Wednesday, November 05, 2008

U.S.A. 2008 Historic Election

United States of America's democracy is not static but is always evolving to paraphrase President-elect Barack Obama in his speech acknowledging his election.

The electorate of this country continues to change, too, in many ways.

Together, we can all bring change -- yes, we can!

Let's all enjoy this significant time in history that presents an opportunity to bring us together.

Tears of happiness fill my eyes when I think what once was only a dream has become a reality.

These words come to mind:



  1. Yes indeed!!!!! I was soooo proud that Ohio helped him clinch it!

  2. And it looks like NC will be counted to do that too, although at the moment, he is only 12K votes ahead.

  3. I watched every moment of this historic night....every moment of his historic speech...and felt the tears well in my eyes and the hope in my heart. He is an inspiration to to behold and I believe a man of his word....and he is the man that we need. He is meant to be here...

  4. The joy we all feel today is such a welcome relief from the tensions of the past.

    A few years ago I was so afraid that we were losing our democracy and now we have a leader who will save it from those dark days.
    Democracy is alive and well again.

  5. Yesterday I thought of Martin Luther King. That whole era came back to me.
    And I reflected that it is the most discriminated against people, the African Americans, who have saved the soul of this country.

  6. Indeed, Indeed!
    This is a NEW NEW DAY for America and for The World! This gives me so much HOPE for the future of our country, in every way.
    And like you, I am so moved by how far we have come....!

    What Hattie above me says, is so true! Amen, Amen!

  7. How exciting and humbling to be a part of and a witness to history of this magnitude. I wept last night as I watched the families on the stage after his speech - it is so incredible - yes, we do indeed change and yes, we have come so far.

  8. YEs, I love your list of words. My sentiments exactly. You were so thoughtful to write me a note. Thank you.

  9. Here it is 5 days after the election of Barack Obama and I am still beaming.

    What a wonderful world!!!

  10. Great words. Each one a goal in itself