Friday, November 04, 2016


"When someone shows you who they are, believe them, the first time."  

I wholeheartedly concur....with Maya Angelou.

The Republican Party Presidential candidate has repeatedly shown us who he is -- we need to believe him.   He clearly at heart is not the person he's been trying hard to present this past week or so prior to the election.   His Party's platform, assuming he would even try to promote it -- and I don't trust what he might do -- will not lead our nation to prosperity, especially since the financial approach is a repeat of a previously unsuccessful plan.    He and the wealthiest class will benefit most despite the platitudes of his caring about the rest of Americans -- campaign platitudes which are just that and nothing more.   If in doubt, consider news reports showing workers and businesses who've lost income owed them. 

A positive future is possible, I believe, with Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
I trust this candidate will make every effort possible to promote prosperity for this nation with plans she has outlined.  Hopefully, the legislative branches, especially the House of Representatives, will recognize they are long overdue to accept and engage in meaningful compromise for the good of the people which is precisely their job.   I am aware of her alleged shortcomings but believe them to pale in comparison to those of her opponent.

My perspective.....
I've given serious thought to what is at stake in this election as likely most readers here have also done.     I observed with great interest all the prospective candidates as they each burst on to the scene -- then their numbers were whittled down to the two major political party candidates.  I've been aware of all the shenanigans of one candidate turning this election into the basest of reality entertainment -- heard all the lies, innuendos -- noted the media suckered into providing free promotion of that individual, lessening the credibility of much of the serious news media in the process.   

Consider this.....
Third party candidates will receive votes from a small percentage of people who believe they're making a statement.  Unfortunately,  the reality is this is an empty gesture that will  serve to do little more than sway the election to one of the two realistic potential winners.   This is a critical time for our nation that would be best served if a choice between the top two candidates is made  based on major party platform, consideration of probable need  for Supreme Court nominee appointments.

After the election, third party voters need to then align themselves to actively promote whoever their favored candidate is for the future and build their party  to viable numbers for the future elections.  Some may well believe we need to relegate to lesser status that major party taken over by their current candidate repelling so many of their number -- or maybe some of that party can form that third party, and other possibilities.      


This is a momentous election year---with choices unlike any others in my lifetime --- so
--- we better get it right on who we select to be in charge of decision-making for us and our nation ---  if we want to retain our constitution's democratic republic as intended by our founders. 
Our next U.S. President needs to be------

... someone who understands our nation's importance and place in the world for our own security and need to foster peace
... someone who respects our country's various relationships with that of other nations
... someone who recognizes the significance of fostering unifying actions within our country
... someone who demonstrates genuine understanding of the needs of all socioeconomic groups 

... someone who actually offers realistic plans and solutions for problems facing our nation rather than simple-sounding grandiose or previously failed trickle-down financial schemes

.... someone not afraid to release their income tax form to demonstrate the truthfulness of claimed charitable contributions, true net worth
....  someone whose life's work has evidence of public service beyond self-aggrandizement
....  someone who speaks civilly of all genders
....  someone who does not disparage, ridicule, belittle and bully other individuals
....  someone who can verbalize meaningful ideas so does not have to resort to name-calling

....  someone who appreciates the need to value and preserve the fourth estate  instead of automatically condemning the press when they report the truth or what is unfavorable to them  
....  someone capable of using reason to recognize and build on what's positive in our government
....  someone  who.........there are more positive comments that could be written .......



  1. I have to vote for Hillary based on issues but I truly believe she's been corrupt, vindictive, and that her talk of it being a vast right wing conspiracy has led many liberals to not even look at the facts out there. Worse, the media has gotten so into getting her elected that they distort what Trump says to make Americans think he's worse than he is. I could list a lot of examples of her lifetime of making money through shady methods or the places the newspapers (which no longer deserve our trust) but for anyone who cared, they already know and maybe like me have to vote for her based on the issues. And not all of the things Trump would do are things I don't want. It's just some big ones are. I wish we had a better choice of candidates. I've filled out my ballot as Oregon has all vote by mail with only the Presidency left as I kept hoping something would happen to make me feel better about the woman who I do believe will soon have all the power of the Presidency behind whatever she wants to do. It depresses me. I tried to read a Washington Post article this morning, got through a few of their points before I got furious at the distortions. For anyone, who gets all their news through the mainstream media, they will be a lot happier to think what a good woman we just elected. As for me, I don't know where to get news anymore as to me I can't trust any of them. The journalism that traced down and caught the Watergate conspirators does not exist and I think that's one of the worst parts of this election season to see what has happened to 'news' which can only loosely be called news-- propaganda is a far better word for it :( I just hope the progressives who gave us her instead of Bernie were right about her and this will go better than I fear once she's got the power she's always wanted. For anyone who doesn't think she's been corrupt, explain how she and her husband got so wealthy while she worked for the State Department and was a US Senator. The pay for play is so blatant but with the Justice Department controlling what can be investigated and released, not much hope that she will ever see justice. I will vote for her but I am sickened to have to do it.

