Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Senate Votes "No" to Private Option Insurance

Please note this Senate action was a committee vote, so there still is more work to do to obtain alternatives to insurance companies offerings only.

The Single Payer insurance option failed to garner enough votes to pass in the Senate Tuesday, 9/28/09 Bloomberg News reports. Two Democrats with Max Baucus, the Senate Finance Committee Chairman, scuttled two amendments to establish an insurance "public option" plan as competition with the many private insurers we have now.

Further specific information is available by clicking on the link above to the Bloomberg site. Of special interest is an amendment impacting lawmakers, aides and all other federal employees regarding the source of their insurance, but that doesn't take effect until after 2013.


  1. I heard that piece of bad news yesterday. I had wanted to watch the debate and vote, but my minor surgery interfered. That news didn't make me feel any better. Shame on Baucus and his two toadies.

  2. I'm waiting as well wondering where this will all end and what we don't understand in the fine print and how it will impact us as I'm 63 and heading down the road where things begin to move slower.

    Dorothy from grammology

  3. Darlene: At least this was only a committee vote, so maybe we can still get something out of the Senate eventually.

    Dorothy: Welcome to ATW. I, too, am concerned about the fine print when all is said and done. Can appreciate the anxiety of those of you just approaching that transition year to Medicare. I think about what I want in place for my adult children and grandchild.

  4. Did you see Jon Stewart? "What do we want? HEALTHCARE!! When do we want it? 2016!!" I see it's slipped back to 2013, but still....

  5. Extreme English: Missed seeing Jon Stewart -- 2013 -- we wouldn't want to rush things, would we??? Not too many will get sicker, go bankrupt or die between now and then, will they??
    What the hey, they're probably expendable, anyway. Besides, gotta allow time for others to try and get in control so they can repeal whatever new health care measure passes.