Monday, January 09, 2017


A message worth listening to.......if we want the United States and the world to be great.  

Meryl Streep accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at 2017 Golden Globes


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  1. What a kick-butt speech.

    Of course the tweeter-elect finds her over rated and he never made fun of a handicapped person. So comforting to know our country will be lead by someone with the emotional maturity of a four year old. God help us.

  2. This makes an impression, all right. The media created and elevated the monster that is Trump, a person with no talent and little intellect. Meryl Streep, a person who has earned her place in the spotlight, is the very one to call him out.
    The press needs protection now. Trump wants to stop public criticism of him. But the fight is on!

  3. There are those that said it is just another elitist voice from the rich hollywood folks. And yet they have not a clue that billionaires will soon be running this country, far more elite than any movie star.

  4. MS seems to have got under DT's skin alright! The latter would give an arm and a leg to be part of the Hollywood crowd but for all his media exposure has really not been a very welcome person there!

  5. Wow! Just, Wow! I had only heard a snippet or two on the radio. Thank you, Joared!
    Cop Car

  6. She hit all the important notes and thank god we still have free speech and she is not hauled away to the Gulag.

  7. I had not heard or read the complete speech. Great stuff. She had it just right, and a lot of critics apparently have not bothered to actually hear or read what she really said.