Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Computer Up Date

Earlier this year I wrote about some technological changes here. One commenter suggested I share a picture of my current set up. So here is my laptop and the PC I continue to use primarily for playing music since the audio speakers provide a much fuller richer sound than the laptop. Suppose there is a way to avoid the camera flash reflections, but I haven't yet perfected that skill.


  1. That looks like a neat laptop. Now I can visualize what you are writing on. How about a photo of you so I can get the entire picture?

  2. What a great laptop JoAnn. I can see you typing away on it....it's a beauty. I hope it serves you well.

  3. Darlene: You'll have to conjure a picture as I've chosen to not put my picture on the Internet. No doubt it's a futile effort to retain some privacy but that's my motivation for not doing so presently.

    Joy: Yes, I enjoy using the laptop though I use it mostly on the PC computer table. You can see the PC keyboard on the pullout below the laptop. I have that PC keyboard setup so I can use it on either of the two computers using it most of the time with my laptop screen.

  4. Glad you have a new laptop. I'm on my second one and don't see myself going back to a desktop. I use my Bose desk top speakers with the laptop. I struggled with keeping some privacy on the internet but after considerable thought I let it go and posted my photo in the profile section of my blog. But I certainly respect your position on that matter. Since we did meet, I can assure your readers your photo would greatly enhance your profile. With that said I would change that old saying to: Your writing is worth a thousand photos!

  5. For a long time I did not post my picture on the Internet because an abusive troll decided I was ugly and fat and so on.
    So I banned him and stopped caring what he thought or what anyone thinks about the way I look.
    I haven't updated my profile lately but will put a recent pic of myself up one of these times.
    Joared: Your neat desktop makes me feel like I ought to do some housekeeping and get rid of all those icons cluttering up my nice background picture.

  6. Bob: Thanks for the kind words about any photo I might post and my writing -- makes me blush.

    Hattie: I'd think such a mean-spirited troll would have a better way to spend time. Sounds like you've taken a good attitude and one we all should adopt if we haven't already.

    I confess -- I moved some "stuff" off the desk table before taking the picture. Months ago when I began using the laptop the desktop PC hard drive had been scrubbed and the screen had been wiped clean with the expectation I would no longer use it. Before that icons were infringing on my world picture I had there. Have started over from scratch with the laptop, so give me time, I'm sure icons will eventually fill much of that screen. Just haven't been using the computer as much since the first of the year as you may have noticed with my less frequent visits.

  7. I'm with Hattie. My first thought was what a neat desktop you have on your computer to provide an unobstructed view of the full Earth. Nice setup, and good that you have capability to switch back and forth on your I/O devices.
    Cop Car