Saturday, December 24, 2016


Sleigh rides are a happy upbeat holiday experience we romanticize today, but were routine winter travel in another century.    Today we could enjoy such an experience via virtual reality.   We can live it vicariously with this delightful Leroy Anderson composition performed by the Boston Pops conducted by Arthur Fiedler..



  1. Oh, yes, I have this one. PBS ran the Boston Pops Christmas Special right after the Mormon Tabernacle one, and I must say that Pops didn't compare well. Of then, I heard that the Mormons will perform for Trump, and I know I will never hear them again without thinking that they hypocrites for talking about much they love everyone and then supporting a man whose campaign was built upon anger, bigotry, boastfulness, and hatred.

  2. Not restricted to just the Mormon TC -- seem to be a lot other groups who've jettisoned their values for....what.....power....control? Read one of MTC singers has said she won't sing & leaders have said anyone who doesn't want doesn't have to participate.