Monday, April 01, 2013


Typically the first day of April is referred to as "April Fools Day" -- a fun day.   When I made a brief Internet search for names of tunes with "fool" in the title I was surprised to find so many.   These songs occur in just about every music genre'  including Country, Rock, R&B to name a few.    A few tunes are recorded in several genres'. 

Many different singers and groups have recorded select songs of their choice, including the three tenor operatic singers.  Here are a couple singers I've enjoyed.

A Day In The Life of a Fool -- Frank Sinatra

What Kind of Fool Am I -- Sammy Davis, Jr.

Those two songs lyrics are typical of most.  They're about love and generally the mood is sad with longing or regret.  

This song is sung by a vocal group that is a special favorite of mine.  

The Fool On The Hill -- Singers Unlimited

Obviously these songs weren't written specifically for April Fools Day.  The words and sentiments are quite contrary to how I've always experienced the day when harmless tricks are sometimes played on one another.    I think these jokey experiences occurred more often when I was young than when I reached what is considered an elder age.    Maybe your experience is different.

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  1. Remember...Why Do Fools Fall In Love....?? Nice post. Dianne