Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just watched a fascinating video featuring a French entertainer, Jerome Murat, that you can see here. The question is, "How did he do that?"

Special thanks to singer /artist, DiAne Gillespie, for bringing this video to my attention. A link to DiAne's site is here.

I've been a bit of a "ham" most of my life, actively involved in amateur theatre in my young single days, and in my heart ever after that time. I've never been a singer or a mime but thoroughly enjoy these performers as do so many others.

I also have had a romantic love affair with France, the language, the people and everything about the country for much of my life which probably continued to be stimulated with George Gershwin music as I've written in my previous post "Music In My Soul."

I've enjoyed some French performing artists such as Edith Piaf, with a number of her songs you can listen to here , if you scroll down the page a bit.

Another French singer, Maruice Chevalier, is showcased here. He appeared in a number of very popular American movies, singing a number of songs in French and English including this one, "Thank Heaven For Little Girls."

Then we have our very own vocalist, Eartha Kitt, who sang in France, was known in the U.S. too, as you can read here. Her signature song was C'est Si Bon," but many will likely recall a sensual tune she sang entitled "Let's Do It."

Other French entertainers who have fascinated me have been some of those who pantomime, "mime" for short. Probably the one mime who stands out above all the rest is the Frenchman, Marcel Marceau, about whom you can read more, then see and hear this video here.

In America we've have mimes Shields and Yarnell, who continue to do a few performances. This is a link for more information%


  1. I didn't know about Jérôme Murat, Joared! He is really great. Thanks. I'm going to post the video to my French blog.
    To post a video on your blog, all you have to do is copy the line that says embeddable player and paste it to your blog page.

  2. That is a truly amazing video Joared. I just loved it....thanks.

  3. I had seen that first Maurat Video some time ago and found it astounding! So very clever and funny and such artistry....Magnificent! And I don't have a clue as to how he does it! I love that it is so very Magical....

  4. Your love of theatre shines through! Have you ever thought that blogging is an act of performance? The audience is in the mind of the blogger.

    Some of that was the subject of my study. I'll start posting results soon.