Friday, May 08, 2009

Propagating Remote Control Units

(BTW everything is not as it appears in the photo.)

Following-up on the theme of some of my previous posts the past two months . . . .

One other tech change at my house especially pleasing to me occurred when the many remotes required to operate my television, recording and playback units were consolidated on to one universal remote. The addition of the digital converter box suddenly made me realize just how many of these remote gadgets had to be used for various functions. I wondered, where had all these remote control units come from? Similar to people, they seem to exist in all shapes and sizes. Confronted with so many I imagined when no one was around a covert coupling had occurred creating another remote unit. I have been assured this fantasy did not occur but still I wonder.

When the remote consolidation process began I watched with great trepidation when two remote control units were placed end to end, buttons were pushed and occasional light flashes could be seen. This additional similarity with human beings seemed uncanny. Perhaps, contrary to what I had been told, this was how remotes propagated and I would end up with even more units, not just the single one? No doubt others have been subjected to remote control propagation in their household and have had to cope with my same problem. I continued to experience some anxiety while observing this procedure, wondering what might occur. I was greatly relieved when the transfer process completed and I could see there were no additional remotes. Gloriously my need to use so many remote control units actually diminished in number.

I am concerned that one remote has assumed rather over-sized proportions as you can see and this isn’t trick photography. What are the implications of this and what does that portend for the future? Perhaps I need to install a secretive video system throughout the house just to keep track of what those remotes are doing. Maybe I should just take their batteries away.

Still an escalating number of batteries still seem to be required despite my remote consolidation process since other energy using gadgets keep invading my home. Imagine if more people shared my home bringing their own devices how many additional batteries and remotes there would be. Now that I think about it, as I get older maybe I should have more batteries. Life often seems to increasingly be filled with my trying to keep charged. So, make of that what you will.

Why doesn’t some engineering tech genius invent a small inexpensive portable solar unit for various size rechargeable batteries? I want a unit I can periodically set outside on a sunny day to fully charge, then have at the ready to recharge my various batteries as needed. Someday … maybe sooner than I realize … this will be possible. Someone somewhere is probably working on such a solar battery as I write this. Or, maybe such a charger and battery has already been invented and I simply haven’t learned about it.


  1. You have made a very frustrating subject funny so it helps me deal with it. I need more batteries also because I run down quickly. ;-)

  2. I have a basket of remotes and a box of batteries I keep stocked to keep them all sated. And likr Darlene, I need more or a better battery.

  3. Good news, are correct that someone has already invented solar chargers for batteries. There are lots of 'em around. Just use a search engine to look for them. I'll start you off with the address to one site:

    Go for it!
    Cop Car

  4. Darlene & Kay: Guess we're all in the same boat, if you'll pardon the cliche. I did include a "charger" in the photo that sometimes works, but guess you didn't notice it.

    Cop Car: Thanks! I knew I should have done a search, but I thought, "No, I would have heard of it if there was a solar battery charger."