Sunday, January 28, 2007


THOUGHTFUL Ronni Bennett over at Time Goes By is the first, and hopefully the last, to "tap" (I believe that is the term) me with a "Meme" -- whatever that is. She did remember incorrectly my view on the topic of Memes, or maybe she never knew what my perspective was. I'm just not keen on them, as well as chain letters and some of the other "multicate" missives sent by email to large numbers of people simultaneously. Most of them fall into the same category for me -- just short of spam.

When I first encountered Memes on various blogs, I was intrigued with trying to figure out what they were and what was their point. I never totally figured that out, but soon found myself just skimming them, or skipping them entirely whenever they appeared. I don't even know what the rules of Meme are, but having been "tapped" -- I think I'm supposed to be writing my response on my blog.

My knee-jerk reaction to that idea was, why would I want to do that on my blog? So, I started to answer on TGB, then decided I would defer to what I think is a Meme social grace, conform, and respond here this once, which I think is the expected form. I would be the first to admit that I've been in a rather cantankerous mood of late which seems to manifest itself in amplifying my annoyance toward those things to which I'm pre-disposed to be annoyed, and I've just never been smitten by Memes.

Memes proponents observations do seem to make some valid redeeming points about their having an element of self-revelation, allowing insight, stimulating further thought and even memories, as well as sometimes being quite humorous. To me they seem kinda like a writer's exercise or warm-up, just as one might compose a list of similes and metaphors. Whatever their value, I will acquiesce this once, since, as others have observed, "the list is so short."

My, Me, Meme for Ye, You, Yous

1. What would I give my right arm for?
I wouldn't give my right arm for anything -- at least until I'd
learned to use my left arm equally as well.

2. What's one word that describes how you want people to see you?
I would hope others would see me, in one word, as -- genuine.

3. If you could be any blogger, which blogger would you be and why?
I'm too busy trying to find me as a blogger to want to be anyone
other than myself.

Please don't write and tell me that I'm a poor sport. I'm not in the mood for it!


  1. Joared, you aren't a poor sport. Your answers are similar to the ones I will give if google will let me into my dashboard again, so I can write the post.

  2. I wonder why you would think you are a poor sport! This was great. I kept wishing I had used the word "genuine" when I saw it written as a description of you! I felt in such good company being tagged by Ronni along with you and kenju! Hurrah!

  3. Thanks for the "thoughtful". Now maybe we can all set aside these memes for awhile :-)

  4. Arrrrgh! I just lost a long comment. Back to say thanks for coming to read my version of the meme (so similar to yours)!