Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Juno is in orbit around Jupiter!

What mysteries about earth's beginnings will we learn?

My spirit is lifted with renewed optimism for the future as I experience feelings of patriotism and pride from Independence Day 2016.    I welcome positive events that stimulate such reactions for me reinforcing that I  live in a great nation and am committed to my country continuing to be so.  These are a couple events prompting such views. 

NASA scientists at Jet Propulsion Lab shared on the internet their ecstatic reactions to the Juno spacecraft's successful precise movement into orbit around Jupiter after a five year journey from Earth.  I viewed NASA's live streaming video of this event July 4th night simultaneously with PBS's program Capitol Fourth orchestral patriotic music playing and spectacular colorful visions of  fireworks filling my television screen.   

One NASA scientist observed  how Italian Astronomer Galileo in 1610 first observed moons moving around Jupiter.  This was just one of his many discoveries but one with profound implications for scientific study. 

This Guardian link features a video of the NASA scientists event mentioned above.

Hope everyone had a special 4th.


  1. For me, the pride in our nation arises from what we commoners, and women have accomplished since 1776. It's all about becoming!

  2. Isn't that amazing and uplifting! The dedication and patience it takes to launch a spacecraft that will take five years to get to its goal is mind blowing. I couldn't believe that Jupiter has 53 named moons and more unnamed!


  3. I firmly believe the USA has been a work in progress since the beginning. Despite occasional steps backward, the thrust has been ever forward as we move toward maximum equality and justice. That makes me proud and happy to be an American. The Fourth is a special time to reaffirm that.

  4. Great post! I listen to Mozart's Jupiter Symphony daily, because it is so uplifting. I can imagine how those scientists feel, too.

  5. There is no denying Joarad that moments such as the Juno Project bring with it a significant feeling of accomplishment and pride. And what's not to love about it coming on the 4th of July.

    But... here we are on the 7th of July and what are the headlines that greet us this morning?

    "20 veterans a day committed suicide in 2014, new data show"

    Seems to be something askew when you are confronted with the reality that the men and women who made/make our 4th of July celebrations possible remain of seemingly little consequence or importance to our Nation or to the people enjoying the freedom of their sacrifices.

    1. There's no question too many veterans are not having their physical and mental needs met in this imperfect union of ours. We certainly need to keep pressing legislators and officialdom to rectify this situation. So many challenges this nation faces.