gifts, including unexpectedly unique ones from my daughter.  Across the miles now I am not forgotten as grandchildren join my celebration.   Far too many other family members and friends exist only in my memory.   

This year, I unexpectedly was delighted to share some of my much younger neighbors delicious chocolaty chocolate October birthday cake.  

Author, blogger, Katherine Esty recently celebrated her 88th birthday which caused her to think about what life might be like at 90 or older as she edges closer to that decade.   She shares "What It's Like To Be Over 90" HERE in interviews with some she knows that age.  

Wellness and disability issues are discussed coupled with a view revealing whatever one's physical condition an attitude exists of believing we're "Lucky To Be Alive" as younger old folks have said, too.

A probably 95 year old woman now I know is continuing to thrive living independently in her single family home following her husband's death some years ago.  "C" as I'll refer to her continued her career as a hairdresser after she left the aerospace industry in an earlier decade until Covid caused the hair salon to close when she was age 93.  Even then she often continued helping clients where they lived including shopping for them.  

"C" had begun experiencing some challenges standing for long periods and began using a walker in some situations outside the beauty salon.  She has some medical problems but continues to cope.  She's always been in an upbeat mood in our occasional phone conversations to catch up on our lives, or when she stopped by the house a year or so ago.   

Most recently, "C" speaks of selling her home and moving as one of her daughters may from her state to northern California where more of their immediate family is now living.  

I appreciate learning about other individuals lives as they travel along the ageing highway, especially those living independently in their homes without benefit of community care facilities offerings.   My situation presents challenges quite different from that provided in long term care even at the independent living level. 

Having no family or even immediate close friends nearby can present additional complications as I experience which doesn't lessen the older one becomes.  I have characterized my decision to choose this way of living my sunset years as "The Grand Experiment".  Experiments outcomes can become unpredictable.  

Perhaps you'll find Katherine Esty's blog at the link provided above of interest as she writes from her long term continuing care community.  Certainly the views and attitudes of her fellow residents reflect the lives they lead and their experiences.   I wonder if or how they might differ from those living in other than in long term continuing care settings?  

Everyone living who survives many years with the obstacles they may have encountered in their path sprinkled among the joy and happiness they've had can consider themselves fortunate.  Some of those obstacles may be of the person's own making caused by words said or unsaid, actions taken or lack of action.  Then there are other complications that occur beyond the person's influence or control.  Somehow the individual has bypassed the obstacle in some fashion, overcome, or found a way to live with the result.    

Whatever the situation celebrating each birthday is well-deserved the older we become, especially when we consider the alternative.

"HERE'S TO LIFE" -- Shirley Horn with John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra, 1993

Sunday, October 16, 2022


 Republic -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy]

     Accountability for Jan. 6 insurrection.

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings

QUESTION:   Has the U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings shown evidence the ex-President Donald John Trump has violated his oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States presenting a clear and present danger to democracy?

President's oath or affirmation "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."


Ex- President Donald J. Trump has been subpoenaed to testify before the U.S. Select House Committee on the Jan. 6th Hearings.   Will he be able to find the truth to speak amid his many prevarications?  


We might well come away from viewing all these Hearing sessions appalled at how many people in our government have betrayed their oath of office and our democratic republic.

"History of the Oath.      At the start of each new Congress, in January of every odd-numbered year, the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate performs a solemn and festive constitutional rite that is as old as the Republic."

U.S. Govt. form sf61 for all employees:  "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God." 


Burt Bacharach and Hal David wrote this song with uplifting lyrics for the 1969 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Fall is teasing us with cool temperatures where I live in SoCal, but summer's heat will return for a few days before the coming week ends.  Rain-promising dark clouds have been hiding the sun most days where I live only to release their much-needed moisture elsewhere.  A sudden loud sharp clap of thunder as I write this has followed a finally left token amount of the wet stuff tonight for which I'm grateful in this drought-ridden state.  


November mid-term election voting has me reviewing my 5 page ballot that consists of federal, state, local municipal candidates and issues.  Likely those of you in the U.S. are voting your own ballots or readying to do so on election day. 

There is so much more at stake dwarfing the focus said to be primary such as inflation, immigration, environment to list a few issues.  Those matters all become secondary to my voting only for those candidates dedicated to preserving our republic's democracy.  They are the leaders I trust most to address our nation's problems with dedication to providing the highest degree of respect for truth and individual freedoms.  Deniers of the 2020 presidential election legitimacy must themselves be denied my vote.

