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Surgery successfully completed for Ronni Bennett who I mentioned in previous post…..her recovery in progress ….. updates are being provided by her good friend, Autumn, at “Times Goes By”.

Health care in the U.S. continues to be in a state of flux which to my way of thinking is nothing short of being criminal.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people could know they would have necessary health care in this wealthy nation of ours
 – that a doctor would see them other than just in the E.R.,
 – that they wouldn’t have to worry about possibly being bankrupted from a catastrophic illness?  

Why shouldn’t American citizens be entitled to health care at least as equivalent to that which we generously pay in our taxes to provide our Congressional Representatives and Senators?

The reality is that most of those we've elected could easily pay out-of-pocket for all their medical care with little or no detrimental effect on their financial situation – not so true for most ordinary people -- not true at all for others.

Here's what fact-checker Snopes says is the current status of health insurance coverage members of Congress will receive if the Affordable Care Act (ACA aka Obama Care) is repealed:  "...members of Congress have a fallback plan. They would be able to return to the FEHBP. Twenty million other Americans won’t."

We might want to ask .....

.....what are the Trump Senate health care plan bill's provisions for members of Congress coverage?  

Why aren’t all Americans regardless of political affiliation …..

….. up in arms demanding fair health insurance coverage?

…..outraged that a foreign nation has attempted to interfere in our elections – and is expected to continue doing so in the future?

…..demanding accountability from our President and his administrators demonstrating that there is no conflict of interest between their personal business interests and actions taken as our government agents?

…..requiring actions to benefit ordinary citizens be given precedence over give--aways to the wealthy?


Decades ago, a few years after we moved to Southern California, the Los Angles NBC-TV affiliate added a couple of new young broadcasters to their on-air talent roster.   The two separately and occasionally in tandem demonstrate some comic talents they often incorporate into their portions of the news programs which they both continue to deliver. 

One is a sportscaster, the other, a weatherman – Fritz Coleman, who has been a stand-up comedian even longer.  Here’s a short, less than 5 minutes, excerpt of Fritz’s humorous comments at a 2014 Conference on Aging in Pasadena. 

Hope you have a few laughs releasing those healing endorphins.

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 ......send positive thoughts her way as she undergoes surgery Tuesday June 20th.

We Elderbloggers have benefited from her guidance, encouragement and support as she continues to write about "what it's really like to get old" -- in addition to all the other information she provides.   


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GIFT CARD SAGA has also been on my mind recently..........

Once upon a time …. this mother decided to surprise her daughter who was busy with working -- making plans to transport home her daughter  following University graduation, plus her  four years of accumulated belongings -- keeping their home in pristine “show” condition for prospective buyers until sold -- just to describe her primary preoccupations.   The home’s kitchen counter had been cleared of the older microwave so that quick clean cooking convenience was gone. 

Who knew how long enduring the home selling process would be necessary.   Wouldn’t being able to use  gift cards to  some favorite eating establishments, or tickets to a movie theater be nice, if you needed to exit the abode to allow  an open house or a showing…..or after unloading the car when home from University?   If I was on the opposite coast where they live, I’d be treating both of my “girls” to ease the stress.    Mother’s Day was approaching, so the gift could be especially timely, or could be saved for the weeks ahead I reasoned.   Once the house was sold there would be more packing, moving to the new residence with no less free time for either gals than before.  
So, I purchased gift cards I especially wanted to insert in a morale-boosting humorous greeting card -- commiserating with the harried state of their lives.  I could picture in my mind their laughing faces when the funny card and contents arrived.    Off to the post office – wisely deciding to insure the envelope’s contents – learning the card would arrive Saturday before Mother’s Day.   Perfect!   Won’t they be pleasantly surprised!    Better alert them to be certain to retrieve their mail that day from the curbside mailbox.

