Thursday, December 25, 2008


Greetings and best wishes to everyone during this holiday season.

New Year's Day I'll be seated in the bleachers at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California accompanied by two family members and a couple who are our friends. I'll wave to you if I'm aware the television cameras are panning us.

I'm seeing an increasingly extravagant number of outdoor light and animation displays this year. Subdued light decorations have been my choice especially ever since the energy crisis was announced many years ago. We were encouraged that year to cut back on outdoor light displays. Nothing has changed as far as energy issues are concerned to the best of my knowledge, but that particular energy conservation seems to have become more minimal with the public each succeeding year.

I've enjoyed the colorful lights through the years as have my children, so I defer to the varying attitudes we each have about this matter.

I have chosen to continue a minimalist attitude toward what sort of holiday light display I prefer. I simply place artificial candles in one window that faces the house's front. This year I began by lighting just one candle beginning Sun., Dec. 21st, the night some of my family arrived. I've added a candle each night since and will continue to do so in honor of the various celebratory occasions this time of year.

I just learned last night a couple more family members will arrive for a few days after Christmas, so am looking forward to a lot more unexpected joy and laughter.

Hope everyone has a wonderfully happy holiday!


  1. Enjoy the parade, Joared. I have to work on Jan. 1st and won't get to see it. Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas, Joared.
    I wish I could be there to watch the parade.
    We went solar some time ago. Our bill for electricity is $.00 per year, and we will be getting a rebate. Nonetheless, we're very frugal with electricity. We have some LED lights strung outdoors and tiny lights on the tree. It's a pretty display, actually.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Joared! Fiesta Bowl is coming, too!

  4. A Very Merry Christmas to you my dear Blog Buddy....
    May your Day Be Merry And Bright....

  5. Happy Holidays and enjoy your family's visit.

    I love the Rose parade and will be watching for your wave.