Friday, February 15, 2008

Questioning Three's Significance

The Bacteria Wars

I'm bringing this blog into the present by referring to earlier events, beginning with my west coast trip to share the recent past holiday season with a few east coast family members. Requested snow flurries for at least one special day while I was there, disappointingly never materialized. Fortunately, my overall experience, enjoying the company of each other and friends, compensated by providing me much pleasure. This interfered with blogging then and, coupled with other events, has continued to do so since I returned home.

When I began to write this activity up date, I soon recognized repeated instances of experiences somehow associated with the number "three." I recalled my trip, discovering I was missing three small bottles and contents accidentally left at home as a consequence of my hasty departure. Then,I remembered later three successive unexpected medical issues emerged, ultimately exercising considerable influence on some of my behaviors. I suddenly realized the prevalence of "three" seemed somehow to be impacting my life. Three different undesirable bacteria invaded three different areas of my being in three successive unrelated instances, followed by the need to ingest three separate and differing antibiotics. Was there some symbolic significance for me in this number three concept, I wondered?

Could there even be some obscure force causing events to occur in threes? Perhaps this force can be recognized by the influence on my medical state, operating unbeknown to me at the time, as my health matters became more complicated. A bacterial germ warfare was beginning against me. My first antibiotic engaged in combat in one theater of war within my body where bacteria had slowly, methodically and silently grouped to suddenly launch their attack.

Unexpectedly a second bacterial army separate and different from the first, apparently camouflaged, opened another theater of war. A second antibiotic was initiated contributing to what I characterize as beginning an armed forces rescue unit pill parade. Eventually, the enemy armies were finally manageable, enabling me to make my delayed return home where I expected this warfare to end.

Just as the final battles were being fought a stealth group of bacteria manifested itself with a vengeance, opening a third theater of war. The necessary third antibiotic rushed to provide defense. I privately suspect that latter enemy attack group was composed of embedded guerrilla forces active almost as long, if not longer, than those first two covert forces.

These three theaters of war battlefields are finally mostly quiet as the enemy bacterial forces have been roundly defeated and most defense forces retired. I have been reminded during this time of what is true at any age, that physical weakening also affects emotions, other behaviors, might even aggravate clear thinking. I began to realize I was not using due diligence and care with writing, so, I, possibly belatedly, had the good sense to drastically curtail writing activities and computer use.

An edgy attitude had emerged, invaded my writing that was becoming hurried. Email missives were being hastily sent without a second more-considered reading, so they tended to be abrupt, possibly even abrasive. I eventually concluded my writing nothing was best. This decision was later reinforced when a non-blogging long-time friend observed in an email that the "writing doesn't sound like you." Of course it didn't. I appreciated her honest observation, that she took the time to question in a caring manner. Other behaviors and feelings were marginally affected. I have been and am in a much healthier state than how this all may read, so note this has just been my temporary reality.

This experience has stimulated my speculation about "three," its possible significance in my life, if any. I also wonder if others have a symbolic relationship to three, or any number other than three, that they associate with aspects of their own lives?


  1. Joared, I had noticed that you weren't around as much, but I had not noticed any abruptness to your writing. I suppose that is because I have been so busy that my own visits and writing have been shortened as well.

    I notice the appearance of the numbers 7 and 9 in my life, but not in the way your threes have appeared. I am sure it means something, but what, I couldn't say.

  2. Oh my gosh Joared....three different infections! That would be a very difficult situation for anyone to go through and not be affected in some way. Three different antibiotics can wreak havoc with one's system. I'm so glad to hear that you're healing well and feeling more like yourself again. I kept checking your blog for any signs of 'life,' and thought something must have come up that you had to take care of. I had no idea it was related to your health. Welcome back Joared.

    I find that the numbers 4 & 6 seem to be involved in my life. Maybe it's just because I favor them myself.

  3. Can you believe this Joared, I went through three different infections too, the third one being induced by the drugs I had been given to treat the second one!
    Good to see you back!

  4. Kenju & Joy: Seems we all have different numbers. Mine seem to be ever changing.

    Claude: You and three, too -- coincidence or some mysterious force? Glad you're over your "threes." I'm waiting now to hear if I'm going to have to switch my number to four for the same reason you describe. I'm just having fun with this number thing for me in this instance. ;-)

  5. Oh, how unfun and what a terrible battle you've been fighting, on three fronts. I'm hoping you are feeling much better and getting back in the swing of things. Yes, emotions and thinking are impacted when we don't feel well.

    Glad you are back writing!!!

  6. I'm just glad that you've come far en ough to post again. I guess it was your turn in the barrel. My mom always said that trouble comes in threes.

    When I find it, I'm going to send you the numerological significance of '3' so you can decide if it applies to you.

  7. wow - what a journey! hope things are back to normal for you.

    3 is it for me. i love "my" number and don't associate any negative energy with it.

    if you get the numerlogical information from kay dennison (above) i would like for you to share with me at skylarkar at hotmail. thanks. :)

  8. Like Kay's mother, mine said that troubles came in 3s--maybe because there were 3 of us kids? Never have I attributed any significance to numbers; but, three infections is a significant bother. I'm sorry that you had to go through it; but, you sound good, now!
    Cop Car