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May Your 2007 Easter or Passover Be Special
... as a religious celebration
... as a family day for gathering together
... as a day when the Easter Bunny often prompts egg hunts

The Elder Storytelling Place
by Ronni Bennett has just been launched. After visiting there, I hasten to add it to this previously prepared post. She describes the act of storytelling as having a far greater significance in our lives than most may realize. Stories from bloggers and non-bloggers will be published there. I highly recommend reading her introduction HERE, the guidelines HERE,
and the very first story by Norm Jenson HERE.

Pure Land Mountain by Robert Brady in Japan is a blog that captured my attention the moment I first started reading there a year ago. His writing fully engages my thoughts whatever the topic he presents, from commentary about the U.S., his observations about the current state of Japanese social and political issues to descriptions of the countryside surrounding his mountain home, some of the creature inhabitants there with whom he has periodic tests of will over his produce -- especially the monkeys. His facility with words provides great reading pleasure.

As if the distinctive writings of one Brady are not enough, I was delighted to be introduced to richly flavored stories from "The Blog Brothers" that Mick writes with nostalgic personal reminisces of active young boys growing up in the eastern U.S. Bob contributes to these colorful lively, often humorous accounts of experiences unique to them, yet some in common with readers. Later as a young man, Mick’s efforts to support himself in his artistic endeavors in NYC have provided fodder for colorful stories including some suspenseful sometimes life-threatening events. The language used in both blogs is an unparalleled delight to read.

For a long time I've been enjoying the surprises I find, often in the form of unusual artistic flower arrangements pictured by creative florist Kenju at the recent reincarnation of her blog "Imagine What I'm Leaving Out." With a blog title like that, we are left to read intriguing words between the lines of her posts along with some inviting accounts of her travels, other events and experiences.

Most recently, I've found myself visiting Mother Pie whose writings about the media, current news, the digital world and other topics have been of special interest to me. Her recent focus on communication, as well as sharing some data she gathered about blogs, then published there from her master's thesis garners my interest.

Then there is Alaska's Maya's Granny who provides comment and insight on numerous topics, pertinent news items, some especially fascinating information about one of the two states to join our country's union in my lifetime. She has an interesting series in which she provides successively different questions that add more history to her life with each answer for her family and readers.

I find some pretty sharp political commentary from Amba at AmbivaBlog with links to a multitude of equally informative references on an eclectic number of subjects. This professional writer does not hesitate to introduce pertinent controversial topics of our time for reasonable discussion. She also occasionally provides insight on some of the challenges caregivers and their loved ones encounter.

Journey To A New Life written by Suzann, who faced loss of a loved one that for some of us can be unexpected and sudden, writes of daily life and the adjustments that follow, also, additional timely topics. She shares her travel experiences on this road many may be destined to traverse at any age, any time in their life. Her trip is of special significance to me.

While all of the above bloggers are geographically scattered from coast to coast, and in one instance outside the U.S., there are some additional bloggers writing from the west coast in addition to Mick Brady who I enjoy stopping by to visit.

Always Question has written some strong commentary of topical interest, also addressing concerns for those of us here in the west, especially southern California and Los Angeles. Currently I have found his individual tributes to U.S. military hospital corpsmen whose lives have been taken from them in their prime, extremely poignant.

Rain at Rainy Day Thoughts shares some of her innermost thoughts as she journeys both figuratively and literally through her days. I became quite enthralled with some of her more recent posts and pictures of the landscape between Oregon and southern Arizona on an all too familiar to her, driving trip through spectacular scenery, some of which like her, I, too, find embedded in my soul from travels in the past.

I like to visit Here In The Hills with a lady who has had quite a professional theatrical background, often utilizing her musical talents, that can be most appreciated by a visit to her busy blog where virtual parties occur on special occasions. She shares much of herself, with stories, pictures of friends, many who just happen to be celebrities in the entertainment world. Her pace may be slowed at times due to respiratory problems, but her vital enthusiastic zest for life permeates her storytelling. I especially appreciate the many photographs of the exterior around her home -- in the natural environmental landscape of our Los Angeles area -- some beautiful, rare cacti in glorious bloom that remind me of the Botanical Garden in Phoenix next to their Zoo where I spent much time when we lived in the area. She often features colorful pictures of unusual and interesting creatures in residence in her yard, or surprising first time visitors such as a recent bobcat she was able to photograph.

I do now want to make note of one blog I added to my sidebar days ago without mentioning doing so at the time. The blog is listed by its original title "All About Olive" that is still a viable link, but now the blog is called "Life of Riley" reflecting the blogger's last name. Olive's age is 107 years. She is physically active, has a sharp wit, and lives in Australia. She "blobs" (as she calls it) through interviews with "helper Mike." He also posts a fascinating currently unfolding historical view with pictures of Olive and the Australia of both her current and her younger days. Australians know her well as she has previously been seen in Mike's earlier movie, has been featured in print. She receives comments on her blog from all over the world. As all writing converges with the Internet, Olive is on the cutting edge of evolving media changes.

By way of giving credit where credit is due, Olive’s blog first came to my attention with a post about her at "Time Goes By" by Ronni Bennett. Of course, the reality is, that many if not all these bloggers above have come to my attention one way or another, at one time or another, from that TGB blog -- most are Elderbloggers aged 50 years and up. What's an "Elderblogger"? You can read about why the use of the term "elder" and explore there the reasons why those as young as age 50 years are included in that term by accessing that blog’s category on "Aging.”

These are all blogs that I have found to be of interest on any given day. Based on visitors I encounter there, they clearly are of interest to others, too. My interests are eclectic, and I don't limit myself to reading solely Elderbloggers. Also, I do not restrict myself to a limited few blogs I read regularly to the exclusion of others. Yes, that does mean I may not visit the same blog as frequently, but when I do visit I enjoy catching up on what my friend has been doing while I was away -- much like my everyday life in the community where I live. If there is some matter of time significance for either of us, I would hope we could bring it to each other's attention via email so that we could arrange a visit.

I have come to believe our lives are enriched from getting to know each other through our blogs. I know my life is richer from such contact around the world on this planet Earth.


  1. Joared, thank you so much for including me in your blogs of interest. Coming from you, that is a true honor. I am familiar with some of the others you mention, and after Easter, I will make sure to read the others. For now, I am off to our son's home for a family gathering. Happy Easter!

  2. P.S. You've been tapped too; come over to see what for!

  3. I will follow your links. Of course, Ronni is always a favorite.

  4. Thank you for including me. I know most of the others that you mention, and intend to explore the rest very soon.

  5. Thank you so much Joared for including me in your list of blogs that you visit and enjoy! I deeply appreciate it...And like you, I don't get to every blog I like to read every day....(I realize I have not been here for days and days...!!! Sorry about that....)
    I do visit some of the same blogs that you do, too...but I am going to try to visit some of the others on your listr I am unfamiliar with...Thanks for that, too, my dear. Hope your Easter was a lovely one. (This WIND....OY!...It was really scary up here today....)

  6. Thanks to all for the comments here. My apologies to the last four commenters, as I only just now added them to the blog after discovering they have been languishing in "comment moderation." Another of my infamous technical "glitches" for not having noticed this sooner, but I've been working madly on my income taxes. More about that later!

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