Friday, October 27, 2006


SALUTE to PhoneCon...

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed PhoneCon Tues., 10/24 (courtesy of Ronni Bennett at "Time Goes By.) Matching voices with the writers of blogs I've been visiting was just a wonderful experience. I was equally delighted that a number of PhoneCon visitors were people just like me, or like I was, who didn't have a blog. We touched on some interesting topics, and had a lot of laughs. Just for the record, I surely do hope RB at TGB schedules more of these in the future.

My blog premiering that same day was quite coincidental, due to this novices foul-ups, not planned, but will save that story for another time. By way of redeeming myself as not totally technically incompetent, let me just say how very much I enjoyed the PhoneCon experience using my self-installed Skype (yeah, I'm bragging that this not-so-tech person made it all work.) Anyone knowing how easy it is to install Skype won't be impressed. For anyone else, I say, if Joared can do it, so can they.


Continuing my blogosphere experience -- so, what did I find on my first visit to that web address which had so intrigued me? I found a list of names, male, female, sometimes just first names, or other strange-looking names, which I recognized as being "web names" (not necessarily real names.) Just as the article had said, by each name was that person's date of birth, or at least, the year they said they were born. These were all people with blogs. These were bloggers.

I decided to select someone with the year of my birth, but there was no one listed. So, I began randomly visiting a blog of someone whose birth year was listed as being in close proximity to my own. Then, I ventured to blogs of those older than I, was amazed to find several including an 80+ yr old lady. Wow! She was writing of some interesting experiences; seemed to be leading quite a busy and active life. I soon discovered another delightful 80+ lady blogger whose way with words in her stories, had me laughing, as did several male bloggers on their blogs.

In time to come I visited blogs of young women my daughter's age, and blogs of young men my son's age. I read of the joy, happiness, sadness and angst in the daily lives of these young people. Many described physically active lives in exercise, sport, their work as well as sometimes busy, sometimes bored days and nights. Relationships with others figured prominently in what was written. The gist of a few could be similar to this, someone was mad at somebody else and the writer knew it wasn't because of what she said, but did they know that? Or, he wrote that he guessed he had said something he shouldn't have said, or hadn't said something he should have said -- he wasn't sure which -- but his girlfriend/wife was mad at him, so what to do? I remembered when I was that age, but all of that is best left for other discussion. Part III to be continued.


  1. The whole process of blogging and getting to know others through their writings is wonderful, is it not?

  2. The warmth, the generosity, the comradarie....doesn't it just give you the warm fuzzies all over Joared? Nice post.

  3. Hey, Joy! Good for you. you managed to fix whatever was amiss. I like your description of other people's blogs. Looking forward to the next installment!

  4. Welcome, Joared. I'm glad you decided to join the party. I've been reading your comments, and am looking forward to reading your blog.

  5. Pattie, I'm not hooked, I got roped into this!

    Thanks to all the rest of you for your welcomes.