Thursday, February 10, 2011


Baby up date here delayed due to this Grandmother having technical function glitch. My computer guru consultant's attention has been necessarily focused on family expansion he describes in an email with pictures he sent the day after the big event. (I edited slightly in interest of privacy.)

“Helloooooo people!

“Announcing some big doin's! Much has changed in the last 24 hours. The universe has expanded approximately 3.8 billion miles. Roughly 27.1 billion snowflakes settled on our Great Lakes State’s city. And future poet, adventurer, philosopher, X-gamer, and animal companion, grandson, snuck into this world via secret hatch.

“His being, like that of the collective family, is one of infinite mystery to be revealed slowly over decades, perhaps centuries. But some secrets are evident:

• Length: 19"
• Weight: 7lb 3oz
• Eye color: blue
• Health: excellentandregular (Grandson), irregularbutexcellent (Mother),
excellregular (Father)
• Complexion: sunburst (Grandson), milky (Mother), briskywinter (Father)
• Temperament: calmsleepyalerthungry (Grandson), calmsleepyalerthungry(Mother),
mellowloopyalertishhungered (Father)
• Cuteness: immeasurable (Grandson), pinchable (Mother), eh (Father)

“Much remains to be discovered, but initial clues indicate vast treasure.”

"The 14 Minute Old Man"

"The Man"

Hair color announcement with picture is yet to come.


  1. What a great birth announcement and the picture of the new family is precious indeed. Congratulations Grandmother. What will you be called?

  2. Oh, he's just perfect and adorable JoAnn....Congratulations again on "The Man's" arrival. I love the announcement....and the pic of the whole family....beautiful.

  3. Beautiful!!! Both the announcement and the little lad!!!! The burning question for me is: How is Grandma? And when are you going to be able visit the little lad? Long distance grandmahood is not an easy task.

  4. marciamayo: I'll probably be called Grandma or some variation -- whatever speech sounds come easily and readily to my grandson being able to produce. Likely will have variations over the years as grandchildren like to play with words, sounds and I encourage them to do so -- maybe, Gramma, Gram, etc., or some unique name.

    Joy: Thanks! You know the first flush of feelings well with a fairly recent new grandchild of your own.

  5. Kay: Thanks! Yes, I look forward to seeing my grandson in person eventually. I thought my son's and dtr-in-law's announcement was timely, creatively special especially since composition probably occurred after 24 hrs or more without sleep. Dad was with Mom and baby assisting throughout the whole unexpectedly changing delivery process.

  6. What a darling little baby he is....! CONGRATULATIONS, my dear.....The Cycle Of Life goes on...!

  7. He is a real cutie and I can only imagine how proud you all are. Congratulations on this beautiful baby.

  8. Congratulations. The first grandson or granddaughter is so special. Enjoy your moment. Dianne