The surprise was mine – the suspense, then the disappointment theirs – the card did not arrive Saturday, the following Monday or any day thereafter.  Tracking on the computer reveals the envelope was never scanned after the initial scan at my post office, so showed to be always in transit, but not where.   A couple trips to my post office elicits clerk instructions to “wait a little longer”, after they check their computer verifying what I had told them.

Eventually, I phone a couple of the gift card businesses who report their cards had not been used.  Another check with the post office clerk – to be told I could file an insurance claim no sooner than 21 days after mailing.    So, after that deadline, back to the post office where this time I was told the clerk couldn’t help me when I requested an insurance claim form -- that I had to file a claim on the Internet.

When I’m told I must use the Internet, my hackles are raised as I wonder what the statistics say are the number of people without Internet usage – how do they submit a form ?   (I miss blogger Schmidley Scribblings , retired government statistician, who could shed some educated insight on the viability of this statistical  research)…. but here’s what Pew researchers said in May 2016 – 13% of adults don’t use the Internet.

I said, “What if I don’t have a computer?”  I eventually request to speak to the Supervisor who finally decides to print a copy of the form for me, then admonishes I must submit on the Internet.  I say, “Do you mean in order to submit it, I have to take it somewhere and pay to use their computer?”   She sorta shrugs, after a pause, reluctantly saying, “Bring it in” as she turns away, hurriedly closing the door to the inner sanctum behind her.   I simply wanted to find out what people without Internet connection do.  

Following that encounter, carrying my forms and receipts back and forth to the post office, I discover that my insurance receipt was now missing.   I check the car, areas where I was in the house, for the receipt, to no avail.  I thought, maybe the postal officials will accept all the other documentation I have as adequate.   Much to my surprise and relief, several days later I found the receipt hidden under the edge of my recliner.  

A week or so later, when completing the USPS insurance claim form, I note instructions on the back provide directions for mailing-- fortunate for the population I was concerned about which includes a considerable number of our older population.    I know we’ll all eventually be “connected” but there should be some provision for those who aren’t in the meantime – and having to do so, they  shouldn’t be made to feel “lesser than” for asking.  Also, computers die – power goes out – what then?  

Reminds me -- I love it when I phone my provider’s tech support number and get a recording instructing me to solve my problem on the internet -- “I can’t – I’ve lost the Internet connection!  That’s why I’m calling!!”

My final effort before mailing involves a trip to an office supply store to use their copy machine.  This results in a quite unbelievable complication – even sounds like “the dog ate my homework” excuse.  That disappearing, then reappearing insurance receipt went to extremes this time.  Placing all the paperwork on the top of the copy machine while I select purchase receipts to copy, suddenly the insurance receipt flutters away – downward -- landing on edge -- slipping into a hairline wide separation between the wall and the eight inch high baseboard – lingering briefly with one corner protruding before sliding away into some mysterious dimension before I could retrieve it.  

Two different store clerks came to explore some possible rescue, but  squinty-eye peering into the abyss through that sliver-of-an-opening evidences no sign of the white paper receipt.  Copying the rest of my documents, I am reconciled to sending what I have, in the hopes the postal service authorities will find the data sufficient to refund my gift cards value. 

The good news is I had been able to arrange for the largest card amounts to be reimbursed.   I earlier phoned each of the four businesses to verify a second time the cards had not been redeemed, then requested they be voided and the amount be reissued in some manner so I wouldn’t have to bother with the insurance.   Two businesses,  a restaurant and a coffee house), accommodated my request, but I had them send ecards as replacements.    

The movie theater had no mechanism for handling such a process for the card purchased at my supermarket – though that’s where the others had been bought and activated also.   The other card from a popular universal pizza company has a disclaimer in the small print I was told -- “cards lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or used without your permission will not be replaced nor their funds".  

So, the latter two smaller amounts, plus my postage are what I will be expecting the USPS to reimburse.   What I have learned will influence the type card purchases I might make in the future – also, whether or not I would want to send any of these cards through the mail which, as I knew  is just like putting cash in the envelope. 

