Monday, June 16, 2008

Bottle Tree Captures Evil Spirits

My earlier recent post, "Hotter Than Hot..." referred to all sorts of unusual occurrences I've experienced recently. I was bemoaning the onset of mysterious forces attacking my car, malfunctioning household appliances, a non-functioning house air conditioning unit, a damaged yard water pipe to name just a few items. Some who commented could readily identify with my woes, as I expected. Others even related a litany of calamities I was grateful for not having experienced myself. I derived hope knowing they all had survived, actually overcome their obstacles, and lived to tell the tale.

One fact became very clear, actual final resolution of the varied problems I and others described, generally involved employing repair persons, and/or visiting store keepers, then ultimately transferring some form of monetary funds from ourselves to others. Personally, in this process I like to think I'm helping the economy despite impoverishing myself.

I noted some who commented about their experiences, also shared their various coping mechanisms. I soon realized the import of these informative offerings and am especially appreciative to each who shared. I have come to believe as a public service I am duty bound to briefly summarize what I've learned from them for my own and others possible future reference. I do stop just short of recommending some of these measures, since some refer to unusual less traditional methodology. In fact, some of their methods could even be thought of as unorthodox. However, I say, whatever works, is worth a try. But, I offer this caution and disclaimer, that if you undertake any of these actions, you do so of your own volition and at your own risk.

Joy at "Joy of Six" employs an interesting technique in times of disaster, but a coffee table is required. I believe her description suggests it's important to undertake this measure soon after first discovering major interior house destruction is underway. Actually it's quite simple, you just run round and round the coffee table, but she failed to disclose the length of time for which this must be continued. Also, I'm not clear about whether this action is to be done only in instances when unwanted water is spurting from wall pipes into various rooms in the house, or if the activity can be utilized for more ordinary catastrophes like a ceiling falling down. Perhaps she's still perfecting the technique.

Since I have two small rectangular coffee tables, I'm adapting her methodology to include aligning my tables in such a way I can include not only repetitively running around them, but jumping over them one at a time, should I ever encounter the problem she described.

I'm so happy I became a blogger and have an opportunity to learn all this from others.

Millie at "My Mom's Blog" quickly ascertained numbers were coming into play, citing the possibility the old saw about events happening in "threes" or that combinations might be at work. She's probably still trying to master how to overcome that challenge, as I haven't been able to figure it out either.

Pattie at "Texas Trifles" can always be counted upon to provide more exotic strategies that often have their roots in Deep South traditions, Texas folklore, or emerge from Louisiana's swamps. Some less well-informed individuals might discount them as simple myths. She clearly recognizes we should all be thinking more along the lines of preventative measures, though some of her suggestions can be instituted to ward off repetition of previous problems.

Reading of my woes, she instantly recognized the presence of "bad juju." She counseled my need for "mojo" to ward off evil spirits. A musical link she provided obviously set the right mood to initiate a search for just the right mojo. She reminded me of the possible benefits of dried chicken feet, candle lighting, but I failed to grasp the significance of her suggestion a "bottle tree" might be beneficial. I even naively suggested she must be confused (as she once erroneously thought I was) and was referring to the bottle brush tree.

Fortunately, Chancy, "Driftwood Inspiration" at quite knowledgeable herself about southern traditions, was intrigued enough to search for more information about the bottle tree. Thanks to Chancy for sending me this link to "Out of Nowhere" by Don Drane, with a colorful picture of a bottle tree.

You may see here, 74 yr old Charlotte Conner has an impressive looking "Blue Bottle Tree."

Then among the Mississippi Delta Artists there is the "Bottle Tree Man" who has a different variety tree.

Africa is the bottle tree's place of origin. The belief is the night's evil spirits are captured in the bottles, then destroyed when the next day's sunlight penetrates them as described in this Wikipedia article.

I'm sure there are many more ways to alleviate our woes, but these must suffice for now.


  1. I think I might have to try the running around a coffee table theory!

    Except I don't own one anymore. Toddling grandkids meant mine went to Goodwill.

    The Lousiana version of the bottle tree is the best. But, beware if your area is prone to a lot of hail stones. The old glass house theory in a different setting. Mother Nature doing the tossin', of course.

  2. Old bayou folks simply tied bright colored bottles with twine to hang loosely in the branches. Add an image of old Spanish Moss weeping down and I can imagine all sorts of spooky stuff.

  3. First of kill me Joared. I can't stop laughing. I must try to employ ALL of these methods if needed. As far as my coffee table theory....I'm not sure how long my legs can hold out running for very long, but my daily walks are making them stronger...AND although I haven't tested it, I think it could be put into play for other potential disasters. Thanks my friend....

  4. Joared,

    I can see a real positive aura coming from your original tale of woe.
    By just posting the photos of those bottle trees you have released the good Mojo that Pattie referred to and the "Repair Gremlins" will henceforth stay away from us all.

    Bless you...;)

    PS I will NOT run around my coffee table since it is glass and already has a nick on one corner and I might happen to fall into it.

  5. I'n considering a bottle tree --it's an interesting idea!

    Like Chancy, I have a glass table and since my balance is at best screwy, running around it could ne hazardous to my health.

    Another idea is something I did a few months ago. I ordered a wee bottle of something called banishing oil from my psychic witch because I sensed that there were some spirits loose in my house that weren't too helpful. A dab on all the windows and doorways worked a treat and life has been relatively calm ever since.

    Maybe it was it wasn't the oil -- maybe it was just time for things to settle down a bit but I won't discount it -- there's a lot of things in this world beyond our ken.

  6. My husband and I have started looking for a condo, to downsize our lifestyle and try to lessen our carbon footprint, and reduce the need for endless home maintenance. I'm thinking of your mention of things breaking down, your having to hire repair-people, etc.
    We'll be sure to take a non-glass coffee-table with us, wherever we go.