Sunday, March 22, 2020


Thanks to some little critter chewing on my internet and landline phone wire connections outside my home I lost the service of both the day after my previous posting.   

Five days later was the earliest I could receive service, so I had to depend on my cell phone and texting necessitating using a keyboard for which I have the greatest animosity – several alphabet letters on each key – what a pain!     I briefly reconsidered possibly acquiring a lsmart phone but again concluded I presently don’t need or want one. 

Thanks to my all-news Los Angeles radio station, KNX, coupled with my erratic TV programming I could keep up with the rapidly changing issues evolving with the spread of the Coronavirus -- local, state and federal official associated actions – to determine how I would be affected.  My antenna TV reception was inconsistent due to signal interference caused by our rainy weather atmospheric conditions.  

There are typically few occasions when our weather conditions are such that I’ve experienced this TV signal interference, so this has not proved to be a problem generally – one that only began when broadcasting changed from analog to digital transmissions initiated a few years ago as described by clicking on this site.

All the world knows now that due to COVID 19 community spreading in Los Angeles County and our entire state, residents are being ordered to voluntarily stay in our homes referred to as Safer At Home.  Most small retail businesses are closed as are restaurants except for carry-out or drive-thru.  Farmers Markets are reported to be good fresh food sources.

I think progressive changes have been gradually moving us toward what has the potential for requiring even more strict requirements if the situation worsens as some project.    All this in an effort to thwart the most severe COVID 19 spreading effects to our citizens necessary to lessen demands on a health system reported to be inadequately equipped to address such a problem. 

I’ll share my experiences for whatever it might or might not be of interest to others.  The last time I was in a grocery store was a week or two ago before the first person in Los Angeles County died locally from the Coronavirus (refer to my previous post).  I had gradually purchased the final few items that week to add to my earthquake emergency preparedness kit – now my Coronavirus kit.   Even when I shopped so early hand sanitizer liquid and wipes were no longer available, so I still have none.   I anticipated if the virus progressed here as it had in other countries I did not want to be out in stores, knowing humankind would likely devolve into just the sort of rush on stores we’ve seen with shelves being stripped clean of products. 

No doubt some people are hoarding, also a few may be hoping to make a buck by selling items at inflated prices – they will be aggressively prosecuted if their asking price is increased by more than ten percent.  But I think most people, especially those with families – children, older and special needs family members, maybe a few who might be shopping for others, for example – are simply trying to purchase needed items they hope will last for the unknown duration of this event so they won’t have to leave the safety of their homes to even go to the store – which is also my intent.  Some stores have recently setup a special time period for oldsters and disabled to shop before opening to the public, also have started limiting the number of some high demand items that can be purchased. 

I have only left my home twice to go to drive thru businesses – a nearby pharmacy, though my regular pharmacy provides free delivery service  which I’ve used too.  I realized despite my planning I had no acetaminophen, only another type of anti-inflammatory pain reliever said not to be best to use for the COVID 19.   I thought I’d just order some on the net, but they were basically sold out with only one source at inflated pricing, so was pleased my drug store had a bottle for me when I phoned them the next day.  My previous medical work has had me well-prepared to engage in lots of hand washing, plus I have a box of gloves purchased years ago. 

The first day after the initial stay-in-our-homes announcement, especially older people, two  younger neighbors arrived at my door independently of each other bringing me containers of delicious home-made soups – chicken tortilla and minestrone – I’ve only now finished eating the last servings.   Both offered help should I need it and would purchase store items for me when they went out.  I consider myself extremely fortunate they’re concerned for me and another contemporary living alone nearby though she does have family in California which I do not.   We do observe the staying 6 feet distance from one other and I have no one entering my home.

I do find myself thinking of what I could do for others if I was more able.  I am unaccustomed to being on the receiving care end, but I know how important it is to caregivers for the care recipient to kindly and graciously accept offers of assistance – not to be too demanding.   When I retired a few years ago I never imagined my physical activity would have been slowed as has  occurred.  I fully expected to be hopping around with much more agility as some others older than me who are in their nineties or more seem able to do – my possibly volunteering to aid others at a time like this  But, we all age differently I remind myself and I am where I am, so adjust and adapt to my body’s dictates, continuing to value my sleek blue cane companion. 