I wonder about others experiences with gift cards, if they ever mail them, and if any delivery, redemption or replacement issues?    

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Father's Day honors just how special fathers can be -- giving their support, their counsel -- not only when all is well, but during challenging times -- most of all for their unconditional love.  

We honor fathers present in our lives and/or those who live on only in our memories.  Fortunate are those who are able to enjoy family get-togethers -- often with several generations enlivening the gathering.   Hope each of you enjoy the day in whatever manner has been meaningful to you.  

Friday, June 09, 2017



I have this habit of writing “thot” for thought and other abbreviations based on how words sound.   I use such casual shortened words in my instant messaging and email conversation.   I know there’s a whole set of such words and acronyms being used, accessible on the Internet, but I’ve never bothered to study them.  I simply make up my own, though that can be dangerous.   

My young adult granddaughter has cautioned me “thot” has a different meaning in culture today.   So, I consulted my trusty Urban Dictionary link.   Guess we all better be careful what we write:


Questions….questions….I’ve never had so many are a few:

Should Americans be seriously concerned, as I am, that Russia (or any foreign government) interfered in our election?

Should Americans be alarmed that Russia is expected to continue to do so?

Do we need serious investigations to identify all American individuals who have engaged in actions with the Russians to affect our elections -- even if they just encouraged or invited the Russians to do so?

Why does our President not seem dedicated to protecting our nation from a potential threat to elections in our government since this is a non-partisan issue?  

Should we believe this self-described brilliant businessman is so naive as to not understand how to behave ethically as President, but if he doesn't, is that an excuse for not doing so?

Are we ever going to see the President’s taxes to rule out any business conflicts of interest with Russia, or other countries, corporations, and why won't he reveal them?

Is this administration threatening our democratic republic constitutional government? 

Is an intent for “deconstruction of the administrative state” stated as this adminstration’s agenda by White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon a betrayal of allegiance to the United States of America?  

Instead of “draining the swamp” has our President created a cesspool?

Does passing Presidential Executive Orders eliminating regulations that safeguard Americans from financial exploitation and collapse really benefit ordinary citizens?

Does passing Presidential Executive Orders that eliminate consumer protections benefit ordinary citizens?   

When White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says:  “I can definitively say the President is not a liar”, is that true?  


I would enjoy returning to D.C. to sight see at a more leisurely pace than the last time I went.   Years earlier trips I had there with other family were just driving Pennsylvania Avenue and passing the White House. 

My last trip several years ago I was visiting family in Virginia.   A friend who had relocated to VA had an appointment in D.C. with the FBI for some research she was doing.  Though she had a parking pass in the Bureau’s parking garage, after our long drive to D.C. I urgently needed a rest stop.   So, we had to stop hurriedly at a parking meter practically in front of the Justice Dept. and I rushed up the steps and inside. 

Unfortunately, the Justice Dept. would not allow me to utilize their facilities, since I didn't have a pass beyond the entryway.   I could see the ladies room door tantalizingly close, but beyond my access.  That resulted in my having quite a different problem -- no justice there.   (Later I learned I had an infection.) 

The parking meter on the street required coins every two hours, so my excursions the rest of the day were limited by the need to acquire the proper coins, then to feed the meter periodically and locate a rest room.  I would like to have explored much more, including the Viet Nam Memorial Wall, but especially now, since installation of the WWII Memorial.   

Saturday, June 03, 2017



Fishy can be beautiful.  I was surprised and delighted to happen on to this amazing video of a male puffer fish’s courting efforts to attract a female.  I had no idea a fish could design such a spectacular creation in moving waters on the ocean floor --  as you will see with the overhead view at the conclusion of this 3:12 min. video.


There are lots of fishy goings-on at our U. S. Governmental level of which most of us are aware.   Nobody has been walking on water across the Potomac as some might lead us to believe they are capable of doing – especially this administration’s leader.  How do we believe a documented habitual liar though he repeatedly espouses exclamations like “Believe me!”  “Trust me!” to quote a few?  

