Friday, January 07, 2011


I don't know whether to laugh or cry with what's happening in the legislative halls of our government. There's little doubt about my reaction to insurance companies horrors which will blatantly be blamed on the Health Care Plan by those dedicated to undermining it, rather than refining it. I fear the track record of so many Americans unthinkingly believing lies (even after the falsehoods have been exposed,)suggests they might do so again on that issue.

These thoughts have been prompted because I've been reading news accounts of the goings on in Washington D.C. with all our newly elected Congresspersons. Many of the Tea Party's Tea Pots are reportedly quickly adapting to Washington ways, including hiring those lobbyists they condemned prior to election. H-m-m-m!

Then there's that House majority group that has said they are amenable to compromise, but also have been quoted as saying that the minority party has to do all the compromising. That's not compromise -- that's worse than bullying.

What do we make of House majority party's b-i-g-g-g gavel symbolism?

TV's Jimmy Kimmel Live had a little video editing fun with Pelosi passing the large gavel especially requested by the new Speaker of the House Boehner:

I'm really impressed with the political theatre that same majority group demonstrated by reading the U.S. Constitution to all the members. I guess I rather naively thought all the Congressional old timers would have read it. Or was it for the newcomers? Had they not read those words earlier this year before taking their oaths to uphold the constitution? In fact, I thought any individual taking such an oath would have long ago had their own copy before they ever decided to serve in our government. Wouldn't that be kinda basic job preparation?

The Heritage Foundation offers a free pocket size copy of the Declaration of Independence and U. S. Constitution that can be ordered by clicking HERE.

With all the serious issues facing our nation, the House majority's grandstanding vote to re-call the previously passed signed-into-law Health Plan is a waste of time and energy. Everyone knows the Health Plan will not be reversed by this action. More political theatre! This is the same political party whose leaders have repeatedly said they're committed to the demise of Social Security and Medicare. They've persisted for many years in ignoring numerous proposals that could preserve these programs that provide a citizen social support system.

Congressional members from all political parties bear responsibility for the fact the pharmaceutical and health insurance companies continue to financially abuse the American public. Last year a major insurer attempted to raise rates an obscene amount but was denied in California. Conveniently, that was at a time when the major insurance companies were presenting themselves as cooperating with the Health Plan which they realized would become law. That same insurance company did manage to raise the rate $100 a month on a healthy young single parent in an opposite Coast State.

Now with the House majority party clearly supportive of the health insurance companies I expect we'll see a new onslaught of efforts to increase insurance rates. Already, here in California we see the insurance companies tactics as described in the Sacramento Bee:

"...plans to raise premiums by as much as 59 percent on nearly 200,000 Californians who buy health coverage on their own."

As I write this, other States are experiencing health insurers raising rates. Most States Insurance Commissioners have no legal power to rein in these increases. The Federal Government can only advise individuals to protest by contacting the Governor of their State.

Placing some rate increase limits on insurance companies would be meaningful legislative action that should be taken in each State.


  1. Listening to these people would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. What did those voters send there? Did they care? Was it all out with the old and in with the new when the new was so ignorant they didn't even show up to be installed and evidently thought they could do it via television? Voters are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves for this what is obviously going to be a debacle and it's brought on by those who hate government and sent someone there who was about to prove how bad it is. It's gonna be a long two years is all I can say!

  2. I wish Nancy had given that silly golfer a good smack on the head with that big gavel. Better than a frying pan!

    I can't watch this stuff, and I would rather order a sixpack of triple cheeseburgers from Mickey D's than order ANYTHING from the Heritage Foundation. You can bet your boots it's the sanitized version of the US Constitution, not the original.

    You can tell it's getting to me down here in the City of Satan! Those TP'ers are sooooo dum.

  3. I couldn't possibly agree with you more!

    I am embarrassed to admit that Boehner is an Ohioan and I'm going to be good and not go for the obvious joke about the size of his gavel vs. the size of his 'gavel'.

    I don't know this country anymore.

  4. Well....I agree with you JoAnn; only I can't find much to laugh about, so I guess I'll cry.

  5. You can bet your sweet bippies that there won't be any restrictions placed on the health insurance companies now. They own the Republican party and some of the Democrats.

    I would have laughed if Nancy had bopped John with the gavel.