    Yes, this was a rant expressing a tiny part of what I feel right now about this election year. Feel free to delete it. Although I have a rant where i generally put this kind of thinking but your post was a trigger. We are a very very divided country and the media is part of why.

    1. Thanks for expressing how so many are reacting these days. Clearly this is an emotionally loaded election for most voters as I note with my own family and friends. I don't know what motivates many others to support H.C., or what they believe about her, only myself and those I know who are well aware of various concerns and limitations she presents. As for her opponent, the pattern of his campaign with his own words, documented actions of unofficial powers guiding him behind the scenes -- none of which I addressed in my post -- are major reasons I believe his becoming President would be a colossal mistake for our way of government. Just his contradicting positions supporting everything and nothing, that waiver whichever way the wind blows, and a week or two of restrained "on point" presentations hardly represent the rational behavior of a consistently competent leader I would want to follow even if the choice was for someone other than H.C. I seriously question he has ever truthfully shared what he believes or if he even knows beyond making as much money for himself as he can -- this does not translate to administering anything other than his own businesses with a record that has been questionable.

      News presentations have evolved for too many years into the realm of entertainment as information sources have increased in number, media companies moved to expecting news to be a source of income over public service, (thanks corporate America -- think G.E. when they took ownership of NBC) resulting in the watering down of content. So many people obsessing with celebrity contributes to the issue, too.

      I find reliable U.S. news sources are available though selectivity is necessary to obtain a perspective of all views -- not solely one-sided. Viewing/listening to world news accounts including BBC-Great Britain, broadcasts from Germany, China and Japan augment with other views. Responsible dedicated newspersons I've heard discussing their profession acknowledge a need to reassess what needs to occur in the future to fulfill their responsibilities as the Fourth Estate. I think its important to not totally condemn all news sources, to confront them with their failures as you observe, since their credibility is as vital a force to our way of government as the three official branches.

    2. I go through a variety of sources, try to find actual quotes or videos, but I am disappointed that the mainstream media has lost perspective and forgotten what journalism should be about. I don't confront them though. I turn them off and since ratings matter, that might eventually get the point across. In our attention deficit culture, I am not sure there is much hope and it won't get better in the near future unless there is a big change and I don't see that happening. Too many make too much money keeping it as it is. I wrote a rant this morning for my rant blog and plan to say nothing more about it as whoever wins, I hope it works out good for the nation.

  2. As a non American, I would rather not speculate. I would however point out to you that at least in India, the drama of your elections has been entertaining and subject to a lot of analysis. There has also been a lot of betting and a lot of it will change hands come the ninth.

    1. Sounds like our election has incited a bit of gambling in India -- the best action you can get without actually voting.

      I value the views of those outside our country. We live in this world together -- our words and actions impact one another. Hopefully, some of the ridiculousness of our election process, especially this year, will demonstrate our humanness -- again demonstrating we have our share of individuals seeking power capable of behaving badly as I've observed in other nations throughout my lifetime. I consider our nation has much at stake this election with the results of who we choose to be our leader having profound effects on our nation and the world. I hope our final selection will be a leader our people and the rest of the world can respect.

  3. I don't think either one of this Devious Duo is a good choice. I do like Maya Angelou though and miss her wisdom.

    1. These are the choices we have however we may view them.

  4. A very sensible take on the election. Thank you.

    1. When assessing the Republican Presidential candidate, especially, there are so many more significant factors to be considered indicating his election would be ill-advised that I didn't even present from what we should have learned from the past century of history.

  5. Right on....

  6. Good analysis. When we put all the misrepresentations, side issues, and personal attacks aside, the fact is that Hillary Clinton presents reasonable approaches to the problems our nation faces and Donald Trump does not.

  7. You have covered it all. It is not over even after the election if the most qualified candidate wins the electoral vote. The conservative power base has already declared a war against her even before she takes office. The are in slash and burn mode and we need to figure out how to change the laws so that crazy angry people do not run this country.

    1. Regrettably, what you say is likely true. The extremist elements did the same thing when President Obama was elected -- are partially responsible, at the very least, for many of the problems they decry. Such actions in which they engaged are so destructive to our nation -- quite contradictory to what our constitution is about.

      There is a tremendous need in this nation for two sensible rational strong political parties. The present factions controlling the Republican Party do not meet that criteria. They've demonstrated their failure to effectively legislate. Perhaps the time is ripe for a viable third party in touch with today's reality to emerge during these next four years -- one which so many young people I encounter desire.