Yet our President environmentally betrays the health and safety of United States citizens as evidenced by withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Accords.  Much of his justification speech for doing so has been countered with contradictory facts and figures in this USA Today article.   There are more ways to protect the American people than just guns, bombs, military interventions and trade bullying which seem to be his limitations.

Meanwhile our U.S. President appears to be leading our great nation to declining status domestically and internationally.
Periodically, this master of mendacity, divisive actions, and isolationism bemoans division in our country as he simultaneously describes himself as being a truthful unifier.     Delusions of grandeur must prevail in his mind,since his actions can be interpreted as being designed to degrade trust in our democratic system.  We might wonder what is his true agenda?  Reminds me of a popular song heard a few decades ago:  Everybody Wants To Rule The World”.   


Climate warming of oceans continues to see our Southern California coastal waters influencing sea creatures lives.  Sharks surprisingly have been lingering along our shores weeks longer than usual and much closer to the beach. 

This Euro News video shows paddleboarders next to 15 great white sharks as authorities warn beachgoers.  

Dana Point is an area friends and I enjoy visiting but usually we view the Pacific Ocean and it's inhabitants from the shore -- whales breaching, dolphins leaping. 

"About 15 great white sharks showed up off Capistrano Beach in Dana Point, California, some coming very close to shore into less than 5 feet of water at times."  Shared by Mark, Orange County Outdoors

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Saturday, May 20, 2017


Roger Ailes died Thursday, April 18th reportedly following a coma due to bleeding in the brain after bumping his head when he fell.    Some people admire how he built Fox TV into a successful broadcast network.   Others have less regard for his doing so because of the methods and tactics he used -- especially the manner in which news quality was compromised -- often injected with tabloidism journalism with which Fox TV network owner Rupert Murdoch had long been associated. 

Roger Ailes began his broadcasting career during the late 1950s, early ‘60s when numerous TV stations were producing live audience participation talk shows.  The Central Ohio station where I was employed was developing their own network stations’ talk shows in several Midwest states.     One station’s host was Phil Donahue.  In a  nearby Great Lakes city another corporation decided to also launch a talk show.  They pursued hiring our show’s host, but he declined their offers.    Mike Douglas became their host with Roger Ailes producing.

Later some Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ordered corporate broadcasting changes occurred causing the Douglas show and Ailes to relocate to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a long successful program run.     Ailes continued to hone his producing, broadcasting skills.   Association with candidate/then President Richard Nixon figured in his history as did the first George Bush who became President with Ailes help. 

Eventually, when Ailes came to Fox TV some have reported he began gradually infusing a political perspective into news in ways that were less impartial – fostering a news department often viewed as being  politically biased -- contrary to their slogan claiming “fair and balanced” that many viewers may have naively believed, apparently without independently verifying.  
A little history ..... 
Several years ago I became concerned about Rupert Murdoch’s controversial actions in Great Britain’s media, so I followed what proved to be disturbing events there.  Years later I rued the day Murdoch was able to gain access to our United States media market, especially given his efforts to gain control of so much media in Great Britain and then here.  

Murdoch was an Australian publisher whose early publishing career focused on “…sensationalist journalism…” as described in his Britannica biography and multiple other sources.   This lesser quality entertainment approach to news infused his publishing in GB’s media which was less than welcomed by people there who valued higher quality straight forward factual news accounts minus those sometimes allegedly questionable warpings.        
Then, the Murdoch organization reputation became even more tarnished due to a phone hacking scandal and political involvements associated with some of his highest level closest employees in his growing media empire.    This affair thwarted his making more media acquisitions in Great Britain for many years. 

Most recently Murdoch and his sons’  21st Century Fox corporation have resumed pursuit of  acquiring control of Sky, theBritish satellite television giant, The Guardian reports.

