Thursday, August 14, 2014


Just a reminder that there's still an opportunity to express your views on the most current status of FCC Network Neutrality rule-making -- see my previous post.    We are all impacted by FCC rules.  

If you haven't yet formed an opinion on this issue or haven't found time to research the topic, though I rarely link to dot com websites, here's a source you might consider:

SingleHop's Stephanie Crets has written a concise short summation of the pro and con issues here:
 "A Neutral Guide to Net Neutrality."  

"Until September 10, 2014 ... members of the public can comment by visiting or emailing" she reports.


  1. You've opened my eyes to this issue. I watch little TV and have not been on top of this so thanks for the info.

  2. As a retired telecommunications employee, I a mostly staying out of this argument. As far as I am concerned there would be no controversy if the idiots in Washinton (Democrats) had left the Bell system intact.

  3. This is an important issue. Thanks for having brought attention to it.