Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Commemorating lives forever altered on Sunday, December 7, 1941

My deepest gratitude to all those whose lives were sacrificed to preserve our lives and freedom.

… with each passing year fewer people vividly recall the day

… some may only recall parents or grandparents describing the day

… others may have encountered written, pictorial or video historical accounts of the day

This event led to WWII -- the war naively believed to be the war to end all wars.


  1. I guess I fall into the last category JoAnn...I've only seen articles, movies and videos about Pearl Harbor. I don't even remember my grandparents or parents talking about it that much. Nice little tribute... ~Joy

  2. Joared, thanks so much for checking on me. I'm well as is my face. I'm just not writing right now. Thinking I might get back to it in January. We shall see.

  3. "the war naively believed to be the war to end all wars" was actually World War I rather than World War II.

  4. Those of us whose U.S. war memories began with WWII also thought that, for sure, this must be the war to end all wars.

  5. I vividly recall Pearl Harbor and the war that followed. We really were naive to think it would be the last war.