Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Infamous “fair and balanced” television news network demonstrates repeatedly just what those terms mean to that corporate news department.    What influence does corporate management have on broadcasters' approach to delivering news?   Do a Google Search for “News Bias – YouTube Videos” and you’ll find quite a selective number of examples of that network's news presentations.

Thomas E. Ricks, a Pulitzer Prize winning former reporter for the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, who writes on defense topics provides the most recent view on news reporting at that illustrious network.  He even had the audacity to suggest that network was “operating as a wing of….” a political party he named.  What do you think?

What corporation owns that network?  News Corp which also owns Dow Jones & Company that owns the Wall Street Journal.  Oh, did I mention News Corp is owned by Rupert Murdoch?

Mr. Murdoch thrives on building his power structure for media control with the base being tabloid journalism.  That’s how he started in Australia, then went to Great Britain where he injected his philosophy, business and ethical practices or considerations into what many respected journalists believe to be a very negative force to not only quality journalism there, but allegedly may have had improper influence with that nation's government.   

I shuddered when I heard he was coming to the United States years ago, then became a U. S. citizen which made it legal for him to own broadcasting stations.   The rest, as they say, is history in terms of the influence that news network has had as a political force in our nation. There seem to be an incredible number of viewers who have a positive accepting view of what news is presented there.  I am definitely  not one of those people.

The empire Rupert Murdoch has built was somewhat short-circuited in Great Britain with accusations of alleged criminal acts by Rebecca Brooks, his News International Chief Executive, and others.  Read specifics at this Guardian website.

I’ve been following the fortunes of Rupert Murdoch since I was first impressed with his phenomenal business success in Australia which took him to Great Britain.  Then, years ago as his empire grew with the simultaneous decline of what I, and many others much more knowledgeable, could perceive as destructive to Great Britain journalism’s better values at news publications he owned, my opinion completely reversed -- long before he ever reached our U.S. shores. 

Here’s a link to a New York Times updated succinct summary about Rupert Murdoch.

Scroll down to “Murdoch in America: A Political Force,”  then “Dividing the Company in Two,”: and finally, “Murdoch Resigns From His British Papers’ Boards.”

Rupert Murdoch’s business ethics plus his empire’s corporate values will continue to influence U.S. journalism and politics and not for the better in my humble opinion.  

I believe those who desire sincere efforts to present balanced, fair news reporting will want to exercise due diligence to determine that’s what they’re receiving everywhere, but especially with this repeatedly discredited television network's news offerings..... 

the Fox is guarding the news hen house, so beware.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to you…..Memories….. 
 – sharing the day with family and friends whether in person or only in spirit!

A Potpourri Of Topics Follows
Six+ years ago on October 24th “Along The Way” was launched prematurely. 

This year’s timely blogoversary celebration was short-circuited -- in fact, did not occur until now -- due to complications rounding up band members.   First, delays occurred when some of them couldn’t locate their instruments.   Then, rehearsal time became interminable when certain musicians had difficulty remembering the song lyrics, or became confused about what we were celebrating.  Finally,  when we were ready to record they wouldn’t allow me to sing, or explain to me why I was rejected.  I will admit my voice had become a bit hoarse from yelling at them, but I can't believe they excluded me simply due to the raspy quality of my vocal warbling.

Personally, I think it was ageism, or some sort of discrimination, since my red hair has grayed -- I refuse to dye it -- and the strands no longer are as colorful an attraction as that of the drummer.   Without my lead the motley group predictably forgot the occasion when they finally performed.  They thought we were celebrating mine and other family members’ birthdays that occurred in October.  
This is as good as it gets readers, so don’t complain – enjoy!


My on-going grand experiment without television is proving to be quite enjoyable.  You can read how this experience began in September's "Tubeless-life..." when my TV's picture suddenly turned to snow.  Since then, I have continued to be just as well-informed on local to world news, weather and sports as when I watched TV based on my reviews of the latest news featured elsewhere.  I've enjoyed some pure entertainment programming via computer, too.