I’m pleased we have a reprieve until July 15 for filing our federal income taxes.  Our state income taxes previously extended to June have now been aligned with the federal July date for submission both of which I must complete.   I don’t lack for ways to occupy my time while this stay at home order prevails. 

My children and I keep in contact across the country now that I have internet connections again.   I’m relieved they are able to work from their homes, one independently, the other whose company supports doing so, a grandchild in pharmaceutical graduate school studying at home now -- required necessary lab work postponed until a future semester -- meanwhile part time work in a pharmacy causes me to hope grandchild has access to protective items available for use.  Other elementary school grandchildren are adapting to being home all the time – as are their parents.  I sent them some jigsaw puzzles and a couple hands-on exploratory-type kits.   

I’m distressed the advance preparation for this Coronavirus has been decidedly negligent at the Federal level.  Clearly this rests at the feet of the highest level of our government despite all the excuses, blaming of others our prevaricating leader utters.  If this isn’t critical to ensuring the security of the American public, I don’t know what is, once again revealing incompetence and betrayal by this President to his oath of office. 

We must focus on weathering the full fury of this infection.   When the disease peak finally passes, there must be an accounting for the negligent preparation, delayed initiation of preventative efforts and even timely production of protective gear and equipment -- not only for our caregivers but ordinary citizens – including the continuing absence of adequate numbers of tests to even establish the presence of the virus. 

I’m constantly amazed at the attitude of a longtime friend (age 89) who has been an ardent supporter of our current national ruling regime.   She is angry and resents being told we are being confined to our homes.   In fact, she took no responsibility for her own behavior, making a point of walking about many stores the day before the request to stay home had to be made an order.   She has perceived the threats of this virus as being overblown echoing our nation’s leader, but now resents being unable to go about her life as usual.  A cult-like mentality willing to engage in self-destruction seems to prevail with some, lacking in critical thinking, or understanding of even basic science.  They can jeopardize their own lives if they choose, but, unfortunately, all of us are affected.

She demonstrates no effort at her workstation to provide protective germ-killing cleaning between clients.  Many of her clients have cancelled appointments as I have done.  She lauds  this government’s actions confronting the viruses danger, excuses all the obvious previous shortcomings and never seems to mind all the blatant lies told by our leader – some actually contradicted by the facts -- such as everybody could get a Coronavirus test, and ignores respected scientific experts having to clarify a certain medication was not yet proved to be a safe, effective treatment for the virus contrary to our leader’s assertions.

Just because our self-proclaimed genius leader said he “feels” use is supported to counter the virus because he knows he’s been right about so many things does not make it so.  Who can believe these bizarre pronouncements, respect such a person, or want to follow this kind of leader? 

The debt this nation will incur to aid our citizens, as we should,  results in this leader  successfully leading our nation toward incredible deficits  --  which, coincidentally is what he  accomplished most in his own personal business career – multiple bankruptcies.  What would revelations from his hidden tax returns show?      

Big Bear Bald Eagles finally gave up expecting their eggs would hatch and left them overnight during the time I was without Internet service.  Reports are that the ravens moved in and ate the eggs contents.   Jackie and Shadow, the parental eagles, have surprised everyone by bringing more twigs and fluff to the nest.  This leaves researchers studying them wondering if they’re planning to lay some more eggs this late in the spring, or are they just indicating an intention to remain a pair who will return to raise a family next season?   

Heard on the news the past afternoon that the Big Bear mayor has tested positive for COVID 19.  So, the mountain elevations are no hinderance to the virus activity,

We continue to have a drastic shortage of personal protective items, masks and gowns especially critical for our health care providers.   A continuing need for equipment, especially ventilators, is ongoing.  It is just incredible to me that only today do I hear our nation’s leader finally announcing he’s ordering release of some additional masks for our health care workers.

Reports I read earlier stated many stored reserve masks dates indicate some have expired.  You can read about the implications on this 3M worker safety website and on this Business Insider website specifically addressing the n95 face mask. 

Doctors and Nurses report on TV they’re running out of protective gear such as masks, gowns, goggles, are pleading for more if community has any they can donate.

FDA has approved the first rapid response test offering results within hours instead of days NPR reports. 

