Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pleasure Fulfilled

There is a never-ending unwritten list in the back of my mind of small pleasures I look forward to experiencing. One such item on my list is highlighted below. I expect many of you have your own uniquely appealing list.

BOOM ! ! !

The cannon roared unexpectedly drawing our eyes skyward. A gigantic frothy grayish smoke ring slowly moved higher in the night’s moon lit sky toward cloud layers in the atmosphere before fading from view. The amphitheatre crowd cheered. The one hundred person Pacific Symphony Orchestra continued bombarding us with the increasing tempo and volume of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture." Mesmerizing sound punctuated violent musical crescendos as though the sky was quickly embracing this offering to the gods and goddesses of sensual pleasure. Then there was a sky splitting crackling sound simultaneous with the explosions of sparkling colors including red, silver, gold fireworks shooting upward like rockets, then spreading across the sky in a long sequence of firings. The residual flaming sparks gradually dimmed, faded from sight, then suddenly a second cannon BOOM followed by the appearance of another smoke ring, soon drifting off in search of its predecessor. Another long-desired pleasure fulfilled for this witness to the end of summer’s amphitheatre concerts.


  1. There is always something unique about enjoying an outdoor concert. Perhaps it's the atmosphere, the air that carries the sound waves that's different then a concert hall. Or maybe it's the casualness of the outdoors that allows the audience to be more relaxed. I'm trying to put my finger on the reasons for the differentness.

    Thank you for giving me the experience your concert through words.

  2. You write so well about something you look forward to experiencing that it made me wonder if you were writing about something you HAD experienced.

    A summer's end with a bang, right?

  3. I love outdoor concerts....and you made this one come to life. Thanks Joared.

  4. Love it, love it. Let's do it.