Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Announcing Eminent Blog Post Change

"Along The Way" future blog posts
increase in frequency
to at least twice a day
9 A.M. and 9 P.m. Pacific Time
(either daylight or standard time.)

  • Subject matter of many future posts will focus strictly on topics that have absolutely nothing to do with anything of consequence. (Some previous posts have already met that criteria.)
  • Earth topics will be centered solely on animals, vegetables and minerals -- maybe with occasional discussion of ice cream flavors, fruits and nuts. (You'd be surprised what the nut category includes.)
  • Reader's will be encouraged to share comments about their experiences in outer space, especially those who are visiting from other planets. (This includes those from outside our galaxy, but please use English.)
  • Suggestions for other blog topics will be welcomed and given not very serious consideration, unless they're humorous, unlike this post.
Life is serious, so just like credit cards, this blogger reserves the right to change this agreement, or any part therein at will.*

*For the Visually Impaired:
Life is serious, so just like credit cards, this blogger reserves the right to change this agreement, or any part therein at will.

Courtesy of an April Fool


  1. Heh... As I was reading down through this, the hindmost part of my brain was saying, "What is...? Why the ...? Has she totally...?"

    Then I found I had been had... Need more coffee... An Awesome All Fools Day to you too, Joared...

  2. Just for one brief second....you had me thinking.....

    Hee,hee.....Happy April Fool's Day Joared.

  3. Only thing I didn't like about this was the twice-a-day posting schedule. Everything else sounded legit. Made me want to turn my blogging life around and do the same.

    So go ahead, sit there and laugh. You caught me! :)

  4. I keep forgetting that it's April Fool's Day, so I was thinking....what the heck? What is she thinking?!

  5. Winston, Joy, Roberta, Kenju:
    After reading each of your comments, re-reading this post that Fool wrote, I'm beginning to think this change (other than the twice a day posting) may make more sense than what I've been doing.

  6. Like the others, I had a big fat "huh?" going on, good April fools.

    Thank you for keeping in touch, it seems you have a unique understanding of my experience with breathing and the lack of sleep. Sorry your husband had to suffer the same trial, it's a difficult road. Instead of a breathing mask, I have nose pillows. I couldn't have tolerated anything covering my face.

  7. Pam: Glad to see you out blogging again. Yeah, breathing problems are no fun. Glad your sleep is easier, I hope.

  8. You almost got me! ;)