Britain’s regulatory review is delaying a decision on approving Murdoch’s Sky acquisition until early June elections.  Fox News sexual harassment scandal involving Ailes and more recently their star host, Bill O’Reilly who had to resign, has cast a shadow over the British review theNew York Times reports April 21, 2017.

Since I’ve been following the activities of Rupert Murdoch beginning when his type of journalism first aroused concern in Great Britain….. then when he later came to the United States…..  made media acquisitions here -- I soon encountered the name, Roger Ailes.

Viewing Murdoch’s Fox News TV network programming had long since revealed to me that much news reporting there hardly measured up to valued high quality broadcasting standards.    Learning more about Roger Ailes politicizing approach to news I expect also the senior Murdoch’s sensationalism orientation is reflected.    Their apparent support and slant for Trump as a candidate and now President is not surprising either.    At least one opinion on CNN suggests Ailes gave us Donald Trump.

I long intended to write about Roger Ailes but have increasingly wanted to do so given some of the issues of his association and friendship with Donald J. Trump.  

Several years ago seeking more information about Ailes I read a biography with content documented sources.  The book is entitled “The Loudest Voice in the Room” by Gabriel Sherman – “How The Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built Fox News – And Divided A Country.”  

Insight into Fox News Department operations and news formulations is interestingly presented in this Ailes biography.   That same approach to Fox news may well continue though Ailes resigned his position last July due to sexual harassment accusations with law cases still pending, but Rupert Murdoch still owns Fox TV.  (He owns other U.S. media including the Wall Street Journal which initially had some concerned about his possible editorial influence.)

TV viewers might well appreciate reading this Ailes biography for considerations when assessing production quality and influences related to Fox’s “fair and balanced” news as well as  that of all other news media.

Television viewer ratings will continue to impact all broadcasters.   Rupert Murdoch’s son’s are expected to assume more control of the Fox TV operations, so it will be interesting to see if that results in any news quality changes differing from what their father found acceptable and what Ailes influences remain.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Where has the time gone?    Mid-April after my last post here I simply focused on completing my federal and state income taxes to submit before the due date.    Then I became engrossed with other life activities and I see weeks have flown by.  Here are a few matters that have currently caught my interest. 

SWIMMING FUN?                                           
Local Los Angeles TV news accounts and videos at some of our Southern California area beaches report unusual numbers of sharks, including the Great Whites, in the waters – as many as fifteen adults and young ones at Long Beach today – only 50 yards from the shore.     Mostly they’ve not been aggressive but a vicious attack on a young woman last week at San Onofre beach has increased concern.  

Aggressive shark behaviors that bring swimmers out of the water and prompt beach closings occur when they bump a surfer’s board, or more seriously as reported today, one shark was circling the surfer.   We’re told it’s best to swim where there are lots of people since sharks presence in the waters are of greater concern at more remote beaches.  

We actually had snow down to 4000 ft level in the mountains a few days ago – highly unusual – but this couldn’t possibly be indicative of any climate changes or warming as some our illustrious federal government leaders and other luddite-type skeptics tell us.

An enjoyable evening comes to mind which I shared with a number of younger adults aged thirties or forties to sixties.     In conversation I had revealed my age when describing a birthday celebration with my children.   Not long after I was startled to be asked by a middle-aged member of the group, "Are you still driving?"  I responded "Yes".    This was unrelated to anything under discussion and the conversation moved on to other topics.  

Later after I returned home that question came to mind and I thought, why wouldn’t I still be driving?   I have my mind, vision, hearing and physical abilities.   I wish I had thought quickly enough to say, “Yes” – adding – “Are you?”    I think the individual revealed a stereotypical bias based on age – an expectation that anyone my age couldn’t, or shouldn’t, drive.  

Driving ability, like so many other matters, is a highly individual skill.  What age each of us reach when we cease being safe competent drivers can vary widely.   I would rue the day when an age would arbitrarily be selected to define when a person had to cease driving. 

