Monday, March 14, 2011


(Later -- The earthquake was upgraded to 9.0.)

The recent earthquake in Japan dwarfs all the worlds other unsettling events. This catastrophes devastating human element is beyond comprehension. We cannot know the anguish of concern for the welfare of loved ones unless we’ve ever been in a similar situation of comparable uncertainty. The inability to establish contact with those we care for, or be able to provide them any needed assistance, must be an almost unbearable situation.

These circumstances are being felt most acutely by so many individuals in the United States, around the world and certainly specifically in Japan. A blogger, Bob Brady, whose writing I greatly admire, has been coping with just such unknowns. He lives in Japan, writes at "Pure Land Mountain," and is sharing his family experience. He has finally had phone contact with some of his family who live in an earthquake affected area. I can only imagine the relief he and his wife must have felt upon finally hearing their daughter’s voice. The account of his son-in-law’s hours long trek home on foot in the midst of this disaster is a heroic story. The family is still faced with much uncertainty. Bob says he will write on his blog as he is able.

These events have certainly given me pause to attend to earthquake information as also usually occurs any time after we experience these tremblors in So. Cal. Japan’s five minutes of shaking seems interminable compared with the seconds to little more than a minute’s duration of any shaking I’ve experienced. I hope quake experts’ reports are accurate that due to the smaller fault size, our San Andreas Fault could never register an 8.9 quake as in Japan. Our long predicted “Big One” has the potential for destruction enough in our populated areas.

The same experts say Northern California, Oregon and Washington are much more susceptible to a strong quake. I certainly don’t wish such a tremblor on those areas, or any others, now or in the future.

U.S. Earthquakes are often most associated with California, but the reality is they occur in various areas across our country. See USGS map.

Earthquake preparedness will be of interest to those who live in or might be affected by a nearby tremor.


  1. I've been reading Bob's accounts of the earthquake and the Tsunami; and I am relieved he and his whole family are safe. I've been watching tv coverage of this horrendous disaster and can't really fathom the extent of the destruction. One of my daughters and her family live in CA (near LA)...and I can't say I don't worry about earthquakes from time to time. They say Japan was the most prepared nation for just such things as has happened, and look at the devastation they are experiencing. We need to take earthquake preparedness VERY seriously in this country...and act on it....NOW.

  2. That was a very good link with advice. We have our home bolted to its foundation which all homes should be but many are not. It doesn't guarantee it won't be destroyed though in catastrophic quakes.

  3. It is all too Horrific to take in or contemplate. I pray we never have to live through anything even close to this disaster....!

    I am going to go to that link, now! Thank you for this post and for making us aware of your Blogger pal living through this horror.

  4. It is so, so terrible. I was just thinking last night (early this morning) that the tragedy in Japan has taken our attention to what's happening in Egypt and Libya. It's just overwhelming.

  5. If you live in California, or have loved ones there, you can't help but think of the 'big one' after this terrible tragedy in Japan.

    All of those I love most are in California and all have experienced earthquakes, but none this devastating. My son experienced the Northridge quake and that was scary enough for me.

    They say the biggest earthquake in North America occurred in Missouri. I guess we all live perilously with one or another of nature's upheavals.

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