Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dancers often become enthralled with their artistic performance form when they're quite young. A family member who later danced professionally first began when in college. The dance class had just happened to fit into his schedule to provide needed credits. Until then he had no plan to become a dancer. His athleticism prepared him well for the hard work, dedication and discipline he soon learned dancing requires.

I was introduced to dancing at a very early pre-school age as has been my granddaughter. Now a teenager, she's been dancing ever since, participating in dance competitions around her home area, traveling to Washington, D.C., Orlando, Florida, and most recently New York City.

I had made tentative plans early this year to visit NYC during her trip there the first of July, but re-considered as summer drew near. I concluded cooler temperatures at a different time of year would be more desirable there than the high humidity heat I'd likely encounter. I knew we wouldn't be able to spend that much time together, plus, when there is free time teenagers often have important friend-filled activities. There will be other competitions in the months, next few years, and possible holiday get-togethers.

I have been able to glimpse my granddaughter with her Richmond, Virginia dance team members at the front of the crowd outside NBC TV's studio. They had to arrive there really early in the morning to garner those spots with their specially prepared banner. They were thrilled to be seen briefly on MSNBC Today Show introduction on this link to a Meredith Vieira Tech segment.(Beginning has a 15 sec. commercial)


  1. Did they get their dancing talent from you?

    That gift escaped me -- I hated my ballet lessons and so did my daughter who got chuckles when I'd pick her up from ballet and she'd change into her baseball shoes.

    Loved the video!!! What a great memory for her!!!!

  2. Kay: Don't know what, if any, dancing talent I had as had to give it up when Mom became an unsupported single parent. I had tap, no ballet, unlike my granddaughter who has both type dancing including jazz dancing. She also has the lean slim long-legged body structure for dance that I lacked.

  3. I took tap and modern dance, and I was lousy at both of them - although I had the body for it and the long legs. I love watching dancing now and appreciate the shows on TV featuring it.

  4. I have always loved dancing...and use to do a lot of social dancing when I was young...not so much anymore. But I love watching the dancing shows that are on TV....I love to see that kind of talent. Thanks for the video...and hey, I even learned some techie things from it. ~Joy

  5. Ah, Joared, I thought that dancers had become dancers by the age of 5 or 6. Goes to show how much we technical pukes understand the world of the arts.

    The comments did, however, remind me of my one foray into dancing. At age 5, I and my 7-year-old brother were left in the care of a teenager (at a motel) while Mom & Dad looked for a house to buy in Tulsa. The teen introduced me to two things: 1) coffee (which convinced me to never drink the stuff, again!) and 2) tap dance. She taught me to (this is a strain on the memory cells, so forgive me if I get it wrong) step-shuffle-all change to the tune of East Side, West Side - a tune that I had not previously heard since neither Hank Williams nor Roy Acuff sang it!

    Thanks for the memories, and I'm glad that some folks stick with the arts. It makes life so much more interesting, probably for them, but definitely for the rest of us.
    Cop Car