I was spared being subjected to all the bile spewing rhetoric, blatant mendacity and *pusillanimous prevaricators polluting the television airways during the recent election.   Radio ads were primarily devoted to California State measures.  My other news sources provided more than adequate current timely information on campaign events.  Political Party Conventions, 2012 Election Results and much more were viewed via live streaming video on my computer.

*[I portrayed a character who spoke these two words in a college play, a comedy I think.  Once I learned the first word's meaning, pronunciation and committed my lines to memory, I delighted in  delivering these words especially due to the alliteration, their sounds as they rolled off my tongue.   For some reason these words have continued to intrigue me, cause me to chuckle each time, so I welcome any opportunity to speak them, or in this case, write them.  This past political election offered new opportunities for their expression.  You might enjoy this link explaining the meaning of “pusillanimous.”] 


Books, books, books.....I’ve been gradually making some headway reading the paper and hardbacks I began accumulating, almost compulsively, when I had a period of practically living at now closed Borders.  They had large cushy chairs in comfortably spaced arrangements just inside the extended glass window wall in a very large light and bright room.  Internet connection at small tables was provided nearby.  Various beverages, tasty pastries, breads and other snacks were available at an adjacent bar.
(The store's competitor here, Barnes and Noble, is still a viable business, but does not offer an ambiance as conducive to reading.  They have the similar plush chairs, but they're crammed against each other, stuffed into a dark somewhat noisy little alcove.  If you're there with your lover or one you desire, and want to play footsie, or snuggle across the chair arms, the close seating proximity might be attractive.  They do offer Internet connection and have a small refreshment bar.)
Some nights at Border's talented young musical groups performed instrumental music’s old as well as current tunes.   Often when I was restless after my husband’s death I would go there, day or night.  I did, on a few occasions spend an entire afternoon into the early evening there, actually reading complete books.  There seemed to be something comforting about being with people and yet not, since no one was  known to me.   Uncannily, a young employee who ultimately revealed he was a budding musician, traveled with a group periodically on the road, did seek me out when I became a familiar face.  He had no way of knowing initially that my husband's avocation had been as a professional musician.  
I was attracted to browsing displays of current books promoted at special rates, buying some I wanted to read, but far more than I would ever peruse for some time to come.  I finally had to purchase a several shelf bookcase to house them from stacks on the floor -- many were/are nonfiction.  Eventually my reading impetus dwindled, then ceased for a period, following that real but unreal time six years ago.   
I did begin reading erratically some time after that with some books reported here, others read with my intent to possibly still share them.  Now, the past couple of months I’ve been reading extensively, beginning with some biographies.   Then, I became attracted to fiction, so I visited my one remaining used book store to seek some favored and a couple new-to-me authors, plus exchange a few of my books.  
The authors whose works I've currently enjoyed include Mary Karr, Anne Tyler, Peter Matthiessen, Jodi Piccoult, Margaret Atwood, Barbara Kingsolver, Jeffrey Archer, with more awaiting my selection. 
I’ll eventually get in the mood for non-fiction and back to those books in that special bookcase.  Then once I’ve read a few more of them I’ll likely acquire an E-Reader.  I think I’ll always want to have some traditional real books to read, but the E-Reader could be quite compact and convenient for some situations.
SPORTS news I recently heard reports another team has now joined the college "Big Ten Conference"!  The announcer said that made a total of 14 teams in the Big 10 now.  Huh???  Big Ten.....Fourteen.....is it time to come up with a new name for this group?  Perhaps, they already have one. 
Thanksgiving Day in many homes often is highlighted by not only the delicious variety of foods, but entertaining TV viewing of football games.  Some sated individuals will drowse off mid-afternoon.  Teenagers will be pre-occupied keeping in touch with their friends and their activities via their favored digital device.  Younger children will likely be robustly playing outdoors, or with digital games of their own.  Some women less absorbed by the football game will enjoy the talking and companionship with others who've arrived to share the day -- perhaps bringing their much welcomed salad, vegetable or dessert speciality.  I remember some Thanksgivings like that as well as others quite different, each enjoyable in their own way.   
What are your Thanksgiving memories? 

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