Sunday, October 09, 2022


 Republic -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy]

     Accountability for Jan. 6 insurrection

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings

Thursday, October 13, 2022 -- 1:00pm ET (10am PT)

QUESTION:  Why has our ex-President DJT kept classified government documents and continues to do so as the Department of Justice reports believing he is still doing?

The James Bond movie series celebrates 60 years anniversary 2022.

"Dame Shirley closes the 2011 Classic Awards Show (May 12, 2011) by paying tribute to John Barry.  ... Goldfinger was co-written by John Barry, Leslie Bricussee, Don Black and Anthony Newley.  Bassey is the UKs most successful female recording artist of all time, with 140 Million records sold worldwide!"  (Read more at this YouTube site HERE.)

Shirley Bassey -- GOLDFINGER (2011 Live)

Unexpected events keep intruding into my life including some thought to be previously resolved.

Once again would you believe I was subjected to having to contact my phone company's customer service number?  That's the number I described in my previous post.  The call reaches a recorded message explaining how unusually busy they are, so they offer a call back service when an agent is available.  That sounds customer oriented.  Surprise!  No agent is available.  

Instead I hear the same recorded message, we're busy, so sorry, we'll be with you soon, but no callback offer this time.  I had to hold a whole hour before a live agent answered.  This process is a real joke and an insult to the customer.  They could at least not call back until there is an agent available.  

I don't understand what sort of cockamamie system this phone company has -- it certainly isn't geared to caring about their customers and reflects poorly on them.

Another inconvenience two weeks ago when I went out to my car only to discover what I thought must be a dead battery which the emergency service person later confirmed.  He simply jumped the battery, and I was soon able to drive away.  

My car isn't driven as much as in the past, and not necessarily every day as I told him.  This accounts for why I encountered this older battery dead again this past week.  The different service company replaced the old battery with a new one.  There was still a one month guarantee on the old battery so the new one was free. 

Why didn't the first guy replace my battery, especially since he said it was over five years old?  I hadn't checked but I told him  I thought it was newer than that.  The new service man reported the old battery had been installed in 2019.   Maybe the first guy wasn't good at math.

Also, several weeks ago I started experiencing itchy, eventually hot red inflamed swollen areas on various finger and arm areas of my body.  These were not rashes or even like hives which can indicate an allergic reaction.  Conferring virtually with family I learned one of them had at one time experienced much the same symptoms that were diagnosed as angioedema.  

Reading some reliable medical internet sites I am inclined to believe this is what I have caused by an allergy.  A fruit is named which I rarely have eaten until recently when I ate three over a one-week period.  I immediately stopped eating that fruit and my symptoms went away.  

I had several more of the fruits on hand but thought I couldn't be quite sure that fruit was the culprit.   I decided to eat one earlier this past week to see what happened.  A few days after I ate that kiwi the symptoms appeared again.  I'm more convinced now that the kiwis are the cause of my apparent allergic reaction which I'm still experiencing as I write this.  Nothing else has recently been new in my life or my diet.

Light-skinned people (I'm a redhead) can be susceptible to some medical issues so perhaps this is one for me.  My body could never tolerate highly seasoned foods such as with some raw onions and hot peppers until I was in my mid-twenties.  Even now I still best take some care.  

I've eaten strawberries in great quantities much of my life though I know they can cause allergies for some people.  Given that I am a confessed strawberry addict I'm grateful to be able to safely indulge that berry addiction without any problem.

Allergies can be really troublesome, even life threatening for people.  I recall the last commercial flight I took some years ago eating a nut mix I had brought from home in a small plastic bag.  The stewardess came to me to ask that I put them away since there was a passenger with a peanut allergy.  She then went on to say, "That's why we didn't distribute any peanuts."  It almost seemed as though she thought I should have known.  

Certainly, I was more than willing to put away my nuts which weren't peanuts and wouldn't have gotten them out to eat had I known the situation.  They hadn't announced they weren't distributing peanuts, but then I didn't know they typically did as not all airlines did.  I glanced around and saw a young girl wearing a mask (this was before Covid) in the seat behind the ones across the aisle from me.

I recall a family friend contemporary of my mother.  She was allergic to some foods, citrus, also monosodium glutamate.  The family ceased eating at restaurants as in those years MSG was used much more prevalently than in more recent years.  She was a marvelous cook even of foods she could not eat but never used MSG in what she prepared.

She lived to 103 years of age.  When she was in her 80s or 90s she began to be able to eat some of the foods, such as citrus, she had not been able to tolerate before.  Our bodies are certainly functionally complex and change in numerous ways over time.  

People can develop allergies to all sorts of foods and other substances.  You likely know this from your own experience or what you know of others.  