Our present U.S. Administration continues actions that are counter to the best interests of ordinary citizens and much more in favor of the wealthy few.   Those of you paying attention can likely identify some of those acts, too.  More are slated to come.  One of the most egregious is the Trump Health Care bill the House of Representatives passed.  Will those affected remember when voting in 2018 and 2020?  

Our President continues to figuratively thumb his nose at the American people by refusing to reveal his income tax information to clearly establish he has no conflicts of interest.  

Absence of transparency with the legitimate American Press often continues to be a hallmark of our leader -- partly because the mainstream Press also report truth which is frequently contrary to our leader’s characteristic promotion of obvious flagrant alternate facts.  

Did you see our President laughing with the Russians when they met which only Russian press was allowed to cover -- insultingly excluding any U.S. Media in further efforts to discredit any outlet that has reported facts rather than Trump alternate truths -- a classic tactic associated with dictator wanna-bes, just as occurs in Russia, Turkey, other such nations.

Should we just ignore the continuing flagrant promotion of our leader’s family members businesses -- violating ethical behavior with these adults offering the equivalent of, “Gee, I didn’t know….” it wouldn’t be ethical to promote a connection to our nation’s leader – also saying you get special access to the U.S.?

Our Democratic Republic continues to require persistent resistance against forces that would alter our form of government by solidifying power in the executive branch as other branches are gradually compromised, legitimate news media discounted.  

Israel’s leader (click link) seems to have chosen to address news dissension in his nation much as dictators do – by suppressing other points of view, even actual facts.    Our U.S. leader’s actions suggest he also aspires to allowing only his alternate facts in our news, also – his taking control of information distribution.   

There’s much to be concerned about in light of the recent firing of the FBI Director.  Our government systems checks and balances are being systematically whittled away.   Hopefully the Senate and other investigations will be able to either complete their work as needed, or an independent special prosecutor will be appointed to determine the facts about any Russia and Trump campaign relationships,  plus wherever else that might lead. 

We may need government whistleblowers now as we’ve never needed them before.  

Most recently we see how fragile democracy can be as Turkey’s leader has consolidated the once promise of democracy under his centralized power – much like Russia’s dictator Putin who calls himself, President.   
French voters have refreshingly survived the onslaught of populism and nationalism in Europe.   Now, the young politically inexperienced just-elected leader without a political party must meet his citizens expectations.    He will likely have to turn to Germany for support since our U.S. leader is not one to emulate if the new French leader seeks the values which have been those of our nation and which most of our populace still embrace.   

* * *
MOTHER’S DAY THOUGHTS on the link -- scroll down to Sun., May 11.     

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My online privacy has been betrayed by Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. The ultimate betrayal will occur if President Trump signs their bill as he is expected to do.  No longer will Internet service providers be required to get my permission before collecting and sharing/selling my data.  Will voters remember this betrayal in 2018 and 2020 elections?


Earth's health is betrayed by President Trump  as he rolls back climate regulations and protections causing the U.S. to be more dependent on polluting fuels affecting our water, air and climate making my children, grandchildren and me more ill.  Will voters remember this betrayal in 2018 and 2020 elections?

* * * * *
Recently I came across this draft I wrote six or eight years ago but never posted here.  I decided to share this then fond reminiscence of my husband, my mundane day's activities and thoughts about work, patients I was serving then,  my future and whether I wanted to retire.  I did finally retire three or five years later, but continue currently to maintain requirements for my state license and national certification.   

Lazy Day Reminiscence - Pondering My Future 

This wasn't the first time I experienced a lazy day.     I had these days rarely in my young single adult life.  Then, when I married, for many years I had no lazy days,  particularly once we had children.   Years after the children left home my husband and I quite accidentally had a lazy day that was so successful we began to  increasingly share more the older we became.  

