Wednesday, November 08, 2006


As I write this, election day news reports say the American people are sending a message by their votes that we want some fundamental changes in the governing policies of our nation.

I believe part of the message to our government officials is: you work for us, we expect you to listen to our concerns, we expect you to address the problems that are important to us, we expect you to explore solutions to those problems, then we expect you to take meaningful action that is in our best interest. I would like to believe the additional message being sent is that we want our governing officials to honor our Bill of Rights, to stay out of our personal lives.

I find the reported increased number of voters of significant interest. Just this afternoon in a nearby college town business, I noticed a young woman with the appearance of being from a country other than the U.S. This generously tattooed probable co-ed, who I later encountered at a store counter as we were each writing a check, asked me in quite clear and precise English for the current date. I responded, "Nov. 7 - Election Day -- I hope you voted." She responded sincerely that she wanted to vote, but realized too late that she hadn't registered before the required deadline.

I commiserated with the disappointment she went on to express further, and urged her to register at her earliest convenience, while the thought was fresh on her mind. As incentive to do so, I said, given your interest in today's election, I feel confident you will want to vote in two more years when there will be another important election, this time for President of the United States.

My faith is being restored that the majority of the people of this country do take seriously that the responsibility for the right to live in our democracy/republic is to be informed and to vote. I hope in succeeding elections even more voters participate.


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  2. I stayed up much later than I planned to... watching the election returns. I was excited to see that, yes, the Amercian people did use their voices and their votes to send a message...a pretty clear one. I'm sure we'll hear many complaints of voting fraud however....there was already one big issue going on in the county that I vote in. I pray when I read the newspaper this morning that I see the same kind of results from voters all over the country. It would be the first time in a long time that we actually have something to smile about.

  3. When I woke up this morning, the reports on the radio sounded good. Now, let's see if your politicians get the messages.
    Ours have had messages of this kind twice already and haven't done a thing about it.
    Still it feels good. :) Congratulations