Sunday, February 11, 2007


FYI the progression of blog features I hope to add here has been, and for a time will continue to be, rather erratic and slow. The same is true for my visiting other blogs and for adding new blogs to my sidebar listing. To partially make up for lost time, there are some very special blogs that I want to add to the list of interesting blogs, all of which I was introduced to in various ways in the beginning weeks and months I visited the blogosphere. I consider all the blogs to which I provide links worthwhile reading on any given day and leave it to each reader to determine which ones are of special interest to them which is exactly what I assess for myself.

I first entered the blogosphere from an address I read about in a United Press newspaper article explaining weblogs (blogs) and providing some web addresses where I might find these "blogs." I wrote about this and my evolution to becoming a blogger myself when I wrote my very first posts entitled "Seduction" found in the October 2006 archives listed on this page's right sidebar. The website I first visited is called "The Ageless Project" where one of the ways bloggers are listed is by their birth year.

One of the blogs listed there that I visited which piqued my interest for return reading as a "lurker/hoverer" (someone who visits, may read, but doesn't make their presence known by commenting) was called "My Mom's Blog By Thoroughly Modern Millie," written by Millie Garfield.

I'm finally adding Millie's blog, though it was one of the first I visited and enjoyed, which showcases her as a delightful humorous commenter on life. Occasionally, with her son, Steve, who I understand piqued her blogging interest in the beginning, they have made some funny videos demonstrating the frustrations she and many of us experience trying to get inside packaging today to retrieve the product we purchased.

I had just such an experience recently as I struggled to open a package that almost found me slicing an artery several times on the sharp heavy duty plastic edges that surfaced when I finally penetrated the hard clear plastic with a sharp object to enlarge the opening, so I could actually access the contents on the inside. In the midst of my undertaking I thought of Millie and Steve and what a hey day of frustration and laughter they would have had showcasing this debacle as they've done with so many of their videos.

Another blog to which I returned repeatedly and with increasing frequency was "Time Goes By" written by Ronni Bennett, who was my junior in age, with my birthday falling between Millie's and Ronni's.

I was immediately caught up in the premise of the "Time Goes By" blog as focusing on "What It's Really Like To Get Older." I probably learned more about blogs and blogging at that site than any other blog I visited, long before I ever even commented on a blog myself. I found suggestions as to optimal print, paragraphs spacing and more, when writing a blog, periodic brief descriptions of new blogs, and old blogs but new to me, from which I could choose some I might want to visit. I periodically visited the blogs of those whose comments on her pieces I found interesting. Sometimes I just randomly picked a blog on her blog roll whose title intrigued me. This all became possible when I discovered the magic of a click on links which she so readily provides in her posts and all over her site as I then began to realize other bloggers also provided.

One day my attention, through my usual sources described above, I became aware of a blog called "Octogenarian" written by Mortart. What a pleasure to find this blog since I'm a bit of a news junkie, and here was a real live newsman writing educated professional commentary pieces on pertinent events of the day taking place all over the world. Also, he added a bonus of personal accounts of some of his life experiences. fascinating family history and even more. I became intrigued with that blog on my very first visit. Most recently he has written an interesting personal account of his pen pal writing while serving in our armed forces during WWII.

Another blog I have delighted in finding is written by a personable lady who has a way with words, known to those of us who love to laugh, remember and ponder life's complexities with her, as Lucy at Golden Lucy's Spiral Journal. She is delightfully open, honest and straightforward sharing with us the joys, pleasures, challenges of her life, having made a dramatic change in living environment moving from Florida to Colorado which meant significant weather changes too.

A unique blog I located along the way is one written by Mary Lee called "Full Fathom Five." This is an intriguing title that has to do with submarines, but I'll leave it to those of you who are interested to learn the reasons for it in posts there, or directly from the writer. She writes some of the most descriptive mental pictures of the country and ocean side area surrounding where she lives, provides actual photos which demonstrate of what she writes. She also writes about books which she is reading, all designed to stimulate serious thought on issues we've probably all thought about at one time or another, or soon will once we read her post.

All of these bloggers, those on my sidebar and others created an environment that resulted in my feeling quite welcome in this community whenever I offered comments on their blogs long before I ever became a blogger. They certainly contributed to my desire to "live" part of my life in this blog world. There are so many blogs I have enjoyed over time since I've entered the blogging community, that I want to provide links so others who visit me can readily enjoy them also if they choose. That is why I've written this post today.


  1. Wow!! That was an excellent post. Your personal review of bloging was very thoughtfully presented. I'm going to check out some of those blogs you mentioned. You have motivated me to do more bloging.

  2. Thanks, Bob. Just came back from your place and was fascinated with your topic today. Others may find it interesting, too, so here's where they can find you:

  3. Joared,
    I also had found the blogs you mentioned at Ronni Bennett's TGB site and I found you via your thoughtful comments on Ronni's site.

    In the beginning I stumbled across Ronni's blog via Google when I typed in a search for "Aging Gracefully"

    It's a big wide wonderful world out there especially when it comes to our blogging buddies

  4. In my studies I've found that the social aspect of blogging is very important to female bloggers (I'm starting to publish the results).

    Also, I, too, love all things French. Just had a quiche and cafe au lait at the French bakery a couple of streets away this morning.

  5. The excellent blogs you mention are on my reading list and I discovered them thanks to Ronni's Time goes By. Blog reading has become part of my daily routine, and I agree that I feel like belonging to a blogging community.

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