Thursday, February 14, 2013


This Valentines month brings to mind a couple of current movies depicting romance, musicians and love with stories and casts especially focused on older individuals.   

“QUARTET” takes place in a very select community for retired operatic musicians portrayed by a delightful cast including Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly and Michael Gambon.    I recently thoroughly enjoyed viewing this movie which elicited audience laughter along with appreciation of some serious  more matter-of-fact aging issues.   


“AMOUR” focuses on a couple who are retired music teachers, apartment-dwellers, whose story evolves from the past into their present world.  The actors reportedly provide excellent performances many reviewers report.     Comments I’ve read reveal the movie depicts issues many encounter in real life.   Story events stimulate a wide range of emotions impacting viewers differently.    I’ve not yet seen this movie which has yet to open at our local theater.        


Your thoughts and reactions to these movies are welcome.


  1. Dear Joared, I hope to see the Maggie Smith movie but "Amour" is in a theater way on the other side of the Kansas City metro area and so I probably won't get to see it. Maybe I can, at some point, get it from Netflix. Peace.

  2. Maggie Smith is terrific in everything she does. I'll be watching for this one to play nearby.

  3. haven't seen "Quartet," but I intend to. Loved "Amour," but it's not an easy movie to see. Think I reviewed it on my blog....