Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympics '08 Microcosm

(Just so you'll know .....

Computer glitches have been a problem for many weeks allowing me only spasmodic blogging. My primary problem has been frequently losing Internet connectivity whether I'm in email, reading or making blog comments. I've lost comments I've written on various blog posts and finally just didn't re-write them. Publishing a post to my blog can be an unreal excessively time consuming trial.

My patience, enthusiasm and motivation are being really challenged. I have limited time I am able or want to devote to resolving this technical frustration though my long distance tech guru son is trouble-shooting with me as he is able. I do get fed up with the hours spent on this task and these complications. Once again, I'm sorry to say, future blogging will possibly be more inconsistent than usual for some indeterminate period of time.

Later ..... True to form I lost connectivity sometime while composing this draft. At least I can copy, paste it and try again, but how many times. If I don't provide links I have a better chance of publishing more quickly. But, who is to say whether or not I can sustain connectivity long enough to publish.)

Olympics 2008 Microcosm

I've enjoyed losing myself in the spirit of the 2008 Beijing Olympic activities. A member of my writing class is there touring, attending some games with his wife and has sent our group a few pictures of their travel adventure through China. I've had some other friends who have been there in recent years whose accounts of their experience have also whetted my interest in the country.

I'm watching most of these Olympic game competitions this year because I can lose myself in them and leave the rest of my world behind. I prefer delayed (if necessary) television viewing while I recline on a comfortable sofa rather than perching on my cushioned chair before a much smaller computer screen for real time events. I find whether or not I know in advance who has won, lost or been unexpectedly eliminated doesn't really matter to me. Of course, I do hope the U.S.A. competitors win, but I also identify others I want to do well. What I appreciate are the actual athletic performances.

I'm quite aware of the inequities surrounding the choice of this Asian country to be host of these games. I also know about the controversies associated with how some of the participating countries select and train their athletes. I'm familiar with the speculations made that some athletes may have had some of their personal information altered in order to participate, thus violating the rules of these games.

I've heard the arguments that some of the athletic event point grading rules have resulted in medals being awarded inappropriately. I've listened to discussions that judges are selected who are sometimes not the most knowledgeable about the intricacies of the very sport for which they award athletes points determining medalling hierarchy. I understand this system for selecting judges is an effort to correct alleged earlier years Olympic inequities of political influence and nationalism. None of these issues are what this post is about, but that is not to say they are unimportant, should not be discussed, or do not need correction. Readers are encouraged to comment on any of these issues should they choose to do so.

I've viewed varying events from the Olympics since they were first televised years ago. Even before TV there was radio, film and news coverage via the medium(s) of the day. There have always been Olympic games inequities, some having more serious implication and significance than others. The fact we recognize injustices, bring them to public attention has some value in precipitating the possibility of change. I realize that is little solace for individual athletes who are immediately adversely affected, and lacks in comfort for their teams, or the aggregate of each countries teams. Nor does awareness alone rectify the serious human problems present in each country including our own U.S.A.

I view the Olympics in some respects as a microcosm of the macrocosm that is our world. The main difference between the two I see is the Olympic participants are not literally killing each other.

Olympic Websites -- Click or Search:

The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympics August 8-24, 2008

Official Online Broadcaster -- Live Streaming Video


  1. Computer glitches can be exceedingly frustrating to deal with. Does your son take over your computer so he can see what you are seeing and help make the necessary corrections? I have a friend that helps me from his home that way. Getting our two PCs set up was a trifle difficult for me because McAfee interfered, but once I turned it off, we had no problem.

    It's hard to reconcile the ugliness of injustice that happens at the Olympics with the beauty of the sport.

  2. I'm sorry about your troubles with the computer. I've had some, too, and I know how frustrating it can be.

    My sentiments exactly where the Olympics are concerned. I view them strictly for the enjoyment of watching people put forth their best efforts. Nothing else in life is completely fair either - so I don't worry too much about the ones who don't win due to judges errors. Of course, I have no vested interests either, except wanting to see the Americans do well.

  3. darlene: My son initially thought we'd be able to do just what you described with his being able to take control of my computer. Unfortunately, despite all our time consuming efforts a couple of years ago, one of the computers does not allow this, so we must rely on emails and phone calls. Our contact must be worked around a time difference, our work schedules, other major life activites and changes.

    This has been a challenge for me trying to use the unfamiliar correct language terminology descriptively so he can understand. He has never-ending patience with me in this process and I am acquiring new knowledge. When he is infrequently able to travel here, I think he deserves time away from more computer work. So, I try to see we use most of our time with other activities rather than trouble-shooting my computer and my learning new skills.

  4. I am guessing you have tried swapping out the modem? And I suppose a call to your provider does not get anywhere?

    Do you connect via a wireless modem? If so, perhaps a neighbor has something electronic causing interference, or like in our house, a microwave between the modem and other computer caused a glitch.

    Just suggestions.

    WE have watched a lot of the Olympics. It is addicting, no?

  5. pattie: thanks for the suggestions. I don't have wireless and no new electronic items. Starting from my desktop I can regain connectivity by doing the modem 10 sec. disconnect, but this gets to be maddening with frequent need to do this.

    I haven't bought a new modem to see if that resolves the problem. Haven't called my ISP either.

    We know some connectivity problems have occurred for people who downloaded MS's Service Pack 3. My problem started sometime after that but also after the earthquake. We uninstalled the Service Pack this week, but alas...didn't help ...and tried some other things. I'm trying to figure out how to reverse the earthquake in case that was the problem. Just a lame attempt at humor for my sanity's sake.

    Am considering possibility of some Google issues or maybe my ISP's server and other things I'm pondering.

  6. Oh Joared....I just want to give you a big hug. It is so frustrating dealing with computer headaches. They scare us all...and I just had a bout not long ago when I couldn't connect to the internet...even for a day. It was a router problem and they had to reset my router. Most of us are just not 'techie' enough to understand all the things we need to know to deal with these things on our own. I really do wish I had my very own computer geek right here for whenever something goes wrong.....life would be so much easier. I can only send you
    ((((((((BIG RELAXING)))))))))

    As far as the scoring process in the Olympics....I have to agree. I watch them for their competive nature and of course am totally rooting for the Americans, but I can't get caught up in the inaccuracies of the flawed judging system....and I do believe it is flawed. I just try to enjoy the performances as best I can. I did feel on several occasions that a medal was inappropriately awarded, but it's hardly the first time.

  7. What I have discovered is that in order to get what you want out of Vista you have to buy a new computer!
    Did you convert to Vista?
    I'm just guessing here, because I really don't know what your particular problem is.
    And I'm no computer expert, that's for sure. Without my husband's help I'd be sunk.

  8. Joy: Thanks for your moral support.

    hattie: I did not convert to Vista 'cause heard so much negative, so am using Windows XP. No recent equipment changes i.e. no routers, no wireless -- just a pretty basic simple(?) operation. Have modem direct connection to Verizon phone line for DSL as I've always had with ISP Earthlink.

    I lost connection during time of reading these emails in my box, bringing up some items from my desktop, and trying to go out to my blog.

    To heck with this, I'm going out to brunch, then get my hair done! *grin*