L. A. area Long Beach Community Hospital is being reopened adding more beds to be available for Coronavirus patients. 

St. Vincent Medical Center is reopening with more beds for Coronavirus patients.

L.A. County Sheraton Fairplex Hotel near where I live is making their 244 rooms available to quarantined Coronavirus patients.

I perceive our state’s Governor Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti initiating meaningful preventative actions to address issues here, contrary to the often foot-dragging reactive actions that have prevailed at the national level.  Given that California has the fifth largest economy in the world and a large population the challenges here are not small. 

Frequent press conferences independent of each other from our Governor and the L.A. Mayor inform us of the truth and reality of our dynamic constantly changing situation as they take a pro-active approach to our problems.  They provide needed information that I experience as offering an expectation they are doing what can best be done, adjusting and adapting as circumstances dictate. 

I am prepared for the situation to become worse before it gets better but may not be as bad as it could be if our citizens cooperate with the guidelines we’ve been given as our responsibility.  I have hope and look forward to our future. 


  1. My main response to the coronavirus epidemic is preferably to stay at home but if I have to go out for some reason to keep my distance from other people. We have plenty of food but a lot of basic food items are still missing from the supermarkets because of relentless panic-buying. We're told there is no shortage of food and no need to stockpile but obviously a lot of people are taking no notice.

    1. Some people routinely shopped frequently before all this I think, which I avoided doing as much as possible.

    2. We went from shopping each week to shopping every 2nd week. We did find some hand wipes, Wednesday, but they were rationing - one cannister per family/shopper. We bought a cannister to keep in Hunky Husband's car. I'm trying to get him into the habit of cleaning his hands, steering wheel, switches, etc each time he gets into his car from shopping. (Good luck to me on that!)

      The nurses in our family (in skilled nursing homes) are working long hours. Although the homes are otherwise locked down, they do get to go home every couple of days to catch a little rest. Our daughter (mother of one of the nurses) is working from home, so she cooks up a meal, takes it over to their house, puts it in their frig, and sterilizes the bejesus out of everything before she leaves. Fortunately, the kids are staying full-time with their work-from-home father.

      I don't understand hoarding since I really, really want everyone around me to have whatever it takes to keep them well - partly, because I'm not mean enough to want them to fall ill; but, partly to keep them from passing it on to me!

      I'm saving somewhat used facial tissues, paper napkins, and paper towels for light duty in the bathroom to stretch out the bathroom tissue that we have on hand. Who knows how long it will be before we see more on store shelves? Another thing that surprised me: We're low on dishwasher detergent and haven't been able to find more. Fortunately, I have an unopened box of granular laundry detergent that can do double-duty in a pinch.

      Good luck, Joared!

    3. Sounds like you have everything under control -- as much as any of us can control when it comes to this virus. Do hope you and family all stay well.

  2. These really are trying times and sometimes I think I will just wake up--but that never happens. I am following all the rules as best as I can and rather than hoarding, I am rationing what I have.
    We have the store hours for seniors also on Tuesdays and I will go then for some things I am just out of. The hour is from 6 to 7. I had to laugh at a friend who said she never thought she would have to set her alarm just to go grocery shopping. We are in a world of "firsts".

    1. That is a first — setting the alarm to go grocery shopping. That’s too early for me, but we do what we have to do. One store chain here opens later, closes earlier, but senior shopping is 8-9 am. I didn’t shop weekly before, instead kept enough on hand so I could go much less frequently.

  3. With some trepidations we have accepted one of the many offers of help with shopping from a person we haven't even met yet. She (one of many) contacted us through a neighbourhood project and will do our shopping for us, with a list via email, leaving it at the front door.
    We had to get real for this one, accepting that I am a risk person due to my health condition, while my husband had to stop thinking hes was still 45 years old.

    You take care!

    1. Think of you and glad you have someone to aid with your shopping. Yes, we do need to realistically look at our situation, then recognize reality dictates how we best adjust and adapt. Stay well!

  4. I worry about not finding things when I go out this week. I have sanitary wipes but no Purell type of stuff. I have lots of soap and enough TP...running out of sugar, but really that is probably good for me. I will see what is available this week.

    1. Hope you’re able to find what you need. Just heard on the radio another grocery chain here has added a weekly special A.M. hour for seniors to shop.

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