Initially, we felt a bit guilty deciding to indulge ourselves, so hesitantly sought mutual reassurance from each other that lazing around all day in our sleeping attire was acceptable  behavior.    Hopefully, no one would come unexpectedly to our door.   There was an unspoken sense that such an out of the ordinary activity  might best be kept secret lest others wonder about our judgment.

I suppose whatever guilt we felt was strictly self-imposed, arising partly because of an inherited strong work ethic we had both pursued throughout life.    Arising early each day we had dedicated hours to our employment -- work outside and in the home,  sometimes until quite late into the night or early morning.   Meals might on occasion  be rushed or even skipped when we were single, or before out children were born.   Recreational, relaxation and vacation time carefully scheduled still might be subject to cancellation​ due to unexpected sudden work needs.

Also, there was the knowledge a multitude of activities or chores were likely  awaiting undertaking with resultant concern we would be leaving them  undone for another day.    Sleeping late is one thing, but to lounge about all day and evening attired in pajamas and robe without having  dressed was quite another matter.   But that's what we occasionally did in our later years after he retired and I was working only part time.  

There's just me now -- awaking one morning, I  glanced at the clock's time while foggily reviewing in my mind my must-do's for the day.   I recalled from the previous day the sadness I felt that a therapy patient younger than me had to be discharged to comfort care only.   She had experienced a fluky minor medical problem when on a vacation trip with her husband in a faraway  English-speaking nation.    An infection developed unexpectedly becoming significantly more serious after they returned home.   Now she was living through her final days.    

Contrasting with a more positive outcome, an older patient I discharged that same day had been successfully safely  transitioned to regular food.   A day later she has been up in a wheelchair for the first time since admission to be wheeled outdoors into the warm sunshine by her husband.    Her expectation is to return home to independent living soon.

My remaining patient wasn't scheduled to be seen for expressive language, understanding and cognitive issues until the next day.   This meant I didn't really have to leave the house except to retrieve my morning newspapers, unless I received a phone call notifying me of any new physician referrals.

I leisurely reach across the bedside night stand to turn on L.A.'s all news radio station, KNX before making a brief trip to my contemplation/powder room.  Returning to the bedroom I thought I was up for the day but was lured, then succumbed to my beckoning bed's seduction.    Several hours later I re-awakened  to reporters voicing the continuing current local, national, international news, weather and traffic reports.   Eventually arising I finally  wander down the hallway, pausing to raise the house thermostat's temperature a few degrees.

Peeking out the front door as I slip a jacket on over my P.J.'s to make myself half-way presentable, I gamble I can sneak half-way down my driveway and back to gather my newspapers before any periodic passing cars come traveling down my street.    I like this daily outing regardless of my attire and whatever the weather conditions --  sunny, rainy, foggy, hot or cold.      Having safely scurried back inside I realize it's lunchtime.   I choose to have  breakfast which can be quickly and easily prepared in the microwave oven -- oats, ​a teaspoon of cinnamon​, nonfat milk.  

Opening the microwave door I'm greeted by a dark interior.  What's this?  The microwave power is off, so away I go to the circuit box where I determine I have to reset the breaker.   Why this breaker turned off I have no idea -- power surge or what?    Returning to the kitchen I'm relieved to find the oven's light on.   A few cooking minutes later  I sprinkle a thin layer of bran buds on the now hot cereal,  add a diced ripe banana half,  a layer of blueberries and a few luscious red raspberries.    I'll leave the refrigerated strawberries and blackberries for my evening dinner.

By now I have consciously decided, considering the time of day and my lack of any appointments, that this will be a lazy  day -- and so it became as the hours flitted by.  

Dinnertime's menu decision consists of a choice between a previously cooked braised chicken breast with a colorful vegetable mix , or an individually prepared healthy organic dinner quickly radiated.    I chose the later consisting of a nice sized salmon fillet with spanish rice (I prefer wild rice) and fresh green beans which I garnish with a handful of cherry tomatoes.  The aforementioned fresh fruits complete the meal.

