Friday, August 22, 2008

Convention Countdown

(My blogging continues to be hampered by computer technical issues as noted in previous post and comments.)

Up date 8/23/08 -- News sources announce:

Democratic Vice Presidential Choice is

Sen. Joe Biden

The countdown to officially select U. S. presidential candidates continues. The two major political party 2008 national conventions begin:

Democratic – Monday, August 25th in Denver, Colorado

Republican --Monday, September 1st in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

All the other political parties have selected their candidates. There are a total of fourteen including some Independents and at least one write-in office-seeker you may read about at Wikipedia. ( Information is generally reliable at this site, but be aware of how the site is developed.)

We all know the primary parties presidential candidates identities and have known for many weeks. Yet, until the official nomination processes are completed the process is not official. The candidates have yet to announce their selection of a vice presidential running mate though Barack Obama has tantalizingly revealed his selection has been made. He will reveal this information at any time and provides a link on his website that will provide viewers the opportunity to be recipients of his announcement:

Barack Obama's Vice President Selection at "First To Know"

When John McCain announces his Vice Presidential choice and the political conventions conclude, we will begin to experience very intense campaigning until voting in our national election on Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

The latest poll results I've read indicate the two major candidates are basically statistically tied. Obviously, this is a pretty critical election, so all those voters who haven't yet chosen the candidate for whom they'll vote will be doing so over these remaining months before election day the first Tuesday in November.

I think we need to attend to candidates stances on the critical issues, demand they specifically discuss them, especially if.....

  • we want domestic change from the status quo.
  • we desire to re-establish democracy with individual rights and privacy that our constitution written by the founders of our country intended for us.
  • we hope to regain respectability in the world.

We need to reject any candidate employing the divisive strategies of our most recent previous elections under the guise of playing on emotional issues, personal belief systems that do not belong in the political and legislative arena. Candidates who do so and voters supporting them betray the purpose and function of government in the interest of political gain at the expense of the very system of governance we profess to desire.


  1. Your post is very well written and thanks for the link to Obama's "First To Know" site.

    We have to remember that we get the government we deserve. If we vote on superficial feelings (as in the guy you would feel comfortable having a beer with) instead of choosing the one who will be a great leader we will get more of the same and it will complete our downfall.

  2. Darlene: Looks like the news media was the "first to know."

    Yeah, I know what you're saying but these past years I've come to think I'm not sure all of us get the kind of government we deserve, but a huge percentage of our population has been stuck with it. Maybe there was more we could have or should have done.

  3. You are right on both counts. My e-mail didn't come in until after I had read the news that Joe Biden is the choice on my paper's headline.

    I am so glad that Obama chose Biden. He would have been my choice for President before he dropped out. If McSame is stupid enough to choose Lieberman, Biden will make mince meat of him.

  4. I am worried that many people, here in 2008, still---will not vote for a person of color.....The unspoken things---the fact that this country is STILL basically a racist country----no matter that Obama truly IS the Best Man For The Job! This is worrisome, to me.
    I don't trust all these polls, by the way...they seem to change every five minutes and so many of them don't seem to be consistant with some of the others. I want this Democratric ticket to be strong, and I think it is with Biden. Now, only time will tell.

    The furtheer truth is, I do not understand how anyone with half a brain could possibly vote for McCaiin...And how he can supposedly be doing so well, considering all the gaffe's he makes which show his inability to truly lead...I Will Never Know!

    We NEED this new direction. We need a Democratc President. I pray that more of the country agrees with me, than not.

  5. "Chancy said...

    "I am so glad that Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate. He could not have chosen a better person. Biden has the experience and wisdom and it seems the character to make a good VP and a great President if called upon.

    "I read Biden's mini bio in the New York Times today and I was most impressed. He takes the train home from DC to Delaware every night to be with his family and has done so for over 30 years. When his first wife and baby daughter were killed in an auto wreck just as he was elected Senator for the first time he raised his small son alone until he remarried. Biden and his second wife Jill have a daughter.

    "Biden should be great in the debates also.
    Biden is a fine addition to the ticket."

    "Driftwood Inspiration"

    (Chancy had difficulty posting this comment so sent it in an email which I've copied here. Thanks, Chancy.)