Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Season

Today begins the Fall 2007 season, one of my favorite times of the year. A song that often comes to mind is "September Song," one many musical artists have performed, but as he aged, I think the rendition sung by Frank Sinatra became especially poignant including lyrics:

"Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasn't got time for the waiting game"

I've always been fascinated with the bright vivid changing colors of the leaves I recall from my youthful years in the midwest. I remember raking fall leaves, making a huge pile in the back yard, then running and jumping in them. We could even build a bonfire with them in a large old circular oil drum once our playing finished and thoughts of food prevailed. Those days preceeded the awareness of environmental issues so prevalent and of concern today. We whittled small stick branches to a sharp point on one end, on which we impaled hot dogs and marshmallows to create our desired treat and satisfy our hunger.

Years later as as a young adult I fondly recall a fall traveling in the northeastern states well known for the most spectacular of all seasonal colors. The U. S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service provides some reference dates for viewing fall colors in various parts of our country for all who might seek such pleasure.


  1. Leaves are still pretty green over here as there has been lots of rain and not much sun this summer in Paris. But last year at the same time, the colours of Autumn were stunning. And while I was in the States, at the beginning of October, I enjoyed the colours of the forests of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I love Fall.

  2. I don't exactly know why but autumn seems like a sad time of year to me. Perhaps it is the promise of barren trees and winds of winter that are just around the corner. In so many ways, however, fall this year is a welcome respite from our recent devilishly hot and dry summer.

  3. Oh my! Fall is my favorite time of the year too. Sailing in an 18ft. Interlake on Kent Lake, NW of Detroit is sheer pleasure at this time of the year. This lake is surrounded by a park so it is free of signs and billboards. I'm a member of American Sailing Institute. Go to for the details.

    "September Song" is one that I enjoy at any time of the year and whoever sings or play it is just fine.

  4. absolute favorite time Joared. Everything about it has always given me a warm and fuzzy feeling....nostalgic even. From the weather to the's the best.

  5. No time for "the waiting game" as mentioned in that lovely song in my locale. Though the trees only donned their colors a few days ago, already too many leaves have fallen. I have to remind myself each year to smell, absorb, take note, have a really good look, etc. because if I don't take a good look, I feel so sad and cheated when winter comes and I feel like I "missed' those few precious, too beautiful days of autumn. I swear in autumn even the sky is bluer.

  6. I love fall, too, Joared! As you well know, here in the Buckeye State we get really lovely leaves to look at! My favorite drive is up Rte. 700 to Hiram which I discovered when my daughter chose to attend college there. Amish Country provides great "leaf peeping", too!!

  7. Ah, autumn, one of my two favorite seasons. What lovely memories of living in the mid-west and then later visiting the mountains in Georgia and North Carolina as the leaves were changing.