Sunday, August 21, 2011


Joshua Crumbly, jazz bassist, sat in to accompany a few entertaining tunes with one of my favorite groups, ZZAJ, last weekend, providing me with a welcome change of pace from other life matters. The full round sound of an upright acoustic bass he was playing, has special significance to me since my husband’s avocation was playing the instrument professionally with his own groups, other musicians, occasionally backing celebrity performers who came to the Columbus, Ohio area. I’ll be sharing more information about Josh in the future.

Josh has been visiting his parents on a break from Juilliard Schools renowned Music Division a “…Private conservatory offering programs through the Divisions of Dance, Drama, and Music from its campus at Lincoln Center in New York City.” Juilliard has “… some 600 students from more than 40 countries. Its distinguished faculty includes internationally renowned soloists, chamber, and orchestral musicians…Among them are recipients of Pulitzer Prizes, Grammy and Academy Awards.”

Josh has been developing his musical skills from an early age through high school, continuing to receive many wards including the Ruth Nadel Award at the Stanford Jazz Festival, 1st Place at the Duke Ellington Society Awards. Here he is on acoustic upright bass playing in a jazz quartet of piano, drums and keyboard at The Music Center’s Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County 2009 Spotlight Awards.

I’m always keenly interested in the many individual young people and musical groups committed to perpetuating jazz’s continuance for long after I’m gone and future generations – they give me great pleasure and satisfaction. Josh is definitely one of those young jazz musicians beginning to realize a promising future.

You can follow Josh’s career, listen to more of his music, and track his itinerary of appearances on his new web site still under construction:

Go to the "listen" link to hear several tunes including one of my favorites: "Caravan."

Most recently he performed at the Playboy Jazz Festival. He's been appearing with Terrence Blanchard and earlier this month was at NYC's Birdland Jazz Club. In a few days he'll be in Taipei, China with Blanchard's Quintet at Kai-Shek Concert Hall.

Let's charter a plane and all go, but I don't know if concert tickets are still available.

Josh's career plans in music will include appearing "solo, touring, recording, producing and writing." Enjoy his music and remember this name ---- JOSH CRUMBLY !


  1. My parents were Jazz aficianados, but I don't know one fellow from another. In fact, are all Jazz musicians men? How nice you were able to get out and enjoy yourself with a pasttime that clearly you love. Dianne

  2. Wow!!! What a great time you must have had!!!! I fell in love with jazz long ago and I always love seeing the tradition carried on by such talented young people. Thank you for introducing me to this gifted young man!!!!!

  3. schmidley: There are numerous women jazz musicians including pianist Marian McPartland I wrote about here:

    Kay: I always enjoy those concerts and they're free.

  4. This young man is a wonderful talent. I didn't know anyone could get such a variety of sound and rhythm out of that instrument. I will look for his music at the other sites. Thanks for the introduction.

  5. What a very talented young man....I have always loved Jazz...And it is great to know that THAT tradition is being carried on...! Sounds like you had a GREAT time!

  6. Dick: Yes, the upright bass isn't an instrument often featured solo in most music -- bass guitar often is -- but a good upright bass musician receives a solo focus like the other instruments with many jazz tunes.

    OldOldLady: Those afternoons are fun experiences with the jazz improvisations, original compositions and old favorites. Wish I had a YouTube video of the ZZAJ group to share here (those you find on YouTube are not this talented ZZAJ group.)

  7. I haven't heard of Mr Crumbly; but, I have really enjoyed listening to Ms McPartland over the years. Unfortunately, her program is no longer available in our area. (How did I manage to miss your posting on Ms M????) I'll go to my other computer (with speakers) to listen to "Caravan".
    Cop Car

  8. Cop Car: Josh is only 19 -- just launching his career in many outstanding ways -- jazz, blues, classical -- you name the genre.

    Marian McPartland would be about 93 yrs now -- still had her PBS radio show at 90 -- but don't know if she's still playing piano.

  9. According to, Ms M's show is till running; but, since most of her shows have been reruns for the past several years, I don't know if the shows are new.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed that! Josh is wonderful...and only 19. What a bright future he has ahead of him. Thanks JoAnn... ~Joy

  11. I got to hang out with him one time! He played at my school (which he attended a little bit ago)and the same music teacher that trained him in middle school (Mr. Rosenquist)trained me. He is one of my major influences for pursuing a musical career. Thanks Josh!

    1. Glad you were able to spend some time with Josh, especially since you had the same music teacher. Hope your career is progressing well in the music world. Thanks for your comment.