Sunday, October 24, 2010


“Along The Way” serendipitously launched onto the Internet four years ago. I continue to be genuinely appreciative of those who so generously offered their time and assistance, especially when I realized I had catapulted my blog prematurely into the blogosphere, then, quite unprepared, I chose to continue the activity.

My personal life had been significantly changed six months earlier when my husband’s health issues resulted in his sudden unexpected death. Grief’s immediate intensity for me had eventually outwardly mellowed, but my emotional vulnerability and feeling sensitivity continued at a much less obvious level to most others. The often referred to “closure,” as associated with loss, is a term of varied degree and meaning that changes over time, but is a state never fully realized, I have come to believe.

October is an especially significant month to me for many reasons that include periodic emerging memories that have caused me to give them some emphasis here.

Interspersed among my blog’s writings are a few I associate directly or indirectly with my husband. They were prompted by random thoughts of a few of my accumulated memories from our almost forty-three married years. We shared a mutual appreciation of jazz which was enhanced for me since his avocation was as a professional acoustic upright bass player. I became an even more enthusiastic listener.

Oscar Peterson’s trio was a favorite of my husband as was the regular bass player, Ray Brown. I especially recall our enjoying a small intimate live club performance. The following “You Look Good To Me” tune is presented by an unusual trio featuring pianist Peterson with double bass of both Brown and Niels Pedersen, whose jazz playing skills my husband also highly regarded. This lovely piece with bass solos is from the “Norman Granz Jazz In Montreux Presents Oscar Peterson Trio ‘77” DVD.

These past four years music audio/video inserts have selectively been incorporated into some of my writings much as this one. Certain musical artists have been my direct focus as have a few celebrities well-known in mine and earlier generations – some currently performing, others retired or deceased.

I’ve also expounded a bit on political, social, economic issues, expressing both positive and negative views depending on the subject. I’ve written about my experience adopting new digital technology, along with some of the frustrations I’ve experienced in the process. Certain activities in which I’ve engaged have been written about with accompanying videos and commentary.

My views on aging, including acceptance of natural body changes without artificial alterations, have sometimes been my focus. I’ve also shared some select personal experiences and activities from my past as well as in the present.

There have been a few written pieces in which I presented some unusual topics that reflect how my occasionally quirky thought processes sometimes wander far astray from the ordinary.

Overall, bogging has been an enjoyable experience for me. I’ve certainly enjoyed reader’s comments, reading other bloggers posts on their blog and being introduced to new bloggers.


  1. Thank you for this beautiful post along with the music I am enjoying right now. I know so little about jazz, it's great to have someone lead me.

  2. Happy, Happy 4th Blogaversary JoAnn. I've been at it for 5+ years and one of my earliest and most endearing recollections browsing through the blogosphere reading blogs, was encountering your wonderful, thoughtful and intelligent comments on many of the blogs I visited. I was SO happy to see you start your own blog so I could read more of your words and thoughts in depth. We are all very lucky that you decided to join this community. May you have many more beautiful blogging days ahead of you dear friend. Love, Joy

  3. Happy Blogiversary!! I hope you will stay around for many more years!

  4. Wow! Oscar Petersen. I haven't thought about him for a long time. I briefly studied piano a few decades ago and his "Walking the Line" album was an inspiration. Spectacular! I could listen to the O.P. Trio's "Teach Me Tonight" all day and all night. Oscar Petersen was just made to play the piano--ever note the size of his hands?

    Hmm-I'm going to order the CD from Amazon right now.

  5. HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY, my dear.....may you continue for at least 10 times that many years....I have always enjoyed your blog and we share this love of music--particularly Jazz like this....I saw Oscar Peterson in The South Of France many many years ago as the guest of Norman Granz, who was a friend of my fathers...I LOVED Oscar Peterson for years before that and continue to love his Talent to this day---He was the Consummate Musician.....What a joy to hear this Video and see this dear man loving what he does so much!

    I started bloggimg a little over 5 years ago and I am planning on writing an Anniversary post, too..If I ever get around to!

    You have lived a very interesting and varied life, my dear---I hope this will continue, too, for many many years to come!

  6. Happy 4th Blogiversary!
    Thank you for sharing these past four years, and I look forward to reading you for many years to come.

  7. Can you believe it? I lived in Switzerland for years and years but never got to the Montreaux Festival. We could not spare the time or the money, alas. I loved the Peterson clip. That music is ageless.

  8. Happy blog anniversary. Keep up the good work

  9. Happy Anniversary! This is the first time I've encountered music on your blog, and what a revelation it has been. Before today, I'd never heard--or heard of--Oscar Peterson, and it's a joy to know he's been around all through my deafness. Thanks for sharing this with us. Surely others have more experience with music and jazz and everything else, and they can appreciate it even more. I'm just glad to have come upon your blog and wonderful, thoughtful comments--with music as a bonus--at any time. Ad multos annos!!!

  10. Well I see I have showed up at a most opportune time....


    Blogging anniversaries continue to elude me since I seem to blog in spurts rather than with any regularity. Look forward to another four years and more from you...

  11. Happy Blogiversary!

    I trailed over from Darlene's Hodgepodge. Blogs are wonderful companions for us as we face sudden uninvited change or long-anticipated change with unintended consequences.

    We live in strange times. I will enjoy your take on them, I'm sure.

  12. Happy Blogoversary!!!! Sorry I'm late to the party! (damn cold/virus/whatever) I really loved this post. I, too, am a jazz aficionado so I really love Oscar Peterson.

    And yeah, the Buckeyes are doing okay. Wisconsin loss was a surprise -- bad scouting? Dumb luck? At any rate, our Bucs came back and stomped Purdue in the Homecoming game. And that team up north has had it's butt kicked a lot! Think the coach will be fired -- or just beheaded? And that other team up north lost last weekend!!! LOL

    Glad you started blogging -- otherwise I would have missed out on a great friend!!!

  13. Congratulations on writing such an intelligent blog. Happy Fourth year of doing so.

    Oscar Peterson was a favorite of mine, also and I share your love of jazz.

    Keep on blogging because you add so much to the blog world.

    Thanks, Nance, for the mention.)

  14. I should have been back sooner but I'm very pleased I arrived in time to join the Blogging Anniversary celebration with its delightful words and equally delightful music. 'Tis a lovely celebration.

    Roberta of Elusive Abstractions

  15. Congrats! Your posts are well-conceived and interesting reading every time. May you keep on a-bloggin' for a good long time.

    Assume you Ohio pro football fans mean the Lions when you speak of "that team up north."

  16. Happy Anniversary!! Four years of blogging is a big deal. Glad I found you, always enjoy your blog and love the comments you leave on my posts.

  17. Thanks to all for your 4th Anniversary wishes.

    OldOldLady: I especially thank you for sharing such a fascinating story about your Father, your concert experience and the Oscar Peterson connection.