Opening the refrigerator door to gather my food items,  I'm again startled by another dark interior that was well-lit earlier.  Oh dear!  No power.  I wonder how long the unit has been off?   The refrigerator was alive at breakfast.    Back to the circuit box, this time a flashlight in hand to slice through nighttime's darkness.   Locating what I think is likely the specific offending circuit breaker, I repeatedly attempt to reset it but this troublesome one does not seem to cooperate.

Discouraged, I finally return to the kitchen ruing that I hadn't discovered this problem earlier in the day since I didn't want to incur emergency rates calling an electrician at night.    I thought about food life in the freezer section as I opened the refrigerator door half hoping for a miracle.   Amazing!   The interior light was on -- the ancient breaker had caught in place despite outward protruding appearance.
The rest of my lazy day/evening would pass without complication.

Early in the evening a phone call comes with physician orders to see a new patient the next day. The person is known to me from treatment I provided several years ago.    I know the individual  has declined somewhat since  then, but I wonder what has transpired now that necessitates my being consulted?   Nursing and her private duty aide with whom I've long interacted will up date me on the cantankerous lady's status tomorrow.

Days or weeks sometimes pass and I have no appointments since I cut back my part time work schedule even more, mostly serving only one facility now.   Still, I'm on call weekdays which prevents spontaneous personal trips out of town.       Perhaps a driving trip temptation is best avoided given the increasing cost of gasoline which is well over $4 a gallon now and predicted to rise to over $5 here in Southern California USA.    Yesterday I overheard a colleague say in  a southeastern gulf coast city drivers were currently being charged $7 for as gallon of gas.  

Sometimes I think that perhaps I should fully retire, but then I think that during those times I'm at home, I might miss working some few weekday hours.    There's much I should, could or, would do here at home so I know I 'd have no excuse for being bored, but how much would I actually do?
Still.....maybe that appointment commitment minimizes the risk I'll be tempted to increase the number of my lazy days.    But,  continuing to work, yearly state license and national certification require attending the necessary all day continuing education seminars periodically to which I often must commute some distance.     Yet, I think,  I do thoroughly derive pleasure being part of my mostly aged 50 to 100+ years elder patients life transitioning process.    I like interacting with them, their family and friends who may live nearby or far away.   We all learn so much from each other.

The experience makes me very aware of how unexpectedly anyone including me might experience some of these debilitating  medical issues I see with others.   I'm not without a few medical issues of my own.   Should my health situation alter I wonder just how well I would cope and adjust to challenges similar to theirs?    I'd like to believe I'd be motivated to maintain a positive attitude and treat those around me genially, but I can certainly understand how difficult that might be.   No doubt one day I will clearly determine either by choice or otherwise that full retirement is my primary desire, but until then I'll likely augment my days with an occasional lazy one.

Saturday, March 25, 2017



The Trump/Ryan Health Care Act has been side-lined for now for the wrong reason – only because a minority group within the Republican Party refused to vote for it as they wanted even more draconian measures – not because the Act was a travesty against efforts to provide reasonable health care for the vast majority of American citizens.  

How about the rest of the Republican Representatives, or some of them, meeting with some Democrat Representatives – they could actually try to examine the ACA aka Obama Care to adjust for more cost effectiveness and efficiency.   Some adjustments were expected to be necessary after that legislation was implemented.   Congress could actually perform some meaningful work to earn the salary we hired/elected them to do. 


Schmidley's Scribblings  daughter reports her mother has passed away.   I've enjoyed visiting this blogger who offered a true elder's perspective, garnered from years of significant work in our government and a master's degree in history obtained in her seventies.  She was grounded in contemporary life but respected the influence of previous generations she explored in her genealogy.  Her observations were concise, evidencing humor with a sharp wit.  I only knew her through a few years of blogging, but I'll miss her photos, stories, commentary on the world we live in.