Sunday, October 02, 2022


 Republic -- "If you can keep it."  [Democracy]

      Accountability for Jan. 6 insurrection.

U.S. Select House Committee on Jan. 6th Hearings

(A final Sept. Hearing canceled due to Hurricane Ian -- Reschedule TBA)

QUESTION:  Does Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife's persistence in stating our ex-President's lie the 2020 election was stolen from him present questionable issues about her husband's impartiality, need to recuse himself from some Court case considerations? 

Here in sunny Southern California our temperature has dropped by a few degrees with the extreme heat past.  Fall may actually arrive soon though only the calendar says it's here now.  We still lack sufficient rain with no end to our drought in sight.

Florida and other U.S. east coast states have shared in Puerto Rico's Hurricane Ian's disaster-producing weather -- floods, high winds, tornados, destruction, death.   I guess we will be challenged by events such as this, maybe even worse in the years to come due to changes in our earth's climate.  This sort of weather causing disasters prevalent in other parts of the world is no less serious.

West Coast gas exploitation continues here in California.  No more of those one cent, two cents or nickel a gallon raises overnight.  This past week they just socked it to us -- fifteen cents plus not just one night, but fifteen more cents the next night, too.  The third night the raise eased a bit to ten cents, then seven plus cents the next night.  

"Sock It To Me" -- Judy Carne 

Clip from the US TV series "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" (1960s - '70s)

Our Governor has arranged our less expensive winter gas mixture be sold earlier than usual by another week which is expected to result in a twenty-five cents per gallon cost reduction.  He also requests a special windfall tax on oil companies who have made huge profits on gas sales with oil costs expected to decrease.  We could use a little gas pricing stability.  

Humor is where we find it, often with quirky matters triggering my funny bone.  I've always derived lots of laughs from reading posted signs as we drove about locally wherever we lived across this country, also with advertisements in newspapers, brochures.  Not everyone has shared my sometimes-weird sense of humor.

I recall my youth and first date, a blind date at that.  I had reluctantly agreed to this setup by a girl who was only a casual acquaintance, but she had been persistent wearing down my resistance to the idea.  He arrived at my house in a pickup truck in a time when such vehicles were strictly utilitarian on farms -- before becoming culturally popular everywhere in the U.S., including cities.  

My blind date may have felt as I did, nervous, lacking in self-confidence, awkward, uncomfortable -- each of us focused on ourselves and how we were feeling inadequate.  I was shy, especially in 1:1 situations unlike with the boys I grew up with where we lived previously.  I don't recall what verbal efforts were made by either of us to become acquainted.  I just recall the long silence driving into town as he said nothing.

I started reading some funny signs aloud I spotted along the highway into town as he said nothing.  He did not react, say anything, or laugh, even chuckle -- apparently, he did not share my sense of humor.  Or maybe, I wasn't supposed to be the entertainer, but he wasn't entertaining.  I don't recall anything more about that evening, but I don't think it got better for either of us wherever we went or whatever we did -- maybe we went to a movie.  Fortunately, in the years to come my self-confidence improved as my relationships developed, but I don't recall ever going on a blind date again.  

My sources for humor continue to emerge in everyday life, not as many when you live alone, in just about every situation, even some that are quite serious.  Sometimes I laugh so hard I end up crying, and occasionally I've laughed to keep from crying.  Some of my laughter is prompted by matters some people might think weird.  The digital world and the internet have certainly contributed to some laughable events as some of you have probably found, too.

I recently fired off one of my occasional brief instant messages, this time to my daughter -- an observation about a current news report about which I felt compelled to comment.  My daughter responded, "Not in this Pili A1 world would either of those states be ideal".  Reading her observation, I thought, oh dear, some more new terminology younger generations are using, and I don't have the slightest idea what "Pili A1" means.  So, revealing my ignorance of current lingo as I used to know in the days of yore, I asked her, "What does Pili A1 mean?"

I learned later she was puzzled when she read my query, so busily began a Google terminology search for the meaning of "Pili A1" since she didn't know the meaning either.  She came up with nothing specific that made sense.  Then she happened to re-read our previous messages exchange and found "Pili A1" in her's to me.   She could only laugh, she said, as she thought she had typed "political", but Google's automatic word correction had produced "Pili A1".

Google's system often does some curious word creations in messages I've sent confusing or totally altering my message's meaning.   When I read how she had searched Google I started laughing, too.  Now, every time I think about the whole comedy of assumptions and misperceptions we each had made, I start laughing out loud to myself.   Maybe I'm finally cracking up.