Friday, October 27, 2006


Continuing the story of my seduction ...

After visiting a number of blogs written by bloggers of various ages, on this first foray into the blogosphere, I happened on a blog that quite caught my attention. Strung across the top of the blog, beginning on the left hand side of the page, I saw a smiling pretty little girl. She seemed to gradually age and mature before my very eyes as I followed the changing picture sequence all the way to the right side of the page.

I noticed then, a caption that read, "What it's really like to get older." Later I learned all those pictures I saw at the top of the page were of the woman writer of that blog. At that time I wasn't particularly interested in who she was or much about her. I was interested in what she had to say, so I simply began to read some of what was written on that blog. I liked what I read and, her "post," as I learned a piece is called, was well-written for my taste. I noticed most others apparently agreed, had written comments of approval at the end of the piece, also expressing their views on the topic that day, along with any of those few who had disagreeing views.

In the weeks and months ahead, I returned to the blogosphere, visiting numerous blogs, but often I found myself going to that one particular blog as my last stop for the night before going to bed. From time to time I visited other blogs, not only in the United States but in Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Scotland, Japan, France to name just a few countries.

Many of the new blogs I visited were simply links and recommendations made by bloggers I read and enjoyed, whose judgement I was beginning to trust and respect.

During this period I was only reading blogs. I later learned readers only, such as myself, are sometimes referred to as "lurkers." At first, I thought this term had negative connotations only, which it can in some instances, but since I knew my motives were honorable, I ultimately, did not mind being referred to as a "lurker."

Having established what I believed to be legitimate real people associated with these blogs I was repeatedly visiting, I found myself, one day, wanting to make a comment on a topic. The topic had to do with whether or not some bloggers would ever want to meet each other in person. I decided to type my first comment, but to use a web name, which I proceeded to do with some trepidation. I was mindful that when writing on the Internet, the admonition is to never say anything you wouldn't mind having printed on the front page of the New York Times. I don't know what I thought might happen, but, of course, nothing did.

My view was very skeptical of the idea of ever meeting in person someone with whom I had only online contact, and I said so. Many months later, I had completely evolved on that subject to a view that under certain circumstances, with select people, I would look forward to such a meeting, possibly with others present, and/or in an open public setting.

Continued to the Final Part IV.


  1. I followed the same path as you, from being a lurker (hoverer) to blogging, except I guess it was shorter. And recently, I HAVE met some bloggers I only knew from the blogosphere, most of them in public places, but one, at HER place. And mind you, all of them were pretty much how I had imagined them to be, from reading their posts!
    Have you tried the new interface of, the one in beta?

  2. It may have taken Claude a shorter time than you, but it took me a great deal longer than you to come out of the lurker (hoverer) closet. I was reading blogs, fascinated, from 1999 on. It took four more years before I started mine.

  3. Claude,
    Joared might wanna wait on the Beta version. The interface might be easier, but there are a world of other problems. For myself, I am waiting.

    Thinking back, my first attempt at a blog made me wince, then laugh at myself. Just what was the big deal? It felt awkward and silly. I even deleted my first attempt totally. Waited a few months, then started anew. It took about three months before I really felt like I knew what I was doing. Longer still to find my "voice".

    So, hang in there, Joared!

  4. What a great way you started your blog, you started by telling us about your seduction - makes sense.

    I plunged right in, really didn't have any idea of what I was getting into. I've been interviewed many times and the story I tell goes like this.

    I saw an article in the Boston Globe about blogging, it had something to do with computers so I asked my son Steve, "what's blogging?" He told me and said, "Ma, why don't you do it" and two weeks later I was born. Steve encouraged me and helps me in many ways.

    It amazes me to this day how blogging has opened up a whole new world to me.

    I don't think of myself as an adventurous person but by plunging in I've been on a trip of a lifetime!

  5. Well, Millie and I have something in common...only it was my daughter, Jory, co-founder of the BlogHer Network and Conference, who kept urging me to start my own blog. And, when Ronni and several other bloggers put their two cents in for support, it seemed like the most natural next step. Jory set me up...and here I am. I haven't ever regretted it. It's quite a different thing than just commenting on other sites, isn't it Joared? Being able to communicate what you feel to others is very liberating. The fact that you make some beautiful friendships along the just icing on the cake.

  6. Two years ago I had read something about "blogs" in the newspaper and I thought "Well why not" so I started my blog and then I started fishing around for other blogs to read and found Ronni's "Time Goes By" and I was hooked.

    The links to other blogs that Ronni had posted led to a whole new world; one step at a time to Robert Brady's Purelandmountain in Japan to Claude's in Paris and all over the US and several in Canada.
    Blogging is a facinating hobby and I do feel as if I know the person and the personality of so many of my blog friends.

    Welcome aboard Jorad.

  7. Really appreciate all you experienced bloggers sharing abit of the process and timelines for when you first started reading, then evolved to blogging.

    Probably if I hadn't had the encouragement I received, I would have taken much longer, maybe never, getting to this point. Now that I'm here, what do I do???