Friday, June 20, 2008

Unbelievable Mysterious Forces Persist

I hadn't intended to write any more on this topic after the post "Hotter than Hot...Murphy's Law," then the "Bottle Tree...Evil Spirits" follow up piece, but unexpected circumstances have developed.

Incredibly we're having hot triple digit days again, but what I really find unbelievable are the mysterious forces continuing to besiege me. This afternoon as I drove through town on Historic Route 66 I suddenly noticed the air temperature blasting full force from my auto air conditioner felt exactly like Lucifer himself was airing out his place into my car.

I immediately made a quick U-turn at the next intersection driving the two miles west directly to my gas station for consultation with one of my trusted mechanics. He said they could take my car right then, would check the systems integrity, inject Freon, if needed, and be done in an hour. I gladly relinquished my car key and altered my afternoon's schedule. There was one caveat, that a more serious mechanical malfunction could alter the plan. Fortunately, no leak was detected, though I still wonder how that Freon escaped. At least I was able to resume my day in my now cool car.

That bad juju is still here and the mojo I've employed just isn't working. There are huge footprints in my yard now as something ate the dried chicken feet. I exhausted myself trying to keep the candles lit in the wind. Local law enforcement told me to tone down the mojo music as the neighbors were complaining. Before all this I tried running around my coffee tables, discovered I couldn't jump over them as I thought, so had to give up on that. I only had one colored bottle, so earlier I had planted it in the ground to grow a bottle tree, but so far it hasn't caught root, much less sprouted more bottles. Those evil spirits are still out and about.

Maybe hoodoo isn't enough and Louisiana voodoo is needed. I don't think a rabbit's foot could be used any more. I noticed a full moon in the sky tonight. Perhaps I should resort to dancing nekkid in my backyard's moonlight, while chanting incantations. Surely that would frighten those evil spirits from any more deviltry.


  1. Be sure you video that for us!

  2. kenju: There was live streaming audio and video after midnight -- guess you missed it!

  3. Next time give us more notice. You could draw a crowd...

    Your really have stumbled into a nest of "bad juju". I wish I had some sage advice, but other than spreading coffee grounds around the foundation of your house, rubbing peeled garlic cloves around doors and windows, I would say just give it time and it will wear itself out and run the course...

  4. Hi Joared

    That sounds, well, hellish. Maybe reverse psychology would work: "Gosh, I wish it would get hotter around here."

  5. Whatever bad juju is poking at you is poking at us, too. Vehicle problems, small engine problems, issues in the house, an injury to my ribs and people problems. I can no longer dance around my own fire, so a mental interpretation of the act is called for. I will keep you in my thoughts as I dance.

  6. It had better cool down or you may go insane!

  7. i think this is a nationwide, possibly worldwide problem-- hitting one person at a time. Desperate measures are definitely called for. Possibly a communal action coordinated at the same time before it can get someone else!

  8. I have one last remedy....

    The Texas version of protection against the Evil Eye:

    Hang an old rusty used horseshoe on your upper front door frame, but be sure to mount it with the open end of the shoe pointed upwards - to receive the good fortune it brings.

    Oh, and while you are nailin' that sucker to the door, it helps to sing "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You...."

  9. Wow! All these great ideas to rid me of these evil spirits ...
    Winston, I've been staying up night and day drinking coffee to accumulate enough coffee grounds, crushing garlic like crazy to mix with the cloves.

    Crayons, your suggestion sounds good, but I musta done something wrong, 'cause darned if we didn't just come off a three digit temp weekend again.

    Pam, I think Rain has figured this out with worldwide implications, which explains what's happening to you.

    Hattie, so far think I've managed to stop just short of complete madness.

    Pattie, okay, I'm looking to buy a horse wearing shoes, but I'll betcha that song only works in Texas. I'll give anything a try.