Sunday, January 01, 2012



Y E A R !

What will this new year bring to our lives?

We'll continue to be affected by world affairs with Europe's financial woes, the Middle East's uncertainties, and the Far East's growing economies plus the inevitable unexpected events internationally and/or domestically.

Eventually the U. S. political parties will each officially declare their Presidential candidate. I would welcome a campaign focused on the issues and minus negative attacks.

A new political party, Americans Elect, may emerge with a candidate. He/She may have the potential strength to spoil the election for our traditional political parties, or even be voted into office which could be a positive - or not.

The Occupy protest movement is another group that may have some impact on election outcomes. Their primary focus centers on the growing social and income inequity being experienced by 99% of the United States population.

Southern California's Occupy Claremont has actively supported Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Los Angeles and the movement across this nation. Last October their initial action involved staging a protest at one of our major local banks. Community local activists are often joined by nearby University students. All maintain their tent area erected on concrete neat and clean outside our City Hall.

I've been interested in conversing with a few of the Occupiers. They assured me this movement is still quite active locally and nationally. Also, Occupy anticipates more peaceful protests and actions in the coming year. Perhaps there is still hope some of the more definitive objectives they described will make a difference for citizens and their support will broadly increase.

A handout distributed there provided information promoting a Constitutional Amendment that would rectify the interpretation of law that allowed corporations to be considered individuals like you and me.

The Occupy movement with some protestors from around the country will be marching Monday at the conclusion of Pasadena's famed Rose Parade. After all the floats, bands, performers, celebrities, Rose Bowl dignitaries have passed, typically the multitude of trucks used to transport the floats to the display site appear followed by law enforcement vehicles. Occupy's group most likely will emerge with their display before or after the trucks and police cars. The degree of media coverage Occupy marchers receive remains to be seen.

I wonder if Occupy groups are still active in the community where you live, even if they aren't still camping out?

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Up Date with further details for Occupy at Monday's Rose Parade.......
credits: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin - Occupy article by Neil Nisperos, Staff Writer;
Los Angeles Times - Occupy article by Michael Hiltzik

A several thousand large Occupy contingent will be parade side with tents and camping overnight.

Select marchers expect to exhibit "...a giant 70-foot-long octopus and a 250-foot-long Constitution as parade elements."

This will not be an official parade entry but one being "...allowed to march on the parade route after the last float." Rose Parade officials have been quoted as saying other groups have marched in the past under supervision of the Pasadena Police Department.

This will be a peaceful activity as Occupiers stressed to me when I spoke with some of them. This movement is far from over in their efforts to focus citizens attention on issues affecting us all including: bringing accountability to Wall Street, addressing banks excessive power, concern there's too much money in politics, caution that there's increasing infringement on individual rights and privacy.

Citizens aware of inequities must take responsibility to bring about the changes needed for our nation.


  1. I don't keep up with OWS anymore. Most likely if they have any effect at all, they will have the same impact the 1960s movement had and spur the conservative movement into action again. Dianne

  2. You may well be correct, Dianne. It's much easier to complain about the issues than to protest with a group, much less demonstrate the dedication and commitment to do anything about the matter. Unless people continue to become involved with them to propel the momentum they'll fizzle out.

  3. Just as the tea partiers have swung the GOP to the right, I think the OWS people will push the Democrats to the left. As a result, voters are likely to face clearer choices than usual in the 2012 elections. It should be an interesting year. Hope it will be a good one for you and your readers.