Saturday, April 14, 2012


Some of you may recall I ventured into an unfamiliar to me literary realm by participating in a writing group beginning in the months following my husband’s death several years ago. One writer in our present group, Sue Buckwell, has given me permission to share a taste here of another of the most recent “flash fiction” stories she’s had selected for publishing at "Short Stories" blog.

There is no specific definition for “flash fiction,” but it refers to a style of fictional literature, or fiction of extreme brevity, 1000 words or less. Our group’s members enthusiastically look forward to Sue reading one of her original creations when we gather.

Sue's imaginative stories always have unpredictable endings, some quite diabolical, occasionally incredulous, others eliciting our laughter or additional emotional reactions.

You may read Sue Buckwell’s entire brief tale by clicking on this link to "Daddy Dearest.”

“My father was a psychoanalyst and instilled in me a fear of almost everything. Being a learned man, he also taught me the scientific names for each and every phobia I have amassed over the years. That one, for instance, is called polyphobia.”

I’m sure Sue will be most interested in your reaction to her story as will I and the rest of our group.


  1. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. I've a few phobias of my own, Sigh.

  2. In the past decade or so, since I retired, I have made a conscious decision to focus on the positive. Too much sorrow in the world as it is. The phobias I had have melted into the past and I want them to stay there. Dianne

  3. I think we all probably have our phobias; but reading Sue's post all I can say is WOW. God bless her patience and stamina. ~Joy

  4. A nifty tale that required a whole lot of effort by the author. I found it enjoyable, with a few good rib ticklers throughout.

  5. wow...that's certainly original! i've warmed chairs at two writing workshops, getting a degree at one, and never seen anything like this.

    that phobia of being alone is sure true for a lot of folks, men and women both.

    very enjoyable!