Sunday, March 16, 2008

Political Campaign Fatigue -- Already?

An authority whose words of wisdom
I first read in the 1950s
is alleged to have said:

"How come we choose from just two people for President,
and fifty for Miss America?"

"Crime does not pay... as well as politics."
Alfred E. Neuman

Fatigue with this U.S. presidency political campaign is creeping up on me quite rapidly. I restrained myself earlier this year from writing the annoyance I felt when so many states started playing musical chairs rescheduling their primary/caucuses dates. Yet -- this change seemed to stimulate increased interest resulting in greater voter participation. Or, would there have been just as much interest by virtue of the historically unique variety of candidates?

Yes, I know the real campaign hasn't started until one political party with two still vying candidates decides on just one, as the other party already has, and that may not occur until -- August (?) Maybe that's good to lessen the time for that final race toward November.

I'll tell you one thing, if I lived in Michigan (have family there) or Florida, I'd be mad as you-know-what that my party officials (local and/or national) prevented my opportunity to vote in the countdown earlier this year, and now can't figure out how to give me a voice.

I'd also be angrier than you-know-what if the "Super Delegates" of this party play games with their votes come the national convention. What is this "super delegates" stuff? Sounds real democratic to me -- reminds me of a quote from George Orwell's novella Animal Farm:

"All animals are equal but some are a little more equal than the rest."

Meanwhile, I just hope those two wanna-be candidates still vying for their party nomination don't destroy each other and their party in the effort to determine which one becomes the actual final candidate.

When I stop to think about this election, I realize we have individuals from different races, even opposite genders competing for the Presidency. Surely, by now these are known facts. How much more time, print and talk needs to be spent by candidates, Fourth Estate, others (including us bloggers) repeating that information, then contaminating those facts with all sorts of innuendo and speculation?

Also, we've whittled our candidates down to a rather wide age spread -- at least, wide enough that all too many writers, comedians, talk show hosts, political pundits take the easy way out for getting a laugh with repartee that is insultingly ageist, and cheapens a viable point as they angle for a laugh. I think we now know the age range of our candidates. Just how much more time, print and talk needs to be spent repeating that information, then contaminating those facts with all sorts of innuendo and speculation?

What do I want to hear? These are largely broadly framed topics about which a President needs to be aware and knowledgeable I think. Some can be and need to be discussed with some specificity. These are just some of my concerns which have readily come to mind that I have quickly written down here. I want candidates to address by offering possible solutions to:
  • resolving this interminable war
  • correcting the grave state of our economy
  • eliminating health cares' serious inadequacies
  • solving Medicare's weighty issues
  • upgrading and repairing our nation's infrastructure
  • certain foreign policy issues today
  • improving our world image, approaches to take, demonstrate ability and knowledge to talk about other countries intelligently
  • protecting our citizen rights by stating positions on currently pending legislation since as Senators they may need to vote on some of these bills anyway
  • eliminating politicization of Homeland Security and other law enforcement,
  • defending citizens rights and that definitely includes all women, minorities, socially oppressed
  • immigration problems by describing plans, with utilization of modern technology and termination of wall building on our borders
  • enable recognizing California's right to establish our own environmental laws stronger than the EPA that is trying to dilute them
  • prevent vehicles from entering this country if they and their drivers do not meet all requirements U.S.A. drivers and trucks have to meet, including border states (especially California) vehicle pollution limitations
  • re-establish the rights of American citizens which have been dramatically stolen
  • assure and demonstrate to American citizens the Executive Branch of government will immediately cease usurping the people's and legislative branches powers, and corrupting our justice system

-- and that's just the beginning.

What did I leave out? I'm sure plenty, because an over-abundance of issues exist.


  1. Like you and most thinking Americans, I too am so very tired of the rhetoric, the back stabbing, the in-fighting. Unfortunately, it is not likely to cease anytime soon.

    Your summary of issues that need to be addressed is quite comprehensive and overlay my own agenda almost perfectly. Well done!

  2. Add me to the ranks of those who are already exhausted by the political back-stabbing and dirty game-playing antics that have become an every day occurance. Some more than others; but even some has become too much. We haven't even hit the BIG TIME yet...YIKES! By that time we'll all be a little numb from it all. Good post Joared...I couldn't agree with you more.

  3. Excellent post!!!! I've been asking if anyone else was tired of Election 2008 since last summer. I am so sick of it I want to vote a resounding "NO!!!!" and tell the candidates to grow up and start over and act like adults instead of children.

    I also really like your "wish list"

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  5. Very well said! It's sad that there seem to be so few of us with the thoughts you so precisely express.

  6. I am with you on the campaign fatigue but then, as soon as I say "enough, already" then I'm hooked back in. What a saga, what a drama. Your list is good. Our issues need answers. These are not easy times. Paying attention is fatiguing. Everyone I know is passionate on some level on the political situation.

  7. It is a most comprehensive list of issues. I so agree with about campaign fatigue. Last night, I found myself thinking what ever happened to the other news. I haven't heard anything but which politician said what and then what 6 or seven authorities think about it. PLUS THEY ALL SEEM TO BE TALKING AT THE SAME TIME!

  8. Your post has touched on so many issues that are near and dear to my heart I'm not sure where to begin.

    First I'll talk about the incompetence of the Democratic Party ,MI and National,and how they nullified my political voice. I live in a western suburb of Detroit. In July '07 both parties in the legislature (Republican majority)got in bed with each other and got the Gov.(D)to pass a law costing $10-$12 million for the two parties' primaries. Keep in mind MI is in a recession. Both knew what their national committees would do with their delegates if they moved up the primary dates. If that wasn't bad enough the law made the voting records private information to only the Democratic and Republican state committee chairpersons. The voting records provision effectively excludes third parties from forming a viable party. So much for democracy in MI.

    I'll be back later to comment further on this excellent post.