Sunday, September 11, 2016


Remembering .....9/11
......those whose lives were lost then and later

.....those still living who cope with the effects of what they encountered  then and later

.....those families and friends affected then and forever

So much going on in this world for which we have concern that reflection on painful experiences from the past is unwelcome.  Yet we need to consider events in our history lest in our haste to seek change we be doomed to again select a leader with questionable judgement capabilities (a fault one candidate from that same political party demonstrates almost daily) which so many now agree in hindsight was made following 9/11 -- that year not-so-long-ago.

On a more personal level  I shared my experience of  that day in an archived 2011 post titled
9/11 Remembered 10 Years Later  --  for anyone who may not have previously read it.
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  1. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a loved in such a terrible way. How do you make peace with that and with the direction that world has taken since? How do they make peace with the fact that people are starting to forget to the point that a stupid mattress store makes a disgusting commercial with twin towers of mattresses falling down? Fifteen years isn't long in the world of mourning a horrendous event but it's forever in the world of children growing up without a parent.

  2. Your two posts resonate. You have your 9/11 and we have our 26/11.

  3. This is a tragic reminder of all that happened on that day. My brother was scheduled for a meeting that morning in the towers, but his transportation to the city was delayed. When he finally arrived in NY, he headed into the area to see if there was anything he could do to help. I feel so fortunate he was spared. Many families are still grieving as we all remember this tragic day in our history.

  4. I wish I felt better about one of these two candidates. To me, they have both made very questionable choices again and again. i'll vote, because I always do, but it won't be with a good feeling this time. I will just hope the one who gets it does a better job than I fear will happen as the country needs help on a lot of fronts.

  5. No we don't need a bigoted liar for president. I pray Hillary will win.

  6. I think it is a sorrow that we, who watched the tragedy, will always keep in our heart. The years don’t seem to make it less painful.