Tuesday, November 02, 2010

General Election 2010

D i d Y o u V O T E ? ? ?

Don't allow news predictions of election outcomes to deter you from voting, thus making them self-filling prophecies.

Be informed!

One vote can make a difference in an election's outcome.

Votes add up. One voter plus another voter each casting a vote = two votes, plus one more voter casts a third vote, etc.

Typically only 30% to 40% of qualified voters cast a ballot, especially in a Presidential mid-term election year such as this one.

Desired legislative changes affecting each voter's life and this nation's future have a greater potential of being achieved if more people vote.

Not liking the ballot choices is a weak excuse for not voting which betrays a patriot citizen's basic responsibility for the privilege of living in the United States of America.

Every vote is important.



  1. Yes I voted...a few days ago actually. I took the early voting route again this year...it's so much faster and less hectic if you can get a chance to do it. I hope there's a good turnout...it's important. Thanks for the excellent reminder JoAnn. ~Joy

  2. Of course I voted! Voting is one of the great, if infrequent, pleasures of my life. I always know who I want to vote for among candidates for state and local offices. But local issues tend to trip me up most times. I can say this is because often, as is one egregious item here in my county, the exact use of funds has been masked, and without the fine work of a diligent local news reporter, voters would not know that a "yes" vote for environmental funding will result in creation of a waste dump near our dear, endangered, local river. Grrr... and I am ashamed to admit I've never heard of the various candidates for judgeships. If I spent more time with the police reports, maybe I'd know more.

  3. Yes, I voted and not one single person I voted for won. Of course, I'm a Democrat in Georgia so I'm pretty used to that.