Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mother's Gift of Life

Nature's way of providing life for all creatures is seldom easy. "Life Is Hard," one of my earlier pieces here, features videos of sea turtle eggs hatching. The hatchlings struggle to escape their shells in a process designed to test and build their strength preparatory to coping with the world they would enter after first emerging from a mound of sand, to then rush seaward.

We see each tiny turtle's long neck extending forward with their head's piercing eyes absorbing new sights they encounter while seeking their saltwater destination. Under their protective still-soft shell four short paddle-like legs protrude moving to carry their bodies across the sandy beach toward the ocean. Humans present serve to protect these babes from airborne predators, but upon entering the ocean to experience the joys of turtle life, these hatchlings are on their own to experience not only life's pleasures but potential deep sea dangers.

I've had the opportunity to observe the birthing of various creatures. Chickens, ducks, geese and hummingbirds I've noted all emerge from eggs the mother keeps warm in nests above the ground. The method by which some other animals I've seen give birth is quite different. The mother carries the egg inside her own body through the beginnings of intelligent life for varying time lengths depending upon the species. I think of certain animals I've been privy to seeing born including kittens, puppies, piglets, and calves.

The most personally significant and profound births have been those of my children. Having been witness to all these other births, during which I noted each mothers demeanor and process, I intentionally elected to experience natural birthing. I had only the slight apprehension one might expect could accompany any such major new important event. When the time came, an overhead mirror enabled me to view my participatory process when one of my own children made their joyous world entrance.

All of these memories come to mind because coincidentally following publication of my "baby turtle" blog topic I received a link to a truly unique animal birthing event quite unlike any I've seen before live or on video.

This is a very graphic video, so be cautioned if you perceive viewing life processes and events as objectionable.

Spectacular birthing of baby elephant, Riski, which means prosperous, is seen with English commentary in this 6 minute video taken at Elephant Safari Park, Taro-Bali. Unexpectedly the mother realizes special life-stimulating efforts are required for her baby to survive, much like that with human newborns. Thanks to DiAne Gillespie for sharing the elephant video link of this tension-filled miraculous never-routine life-affirming event.

DiAne Gillespie is a multi-talented artist, woman, mother, wife. She shares her appreciative perception and interpretation of life's beauty with her creative art and music (view her website by clicking on her name above.)


  1. I agree -- giving birth was really the most important thing I've ever done!!!

  2. I want to see that video, but I am too sleepy to see it now. I'll be back.

  3. I am fascinated but cannot look at the Vieo right now. I will return so I can take the time required....And thanks for sharing this!

  4. The video was fascinating. It was wonderful watching the mother kick life into the baby. Nature is truly wondrous.

    The happiest days of my life were the ones when I gave birth to my children. After they were born, of course. ;-)

  5. The birth of my two children was by far the most important time in my love, nurturing and watching them grow such a joy. Yesterday was my son's birthday he would have been 36, he passed 18 years ago and to this moment my heart so misses my beloved Daniel I posted his picture and some of my thoughts it helps me to share Daniel with my wonderful and faithful readers. This is a post which touches my heart...

    Dorothy from grammology

  6. Thanks for sharing such a nice post..
    Mothers Day