Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Listening to comments after the 2012 Presidential Debate at C-Span, where I viewed the event in live streaming video, I was surprised some phone callers and twitterers were saying they were still undecided about how to cast their ballots.    Perhaps some individuals may only recently have begun to examine all the significant issues. Maybe only now they’re seriously considering the desired direction for this nation in the next four years as election day draws near. 

I think there are profound differences between candidates and political parties.  Anyone viewing all the 2012  debates, including those of the Vice-Presidential candidates, carefully listening to the rhetoric, and fact checking candidates statements in those debates, could acquire sufficient information on which to make an intelligent decision about whether to vote for Democrats President Obama/Biden or Republicans Romney/Ryan, I think.  However, I’ve been a political junkie since I could first vote many years ago, so have been tracking events all along, and there are many other pertinent issues that were not mentioned that voters would be wise to learn about.

In addition to opinions formed from the debates, I would highly recommend consideration also be given to the basic philosophy and values of each candidate's political party.  Long-time straight party ticket voters should keep in mind there have been very significant changes in those two major political parties beliefs and practices from their once traditional positions as I've observed and based on the analysis of some political experts.   Unfortunately, we’re subjected to the detrimental consequences of these changes resulting in a Congress unable to come together to solve our nation’s problems.    Given these political party differences voters would be wise to carefully research the voting record and political beliefs of  current and future Congressional candidates before voting for them, too. 

Both parties used to be composed of conservative, moderate and liberal members so that coalitions across party lines were more easily formed on issues as some political analysts have said.   I would  also compare the composition of both parties in more recent years to have been altered in ways others have  described.

The Democratic Party position on many issues has become more conservative, moderate, and much less liberal than it was for many years.   

The Republican Party has become primarily extremist/ultra-conservative, marginalizing/rejecting their moderate and more liberal thinking members.

A lobbyist who is not even a member of Congress has commandeered the Republican House of Representatives members, holding them hostage to criteria he has dictated.  That’s not my idea of how an effective government of the people is intended to function.

That ultra/extremist Republican group drives their candidates, Romney/Ryan, with the extreme budget proposals (that don’t even balance), while also predicting job creation based on an approach tried before that is known to not work.  Despite generalizing rhetoric about moving our nation forward in today’s world they provide few specifics that compute accurately in dollars and cents/sense.   

I’m also very troubled by candidate Mitt Romneys waffling around about issues as he continues to do since he first began campaigning for his political party’s nomination.  He even denies making previous well-documented pronouncements when he has contradicted them in later statements.    

Here’s an original jazz recording with a title and lyrics most appropriate for candidate Romney’s "Undecided" wishy washy positions:  

“Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France, avec Stéphane Grappelli Stéphane Grappelli (vln); Django Reinhardt (g solo); Joseph Reinhardt, Eugène Vées, Pierre "Baro" Ferret (g); Emmanuel Soudieux (b); Beryl Davis (vcl)
1939 August 25 – London”

“Undecided” Partial lyrics:
First you say you do
And then you don't
And then you say you will
And then you won't
You're undecided now
So what are you gonna do?
Now you want to play
And then it's no
And when you say you'll stay
That's when you go
You're undecided now
So what are you gonna do?
I've been sitting on a fence
And it doesn't make much sense
'Cause you keep me in suspense
And you know it

Now we know from Mr. Romney’s former company, Bain, that he is able to invest the money of wealthy people to make them even more money – and some for himself, too, (so what if it means collapsing a few companies, sending jobs overseas and/or workers losing jobs.)   Could we expect his business skills to translate well to national governmental office?   Well, how did he do on even a smaller governmental level – say for just one state – when he was Massachusetts Governor?   Hm-m-m…..

Gov. Romney’s state then was among the lowest in the country in job creation.
Under his stewardship they had the second largest labor force decline in the nation.
They lost double the rate of manufacturing jobs that the nation as a whole lost.
He vetoed legislation that would have prevented doing business with companies who outsourced jobs to other countries.   
His state had below average economic growth, often close to the bottom nationally.

Romney doesn't have much to crow about and is hypocritical when it comes to what he says about health care given the program with which he was involved in Massachusetts.  These are only a few of many more less than positive facts that prevent my voting for the Republican Romney/Ryan ticket.

I believe the Democrat Obama/Biden ticket offers the most hope for continuing this nation on a road to gradual recovery in a manner that will:

create jobs,
benefit new business,
launch a rebirth of middle class America, 
institute a fair and balanced tax system
..... that doesn't place undue financial hardship on the wealthiest class,
cause the least financial and health harm to those of less means, 
provide health care to all citizens, 
preserve Social Security and Medicare with realistic adjustments,
reduce our national debt in a sane reasonable manner, 
rebuild our educational, social and physical infrastructure, 
maintain our military defense capability and national security, 
continue developing positive foreign relations around the world.

We'll need a Congress with forward thinking vision  that's willing to work for the salaries and benefits our taxes pay them to accomplish these goals for all generations today and for the future.


  1. Dear Joared, thanks for stating my own thoughts and decision so succinctly and well. I, too, am voting for the Obama/Biden ticket. And I so hope that in Congress many of the Tea Party representatives elected in 2010 will be "unelected"! and that more moderate Republicans--if there are any--will take their place in both the House and the Senate.

    The recalcitrance of the Republicans in Congress has kept President Obama from accomplishing all he's tried to do. When Mitch O'Connell (spelling) says that he and his cronies are going to spend the next two years making sure that President Obama has only one term, then we know that governing is not high on the list of the Republicans in Congress. Peace.

  2. Joared, I agree with you and Dee. I've already voted. Now, I'm just crossing my fingers and toes.

  3. Check out Saturday's "Up with Chris Hayes" and woman political scientist Stanford who talks about her research on the undecideds and some surprising outcomes http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/46979738/vp/49580727#49580727

  4. Interesting Hayes program and the "undecided voters" research. Thanks for the link. Note: the woman political scientist is associated with University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA,) not Stanford. Candidate Romney's reason for apparent "undecidedness" on issues may closely parallel those of the few truly undecided voters who may not understand all the factors.

    I've long been amused with the increasing number of pundit grouping constructs i.e. soccer moms, etc., and efforts to apply generalized views to all.

  5. Hi Jored. I posted your comment sent via email and thank you for the comments.

    As you might suspect, David and I are voting for Romney. We like him very much and think his approach to the economy will be the best. As good Americans, we will accept whatever verdict is decided next week. Dianne

    PS next time you try to leave a message, use the Anonymous and sign your name. This what I do on some difficult to access sites. Don't know why WP gives you so much trouble. D.

  6. I have already cast my vote for Obama. Romney is too dangerous. He doesn't seem to know what he thinks or what he is doing. Some people like men like him, but that is not the issue. He is so obviously incompetent.

  7. I am for Obama all the way. And I agree with Hattie that Romney is dangerous and incompetent. Anyone who votes Republican imho is shooting themselves in the foot.